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  1. 1 hour ago, Northern Welsh Midlander said:

    Fairly certain he said on NEW cars. Reuters seems to back my hearing up however there are a bunch of red tops with articles saying it will be for all cars.

    The announcement said new cars and I think then only for the first year. I'm trying to understand the point of this announcement. As far as I understand, virtually all new cars have been Euro 6 since 2016/17, so I'm not sure where his 200 million is coming from.

    DM agrees it's just new cars http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5107629/Older-diesel-cars-kicked-higher-tax-bracket.html

    Although lots of places saying it's retrospective, wrongly I think.

  2. 1 minute ago, Venger said:

    I know !!!

    I thought you post was great @LiveinHope

    It was the BTLers projecting bitterness at us for not adapting/being able to afford their new world of mad-gainz.

    Even if we were bitter (not so for me... cynical yes, tougher yes.... willing to tell BTLers how it is despite all their projecting at us as failures, yes), it's still better than being the strutting BTLer that he was, telling us we're just jealous of his mad-gainz in his BTL empire.

    Although he did make one good point.... people like him will always put their BTL profits above any notion of a fairer society.

    Yeah pal, thanks for being born 15 years before me.  Well done.


  3. 11 hours ago, Venger said:


    Already 'doing something' by reading many different well explained view on HPC (and keeping eye on market happenings in many different threads by many different HPCers) + remaining to my main market position;  house prices way too expensive against even good incomes, and I won't buy when BTLers have doubled down, still buying, S24 in the mix, and against HTB.   Awaiting HPC (as in HPC in the market) to change things.

    "It" has been attempted many times in the past.   Too many people don't want to know.

    Look at how Krusty got so hot and red faced back in 2004.  HPI+++.   There's no getting through to HPI heads.  That's why you need a stomach (for HPC).  They've had the stomach to celebrate the young getting ever further priced out.   I'm not here to bail out the mad-gainz owners, or plead with them if they are HPI++ minded.   Or the BTLers. 

    Are some of you blind to the HPI+++ egos and BTLers we've seen over the years?   They actively don't give a damn.  Jealous/Envy, and look at my mad-gainz.

    If they're wrong, and if we are right, it can only be proven by the market / (or collapse and change of system).

    Sure there may be tales of younger people with HTB mortgages, but can't get through to them.   Although I'm not preventing anyone from trying to put out a message about why HPI+++/BTL is so societally destructive, and that houses are for living in, not for treating as speculative HPI+++ raging ego investments.

    Re HPC forum website being set up: 

    3 years later and global credit crunch, where policy printed up basically £$Trillions, and corps bought up homes in US, and UK saw rates floored, a new BTLer double-down... and even more inequality in response to 2000-2007 housing inequalities.

    We can't even get the simple message through that the BTLers are not part of charitably 'providing homes'.









    I'll pick you up on quoting me ;) I'd prefer to be bitter and resentful than a BTLer and can understand people who might be, but I didn't say I am bitter and resentful, I couldn't give a flying f*** about BTLers and I wouldn't cross the street to help one out, scum. But I'm a happy renter, just not from a BTLer.

  4. 8 hours ago, winkie said:

    Car sharing popular.....yesterday heard one person asking another to borrow a hedge trimmer, no problem not worth you buying one when there are plenty out there that can be used..... just ask, save a fortune, make friends, share it about a bit, people generally love to help when they can and receive help in return, builds trust.;)

    Never buy anything new if you can buy it secondhand,

    Never buy anything secondhand if you can borrow it,

    And never borrow anything you don't need.



  5. 6 minutes ago, Darby Ram said:

    This is pretty big, and welcome, news. It ends one of the special carve-outs that treat residential property as a different kind of asset, and encourage people to over-invest in their homes. The principle that a house is the same as shares, cash etc is a great principle and will hopefully work its way into other policies and, from there, into the general psyche. And, on a very basic level, it just means that people are going to realise a lot sooner that the notional wealth gains tied up in houses can never be realised. The fee skimming from 'products' might be too subtle for people to catch on to but a great whack of care fees is going to be too obvious to miss.

    Overall, I think this is going to be quite a big behaviour changer: people will start asking 'Why go all-in on a massive mortgage if the state is going to start using the house to pay for things? What else can I do with my money?'

    I really hope you are right



  6. 2 hours ago, Bruce Banner said:

    Unless I'm not understanding it correctly, they are suggesting that there will be an allowance of £100K that they will not take, for care costs, that you can leave to the kids.

    I'm not sure how this works for a married couple with joint assets?

    Hopefully, voluntary euthanasia will be introduced for those of us who have no desire to live as a vegetable whilst our assets are being eroded to keep us that way!

    So we set up another social disparity. Siblings whose parents die quickly versus those who have the misfortune to have lingerers.

    Houseprices are not a way to run an economy.

  7. 1 hour ago, Bruce Banner said:

    "A chance to own a home and more affordable housing" - Theresa May in her manifesto speech just now :rolleyes:.

    'Chance' - isn't that one of the piles of cards in Monopoly

    According to the Monopoly Wiki


    Chance cards are orange and are placed near the Go space. A Chance card is more likely (than a Community Chest card) to move players, often with lethal consequences.


  8. Probably the same being repeated on R4 Today programmes' business section, when it was said that an interest rate hike would hit consumer spending.

    I thought how times had changed now that spending relies upon credit to the cash poor. The cash rich in contrast, who would spend with real money, would be most likely encouraged to spend by an interest rate rise.

    So we keep encouraging spending on credit while stifling spending with cash.

    I did find Carney's passing comment that 'when interest rates rise they may rise faster than people expect' was notable, however. 'Put out there' perhaps so that the BoE can say "I told you so", should they need an excuse for pain.

  9. 6 minutes ago, Bear Hug said:

    Booze and fags spending impact is overstated.  Both are heavily taxed.  If financed by benefit money, government effectively received half of it back.

    Housing benefits in that sense are much more expensive as they are not (yet!) heavily taxed.

    To me, having booze and fags just says 'priorities'. I don't see why I should fund a single cigarette or sip of beer for anyone else, just like I wouldn't expect to provide caviar. Squeeze people until they realise they have no option but to give up the booze and fags. (I know that's an oversimplification when children are involved and lousy parents may choose to squeeze them first.)

  10. 16 minutes ago, ebull said:

    The most memorable part of the program was the defiant claimant-bloke who asked several times "Why shouldn't he get enough to spend 100 a week/month on booze/fags when you do? Why should I not have/do what you have/do?". The journalist could / would not give the answer.

    I'm the last person to complain about booze spending but why is it unacceptable to reply those are things you only get when you work for the money that buys them? IMO: Rights to: Shelter - universal, food - universal, healthcare - universal. Booze and fags - not so much. Am I a right wing monster?

    No need for booze or fags,

    and no need for any fashion labelled clothing items or Ugg boots, no need for tattoos or piercings, no need to visit a coffee shop, no need for a TV or a mobile phone. However, I'd include broadband internet access as a basic need now. I can't decide about the need for a car as I'm rural and couldn't get by without one.

  11. Just now, Bulltulip said:

    Sorry, I don't get the opportunity to post much but I have an hour or so free now.

    If the EU is so great and being outside the EU so rubbish, why is the EU doing everything in it's power to keep us in the EU. During the referndum they tried to convince us to stay and afterwards they are threatening us with all sorts of implications when we leave. Logic would dictate that they should be pleased we are leaving as it would provide the rest of the EU of what a huge mistake it is to leave. It would surely emphasise how great being a member of the EU is and discourage others from leaving.

    We have always been a bit of a thorn in the side of the EU project so really they should be encouraging us and not trying to get us to stay. There must be a really good reason why they want us to stay so much but I just can't put my finger on it.


    No good employer should be worried about their best employee leaving for a competitor as they should be confident they have created a workplace that keeps their best employees happy.

    If the best start to leave it says something about the boss and the company

    Not sure why I needed an analogy, but there you go!

  12. 1 hour ago, long time lurking said:

    I`m from Wales the part in bold is something i`m fully aware of the money the WDA and what ever they call it now have thrown at companies is staggering to the point of criminal Independence in some cases  and i`m not talking just multi nationals 


    You should go to Harris in the Hebrides if you want to see EU largesse, the harbours and the roads - strewth.

    At some point the Banks and EU realised that the average UK citizen has a tendency to idleness, a free dinner and greed, which is probably human nature worldwide.

    Wave money at us and you can buy us out and defeat us, we then wake up when it's too late.

    No different to rural communities where those very communities allowed their own children to be priced out from housing by selling their houses as second homes to the highest bidder.  And of course countrywide HPI simply because we like to have easy money. We'll lap it up so long as we don't have to work for it.

    Hopefully, after BREXIT, well get back to work. We'll have to.


  13. 12 minutes ago, long time lurking said:

    Completely wrong there were complete bans on cod fishing in the late 80`s very early 90`s which worked well 

    regarding UK`s fisherman selling their quotas you are right ,but where did the money come from that the Southern EU states used to by those quotas ...yep it was EU money the same money that funded their fleet ...with up to 90% grants and interest free loans for Spain 

    I regularly see these ships fishing the south Western approaches ,you would have to sell most of the south coast fleet to fund the purchase of just one of those vessels 

    Then add it to the fact that the quota/licencing  system is as much of an "investment" vehicle as it`s a licencee to fish all of this was not the case prior to the EU

    AND no different to the subsidy given to UK manufacturing to open factories in Eastern Europe and then, inevitably relocate. Subsidy that UK manufacturing was happy to take.

    The UK has been raped and destroyed by EU subsidies. A far more successful way to destroy a country than waging war. We just woke up too late.

    As sinister as family tax credits. We have regions of the country that grew reliant upon subsidy, rather than the UK getting a grip.

  14. 1 minute ago, Dave Beans said:

    The likes of Tesco absolutely screwing the last penny out of farmers doesn't exactly help either...

    True, and I've never quite worked out how that situation is possible.

    Although it is probably aided by the increase in size of some farmers aided by subsidy - big is better isn't it - due to the fact that we currently pay for our food through our taxes, which has to be changed.


  15. 11 minutes ago, spyguy said:

    Farmers *dont* have to take the money. They could farm.

    Yes, cap has fcked stuff up.

    When we have problems at work, you never here us ask fir government help or insist on a cabinet position. 

    Farmers mistake was involving governments in their business.

    Agreed, Government (subsidy again, just like tax credits) and farming made a mistake and very many farmers want to farm and get a farmgate price for their product that reflects its value without subsidy. Traditional farmers love and take pride in what they do and their reward is to be respected for their product, which includes its monetary value, it's a basic human desire. They wouldn't survive without subsidy within the EU as you'd be competing with subsidised farmers. Whether they will prosper outside the EU with access to a bigger market remains to be seen. But many want to give it a shot. The problem will be the cost of living in the UK and the price they can command for their product at home and abroad. We currently pay for our food through out taxes and that has to be changed.

  16. 18 minutes ago, spyguy said:

    There was sympathy 40 years ago, when farmers bore risk and reward.

    40 years of Cap, evolving to paying farmers to sit on their arsse has changed that. Most view farmers as doleys.

    Ukfishermen sold off their quota. The crew i worked with know that and rant when you get the owner in telly doing his 'Spanish taking our fish routine'

    yes, many view farmers as doleys. What made them Doleys ? The EU. Hence many rural people vote BREXIT, Many farmers hate being Doleys. EU subsidies rig the whole system right up to the price of a tractor, simply because the companies know they can get the 'RRP' as it's not the big farmers money, makes it tough for the littler guy.

    Yes, many fisherman sold quota, the under 10 fleet and local communities aren't happy with that. Go to a meeting of fishermen and it will look like a 6th form disco where the boys (larger trawler owners) stand once side of the room and the girls (under 10m) stand the other, with a silence and looks across the gulf in between.

  17. 7 minutes ago, spyguy said:

    I come from a fishing port. I worked on the boats as a kid.

    The number of fishing people are tiny; zilch political weight.

    Ditto now for farmers. There are about 10% working the land than there was 40 years.

    Farmers will rightly get thrown under the wheels. Morons.

    Same background to you, and I know farming well too. I still go out with fishermen as part of my work, but I haven't worked on a farm for 10 years. I agree, the participants are small in voting number, but their sphere of influence is large in the local community and beyond as the basis for views that others follow without question.

    Personally, I believe small 500 -1000 acre farmers will prosper, at least they think they will. As will the under 10m fleet, who also think they will do better, but the latter depends upon the larger vessels.

    It's 'big business' that has grown on the back of subsidy that will suffer.

  18. 16 minutes ago, spyguy said:

    A number of things energised the Out vote. The major one is the number of EEers. That tipped the low income vote./non voting 50% The numbers are out of control, really are. They are competing for jobs and resources with the bottom 50% of earners/welfare.

    The other thing was the mjgrant crisis. The Eu failure to deal with thus, followed by Merkels unilateral Welcome was nuts.

    And EU policy on Fishing and Agriculture galvanised the more numerous lower ranks in those communities (not the less numerous large landowners or fishing companies that benefit most from EU funding); whole rural and coastal areas. It was fishermen that Bob Geldof was gesturing towards, after all....

  19. 4 minutes ago, GrizzlyDave said:

    Looking at the EU papers, and reactions from EU leaders, combined with the leaked draft considerations of brexit conditions by EU parliament - it's is all extremely hostile. There is zero interest by the EU for a fair deal for both sides. Far more that only the EU matters and the UK is irrelevant. I am somewhat shocked with this. I was anticipating far more constructive initial narrative. Just shows how much of a protection racket it really is. I mean, banning trade discussions with other nations before we leave. Very spiteful indeed.

    Yep, and why would anyone want to be part of such a spiteful and insecure group

  20. 23 minutes ago, AvoidDebt said:

    Agree with the new build. The builders were given a HTB lifeline and have taken the absolute p*ss. 

    Is this really 720k! It's the last stop on the jubilee line. 


    The newbuild prices are way over the top, but they are selling. Older cheaper, more spacious properties are not.  Must all be HTB.

    I see in your example that they focus on the bathroom tap. It always amuses me when a selling point of newbuilds are the style and make of kitchen and bathroom fittings. Never a focus on the type of tiles that are on the roof, the quality of the timber in the construction, the insulation used, the make of the windows, etc never a focus on anything that matters.....

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