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  1. Working in London we find it very hard to find good quality programmers. We don't really care about personality just there skill level.

    So if we have a C++ programmer come in for an interview we may ask them something along the lines of "Why would you have a virtual destructor?" 9/10 so called C++ programmers will get that wrong which means they have little understanding of OO.

    There is still a shortage of good quality developers/programmers in this country. So what can companies do other than outsource? You will find people who are applying for Enterprise java jobs which pay more than 50k a year and yet still don't know the main EJB types i.e entity, message and session.

    Whats the solution to this other than outsource? To train them up would takes months and costs thousands!

  2. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

    It is all very well you shouting the odds about the tenant's duty to pay your mortgage, and you are not wrong in that.

    But, YOU have taken on the responsibility to keep a roof over the tenant's head. YOU are there to do YOUR job too. If you have your doubts about the tenant and want a credit check to convince you the tenant will do his job, then it is hypocrisy not to recognise that the tenant may have equal grounds to doubt your ability to fulfil your duties.

    I agree 100% I have a duty both legal and moral to provide the tenant with good living conditions!

  3. well im not saying no new places will open, for alot of brands the recession will be good for them... but there ARE more to-let signs up than this time last year, ive no vested interest in the amount of commercial lettings im just saying what i see. the latest shop ive seen close was an old chemist, established in 1849, proper old style place. ok it hasnt moved with the times so its hardly suprising, but this is a place thats whethered previous world wars and recessions, but not any more.

    we're still in the early days of this, aint going to turn into a ghost town overnight. i'll bump this thread in a few years and have another comparison then ;)

    Bro even most of the bears on this site think we will be on the road to recovery in a couple of years (excludes tin hatters)

  4. You really disregard tenants dont you. Would you feel that way if a tenant were to ask you for a previous tenant reference too?

    Why dont you put yourself in your prospective tenants shoes for a change. They are moving into a place that they want to call home - maybe just for 6 months, maybe for 2 years, maybe for longer. They want to know they can stay there free of worries whilst they are there. They want to know baliffs arent going to be calling at the door 7 days after moving in trying to gain possession of the property. They want security and a home but they dont want the risks / hassles involved with buying

    Tenants DONT work for you - are you retarded or just arrogant? I cant decided. But anyway. You provide a service to tenants. When I am provided a service, I will compare many things about that service before signing up for that service, which usually does include price, but its not limited to this - I see no reason why its unreasonable to see past customer reviews and even financial stability of their service provider on top of that.

    When you buy insureance do you just go for cheap? Or do you look for whats covered and peoples reviews of them and consider their financial stability?

    When you do internet shopping do you jsut go to any cheapest internet site or do you go to one thats been recommended, has good reviews and is unlikely to pocket your money and disappear?

    You may have savings and you may have insurance, but being as ana! as you are in refusing to allow tenants this information denies them knowledge in security of their property. Im sure most tenants you have had havent as yet been wanting this security, but as the recession bites and things get really tough in the next 6 - 12 months (maybe even 18 months), you will notice a change in peoples attitude.

    Dude your one of these people who can't see the bigger picture!

    A tenants job is to pay my mortgage. If I didn't need anyone to pay my mortgage I would not rent the property out. If you are unable to pay my mortgage I will fire you (kick you out!). Thats how I see it you may want to draw a different picture but thats how it honestly is.

    Tenants are there to do a job and that job is to pay my mortgage. I can't see any time in the future a tenent asking me about my credit history!

  5. To the bulls,you lot write some crap.London 2 Manchester all you do is walk the same way every day at the same times.On your way out of London Bridge station have a look a the Taxi rank queue,I should no because sometimes I cant get on it.Its the same at Victoria,Kings Cross, St Pancras, Euston,Marlebone,Paddington Waterloo.Open your eyes.Getting a hand go up is a dream at the moment.Empty offices & shops are increasing weekly.

    I do a 12 hour shift & my daily take is down 20% on a year ago.I now do 3 out of 4 Sundays to make some of the money up.Usually from Easter to the Summer holidays is a busy time of year,lots of funtions,Wimbledon,Buckingham palace garden parties & other corporate events.Trade is well down.There will be the odd day here & there when you get lucky or a have a goodun,or the underground goes down.But at the moment things are not great.I feel the next leg down will be in the autum.See for yourself,count how many" for hire " lights you see on or have a wonder around the stations at 11am.You might even bump into me.

    Hey it was raining today so instead of walking I decided to grab a cab (around 8:30) and guess what the queue was as long as ever!!

  6. ive been working in the west end for over a year now, and there is a marked difference from when i started.

    monday at the local supermarket was done in 10mins or less, it now takes 30, and ive seen 3 or 4 lunchtime shops come and go, most are busy for a few weeks and then closed 6 months later. of these 2 have been chain places, so not independants failing as a poorly run business.

    i walk down new bond street every morning, and yes, its much the same, the window displays change on a regular basis, the stock still arrives and the empty boxes occupy the same amount of space on the pavement. i see the same people walking to work bar one who i havent seen since before xmas. those retail shops that have been 'refurbishing' are still doing so 8 months on, and the number of office space 'to let' signes has increased.

    but your right, apart from a little bit of belt tightening its much the same. although my G/Fs old work place have all been handed their notice (division of Financial News) and i'll be honest in saying i wont be in this job next year, either by finding another or us not lasting.

    In the last World war, people still went to work in the morning, still bought food, and still socialised. they didnt all stay at home. for me other than house bills being higher and not getting a payrise there is nothing bad, my rent went down so im effectivly no better or worse off. it wont be till i or my girlfriend loose our jobs that it'll get bad and id expect thats the same for everyone else... unless they own a house and IRs go up :ph34r:

    Dude i've just seen a couple of massive stores open next to london bridge on my way to work, Next being one of them. How come there opening new stores?

  7. You are an idiot as well.

    You don't find evidence of financial stress by looking at people not affected. F*ck it, I'm doing well at the minute but look at the bankruptcy stats, the unemployment stats and the reposession stats. Doyou think these are being made up?

    Come on kids grow a pair and man up with some facts instead of constant board jamming threads of ******.

    ST stop with the personal attacks.

  8. London to Manchester, will your idiotic posts ever stop?

    What were you expecting? The country goes into recession and london suddenly looks like the opening scenes of 28 days later?

    Halfwit :)

    No but i was expecting to see stuff like Jap canteen not being so busy (£5.50 lunch) and as people loss there jobs being able to get a seat on the train.

    Things don't seem to be slowing down in the city!

  9. I work in central london so every morning I have to get the train into London Bridge. The train is still as full as ever! so no slowdown happening there.

    I then walk over London Bridge (not tower bridge) to get to tower 42 where my gym is and it's as busy as ever! Still see all the same people i saw there a year ago including a very pretty asain girl :) so again no slowdown there.

    After my morning gym session i usually go to the little tesco to grab a couple of bananas for breakfast and again the queue is as long as ever!

    I get to work and we are as busy as ever we just took on a couple of new guys so again no slowdown there.

    Lunch comes around and i go to one of my usual places i.e eat or pret or if i'm in the mood jap canteen and their as packed out as they ever were. So again no slowdown there!

    During the evening i sometimes order a pizza it takes longer to arrive than usual.

    So the only effect of the downturn that i can see is that my pizza takes longer to get to me!

    Am I missing something?

  10. So the bank own 85% of the property that you rent out to your tenants.

    Now, what is wrong with the tenant wanting to know what you are liable for so they know the home that they are renting from you wont be repo'ed. They should have a right to know who truely owns the property they are living in and what their financial status is.

    If you were to loose your job (i know you are in IT so not beyond the realms of possibility in the current climate) and couldnt afford the mortgage on the property you live in, then after repo'ing that property, they would come after the property your tenants are living in for the shortfall (and believe me, there is always a shortfall).

    This is the reason why tenants should have the legal right to request credit checks from their landlord, as well as potentially the information of how big the mortgage is and with what bank, not to mention references from previous tenants

    Dude how I finance the property has nothing to do with the tenant. When you start working for a company do you ask to see there financial details to make sure they will be able to pay you at the end of the month!

    You work for the company so you don't! Tenants work for me they pay my mortgage so they don't.

    Hope that makes sense your right about the job thing though but I have protected myself there insurance/savings.

  11. I hope so, I just doubled my short position, my thinking being that these rises are not sustainable and want to profit from the downward movement to cover some of my losses. Its all small beer really though, so not going to lose sleep over it

    Little piece of advice never double up on a loosing position! The market will never behave how you think it should

  12. You own 85% and yet you are only 28 years old?


    Well this post seems to suggest that since the crash and your latest valuation you only own 15% and you needed an 85% mortgage hence a higher rate


    I believe that is proof that LTM is indeed fabricating lies on this forum to shit stir on genuine posts.


    Can i call it? Can I?

    Can I


    Sorry i read the question wrong at the moment I own 15% and the bank 85%. I thought the post was asking about my LTV.

  13. LondontoManchester -

    If tenents don't like that they have 2 options

    1) Rent somewhere else

    2) Work harder and buy there own place.

    Shame you didn't invest some of your money from BTL into an education. A primary school child could tell you that "their" in the possessive sense is not spelt "there". Did you not learn "they're, their and there" at school? Also tenant is spelt incorrectly. As Heinrich Heine said: "Geld ist rund und rollt weg aber Bildung bleibt" (Money is round and rolls away but knowledge remains).

    Man i only managed a C in english :(

    Did get a A* in maths though :)

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