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  1. Dude if your not happy with the situation rent somewhere else or stay in a B&B
  2. Working in London we find it very hard to find good quality programmers. We don't really care about personality just there skill level. So if we have a C++ programmer come in for an interview we may ask them something along the lines of "Why would you have a virtual destructor?" 9/10 so called C++ programmers will get that wrong which means they have little understanding of OO. There is still a shortage of good quality developers/programmers in this country. So what can companies do other than outsource? You will find people who are applying for Enterprise java jobs which pay more than 50k a year and yet still don't know the main EJB types i.e entity, message and session. Whats the solution to this other than outsource? To train them up would takes months and costs thousands!
  3. Is that website saying storage consultants charge 33k a day?
  4. I agree 100% I have a duty both legal and moral to provide the tenant with good living conditions!
  5. Bro even most of the bears on this site think we will be on the road to recovery in a couple of years (excludes tin hatters)
  6. Dude your one of these people who can't see the bigger picture! A tenants job is to pay my mortgage. If I didn't need anyone to pay my mortgage I would not rent the property out. If you are unable to pay my mortgage I will fire you (kick you out!). Thats how I see it you may want to draw a different picture but thats how it honestly is. Tenants are there to do a job and that job is to pay my mortgage. I can't see any time in the future a tenent asking me about my credit history!
  7. Hey it was raining today so instead of walking I decided to grab a cab (around 8:30) and guess what the queue was as long as ever!!
  8. Dude i've just seen a couple of massive stores open next to london bridge on my way to work, Next being one of them. How come there opening new stores?
  9. No but i was expecting to see stuff like Jap canteen not being so busy (£5.50 lunch) and as people loss there jobs being able to get a seat on the train. Things don't seem to be slowing down in the city!
  10. These generally are not public sector workers they work in the city.
  11. I work in central london so every morning I have to get the train into London Bridge. The train is still as full as ever! so no slowdown happening there. I then walk over London Bridge (not tower bridge) to get to tower 42 where my gym is and it's as busy as ever! Still see all the same people i saw there a year ago including a very pretty asain girl so again no slowdown there. After my morning gym session i usually go to the little tesco to grab a couple of bananas for breakfast and again the queue is as long as ever! I get to work and we are as busy as ever we just took on a couple of new guys so again no slowdown there. Lunch comes around and i go to one of my usual places i.e eat or pret or if i'm in the mood jap canteen and their as packed out as they ever were. So again no slowdown there! During the evening i sometimes order a pizza it takes longer to arrive than usual. So the only effect of the downturn that i can see is that my pizza takes longer to get to me! Am I missing something?
  12. No if(Rent > (Mortgage cost + other costs)) { me happy = true; }
  13. Dude how I finance the property has nothing to do with the tenant. When you start working for a company do you ask to see there financial details to make sure they will be able to pay you at the end of the month! You work for the company so you don't! Tenants work for me they pay my mortgage so they don't. Hope that makes sense your right about the job thing though but I have protected myself there insurance/savings.
  14. Little piece of advice never double up on a loosing position! The market will never behave how you think it should
  15. Sorry i read the question wrong at the moment I own 15% and the bank 85%. I thought the post was asking about my LTV.
  16. No many agents will charge a fee of around £50-£100 to the tenent (Not something I agree with)
  17. Man i only managed a C in english Did get a A* in maths though
  18. Basically depends on what the landlord decides to do. So yea pretty normal you may want to check the resign fees though!
  19. Unemployment is not increasing as fast as people expected! We are no longer expected to hit the 3M mark at year end
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