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  1. did they, or are they working on it on your behalf.

    the valuation is the valuation, not what you can work out with the broker.

    doing that is fraud.

    No new mortgage quote has the same value and same figures the only thing that has changed is the rate i will be paying.

  2. if what you write is true then there is clear and provable fraud.

    I suspect what you meant was you got a discount on interest rate.

    moved or moving....you appear to be doing both....I guess this is a work in progress.

    Wheres the fraud? Don't they get to decide what interest rate they will charge you? They decided to give me the 75% rate even though I should have gone onto the 85% rate. The value they record the property price at remains the same.

  3. I had this problem last month :)

    Basically i am in the process of remortgaging to a different lender and am no longer hitting the 75% ratio but the 85%. Which means i get a much worst rate!

    But after a few conversations with the mortgage adviser they have decided because I am a low credit risk i can have the 75% LTV anyway :)

    (Moved from standard life to nationwide)

  4. God, London to Manchester, you are thick! When you rent out a house the tenant has the right to live there peacefully during the tenancy. I assume that is why you went from one slum city to another!

    We are talking about the odd property inspection or showing people around now and again. That does not break your right to quite enjoyment!

  5. The level of mortgage repayment problems and repossessions may be lower in the current recession than the early 1990s, the head of the FSA has said.

    Financial Services Authority head Lord Turner said the short-term financial position of many borrowers had been improved by low interest rates.

    However, he said the FSA had still to decide how mortgages should be regulated in the future.

    The regulator is considering limiting the size of mortgages.

    This would be relative to the value of the property being bought or the borrower's income.


    So much for waiting for the bargin priced repo!

    Should I!! Oh go on!!


  6. Yes it can.

    Supposing people like to be naked when at home. There are 101 reasons why strangers coming into your house may affect quiet enjoyment.

    Most people however are reasonable, if they are treat with respect they have no problems. "Order" them to let you in and folks get old-fashioned about their rights.

    If you don't like people comming in to check the property i.e property inspection or showing protential tennents around maybe you should buy your own place and not live in someone elses?

  7. I wouldn't call them good figures.

    244,000 jobs lost, 57,000 new jobseekers claims. Lets face it the claimant count has got to be low as you only need £3.500 i think before you can claim. So surely some of the other 187k will find there way onto support once they have spent what little savings they had.

    I think people were expecting these to be much worst. We nolonger seem to be on course for the 3 million mark by year end.

    What does the stockmarket think?

  8. Only a newbie on the site, but as a landlord i'm finding your posts embarassing, so have to step in and say we're not all this naieve.

    Why wouldn't tenants have the right to know the financial health of their landlord? Both landlord and tenant are taking on counterparty risk.

    Think about business...lets say you're a bank and you want to loan an asset, lets say a bond, from the UK Government. They would assess the risk involved in trading with the bank and guess what, the bank would want to assess the risk of the Government defaulting too! There is a whole market out there, of people trading insurace on Governments an companies defaulting. Likewise, if a tenant moves into my property, it's only fair that they would want to know the risk I would default.

    Dude your looking at this all wrong the tenant comes to you and asks if he can use your property. If he is unhappy with what your providing he can ask another Land Lord no one is forcing him to use you!

    As the Land Lord you have to decided will he use your property in the correct way? Can he actually afford to use your property! Will he stick to the rules you have set out for him!

  9. tell them you want to go onto a rolling contract and they should be fine with it.all LL's want you on 6 month contracts as it gives them the security paid for by your loss of freedom.

    the credit check may not have been done at first and I would haggle over the cost of it.

    definitely,you do not have to sign,they want you to leave,it's two months notice

    Dude the problem is that the Land Lord may have some kind of rent protection which means the tenant has to be on AST and credit checked. Not doing so invalidates the insurance if you want to make a claim

  10. Basically it does depend on your relationship ith the Land Lord

    Worst case is that you have to move out in July as the Land Lord does not want anyone on rolling living there. (For rent insurance).

    Alot of rent insurance policies are only valid if the tenent is credit checked because you paid for 6 months in advance to begin with rent insurance policy did not matter. Plus the tenent has to be on an AST. if the client leaves in first month you get more money than if he leaves in last. Now that you are paying monthly rent insurance policy does matter so have to be credit checked.

    As for the contract renewal fee most agents do this (I don't like it).

  11. defaltion in short to medium term

    inflation in the long term

    I agree how can we have inflation when people are loosing there jobs?

    I've noticed my nights out are getting cheaper some of the big clubs in London that use to charge £15 to get in are charging £10.

  12. While you just try to get everyone to buy over-priced.

    If I do get priced out, I won't actually care that much as my rent will be massively cheaper than buying. I will just continue to laugh at those with a lower standard of living because they have chosen to buy. Of course they then get jealous because they see me and my child having a much better life than them.

    What do you tell your child when he/she wants there room painted in a particular colour? Or wants to put up a couple of posters?

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