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  1. If you are trying to buy more, are you the type of bull who is selfish that barges FTBs out of the markets??

    Silly question - of course you are

    I wish property wasnt viewed as investments. Its the whole reason why we are in this mess

    I really don't care about FTB or people priced out (Should work abit harder IMO). I like them when they will pay my mortgage on rented properties.

    I don't make the rules I just play by them :)

  2. I hope you're not really a Mancunian are you? I just noticed some of the pearls of wisdom from your sign in page "better to roll the dice and lose than never to roll the dice" or something like that. Now that is the dumbest piece of advice I have ever seen on here. What does it mean? Does it mean better to give the house your money at MGM Grand, rather than walk away and have a nice meal, take your wife to a show and come back feeling happy? Am I missing something? Who actually said that pearl of wisdom-a Kamakazi pilot?

    Born and bred mate went to burnage high school, umist and support MANU :)

  3. I see you have posted again, yet despite posting a couple of insults earlier about not understanding equations, you have STILL failed to post an answer to my earlier question.

    Please give your definition of DEMAND and how it is derived in the property market.

    At the moment you are running scared.

    Demand how much something is wanted / needed

    Demand in housing is different in the fact that EVERYONE (excluding homeless people) needs somewhere to live. Because of that there will always be a level of demand for housing (rented or home owners).

    Demand can rise and fall for a whole bunch of reasons such as more people having families or more people deciding to leave an area.

    As demand increases so does the price!

  4. I think we may have been here before, but most of us have lived through at least one major recession on here. Things get pretty bad, and house prices do not go up in recessions. Your positive thinking is great, but you're making yourself look pretty foolish at times, which undermines any valid points you have to make.

    I understand how you amy be worried about losing money on your properties, but as long as you keep your job and they are long term 'investments' then I don't know why you are bothered either way.

    Trying to find the bottom so I can buy more.

    Your right about one thing though I don't care about the value of my current properties I NEVER plan on selling them.

  5. And he claims hes not in negative equity....

    Bull beliefs purely founded on hope. Lack of intelligence and reasoning and ignoring evidence to the contrary, blinded by the hope pwoperdee only ever goes up.

    Oh, and hes said in the past he still expects the indicies to show a further 5% down from peak i believe before things turn around. More of a sheeple - hes a wannabe bull, but cant help himself flocking to the masses who are bears.

    I'm not in negative equity The Didsbury flat has gone from 75% LTV to around 85% LTV.

  6. Both in Didsbury? If so you have probably lost money on both.

    My ex and I bought there in 96 and sold in 04. Same house came back on the market recently all done up (it was in a bit of a state by the time we sold it - we had been seperated 2 years and neither of us was prepared to spend any money on it. If it sold for the asking price, the people who bought it from us lost money; not a lot, but it does mean that Didsbury prices are back to '04 already, and still falling from what my friends up there tell me.

    One in Didsbury which is down 18k valued last month for remortgage. The other is in London New Cross Gate.

  7. Yet ALL the indices showed prices lower last month.

    So will you finally accept that there is an increase of sales at lower prices, because so far you have been in denial about it.

    Go on admit it.

    No theres a delay.

    Try to understand this will you:

    Increase sales = increase compitition for property = higher prices

    can you understand that simple equation?

  8. You really are a f*cking retard. Q1 job losses = 244,000

    annualised 976,000.

    from your own posted linky cockmuch:

    Current unemployment 2.22 million @ 7.1% unemployed

    10% by end of year = 3.09 million.

    Are you f**cking thick or what?

    recession is not due to end possibly until MID next year, as we know, unemployment rises well into the recovery phase...

    Rinoa, go f*ck yourself love.

    Bear with a sore head? Truth can be painfull!

  9. Evidence please? Forward trend from Q1 2009 runs forward to 3 Million by christmas.

    Merv has just announced that the recovery may not even start till mid 2010.

    You want to comment on the fact unemployment peaks well after the recovery starts?

    OR areyou just a bit thick?

    Stands at 2.2 million at the moment


    At current pace of job losses we will not hit 3 million at year end.

    SO i guess that makes you a bit thick?

  10. Just like the reccession is not as bad as people first feared ?

    Repo`s are probably not as bad, due to the government now having a fair amount of control over some of the main lenders.

    I see rising unemployment, but I still hear bullish comments about property. Seems a bit odd to me.

    Again unemployment is not rising as fast as people initially thought it would we are no longer expecting to hit the 3 million mark by year end.

  11. Like I keep saying: increased approvals at lower prices. Just enforces the lower price. This is actually great news as people are starting to accept that prices have fallen and have given up waiting for the mythical price increase. Just remember, Halifax, down 1.7% on higher volumes.

    LOL bear spin

    Has anyone got the link to the graph which plots house prices against approvals?

    Show it to this man!

  12. 39,000 is still pi$$ing in the wind, it still supports price falls and does absolutely nothing to stop the humongous wave of UK repossessions, combined with Alt-A and Option ARM carnage we are about to see as we approach crimbles.


    It shows that we may have bottomed you can't dismiss such a large rise. Coupled with the fact that repos are not as bad as people first feared!

  13. The number of loans handed out for house purchases in the UK rose sharply in March, lenders say.

    Some 31,000 mortgages were granted by lenders, up 29% on February but still 33% down compared with March 2008, the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) said.

    The increase was in line with data showing more applications for home loans had been approved by lenders.

    But the CML warned the position was still tough for those unable to put down a significant deposit.




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