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  1. I am surprised that nobody has mentioned the drop in VAT from 17.5% to 15% as accounting for a big chunk of the fall.

    On the PS3 games front, it is standard practice for new releases to be 40-50 quid and then to slowly come down in price. It is the price of being an early adopter of games. Same is true of DVDs. Once they get on Sky, the price drops to a fiver.

    I get what your saying but new games on the day of release are being released for £30. Used to be 35 then dropping to £30 about a week later.

  2. I am actually noticing a whole bunch of stuff getting cheaper but most of it seems to be on special offer.

    Coke 2 for 1

    cab Choc bars 4 for £1

    Kwick Fit MOT and service £99

    PS3 games £30

    Just some examples

    But i'm also noticing things like chicken brest going up in price.

  3. They're perfectly entitled to try and sell it. With a tenant that is; not with vacant possession.

    Your contract probably says you have to let people be shown round during the last month or your tenancy or after you give notice. You're contractually obliged to meet whatever it says; but nothing else.

    Do you have to live to show home standards? Definitely not. You have the right to peaceable enjoyment of your property, and that includes being normally messy.

    And tell the LL that if he effin tampers with your stuff again you'll assume he's a burglar and beat excrement out him with [insert name of implement of choice] until he ceases to be a threat to you. You might want to change the locks; I'd say you're entitled to after that.

    In practical terms, he's clearly a no user landlord and you're going to have to get out at some time; either in July or when he gets repossessed if it's not a proper BTL mortgage (if it's not a BTL mortgage you have no rights against the mortgage company if they repossess). The preferable time would be when it suits you. You could offer him the opportunity to buy assignment of the rights under your tenancy agreement on mutually agreeable terms and timescales.

    Don't threten voilence that could cause a whole bunch of issues.

  4. Have they, good jobs that is? You sure?

    You are blinded by your belief's, this is what you want to believe probably to overcome your own failings for only being able to get a 'Mcjob'.

    We have 3 vacancies at our place right now. One job £25k plus benefits, another £40k plus car and benefits and one at £75k car, benefits and enhanced pension. Mcjobs? Of course to get them you need to be qualified and educated in the relevant areas plus have a work ethic and proven track record etc etc, you know the usual reasons why the underclass can't or won't get work and remain to be the underclass.

    China, India............zzzzzzzzzzzz my ****.

    Same at my workplace we have multiple jobs going around the 40k mark for java programmers. The big problem is that we can't compete with the banks offering 60-70k for java programmers :(

  5. Firstly: I don't see how BTLs reduce the cost for people who's income is to low to build a house for a matrials only cost. The BTLr continues to be paid long after the build cost of the dwelling is recouped.

    As you well know the cost of the land is a huge % of the cost of building a house from scratch. If planning laws were removed of course this wouldnt be eliminated but it would be massively reduced. If you don't earn or have very much money you are not going to be able to build or have built a 4 bed detached house on 5 acres. Your house might be small and badly built. But at least some ***** from barrats didnt charge you 250,000 for it.

    BTLs like to think of themselves as thrusting entrepreneurs whereas actually they are unpleasent lickspittles suckling at the teat of the state.

    Well I'm a BTL and I don't think of myslef as a "thrusting entrepreneur". Like most people the reason I got into BTL is to make a little bit more money on the side (which I am doing)

    I never said "BTLs reduce the cost for people who's income is to low" what I did say is that no matter how low the cost there are some people like yourself i imagine who will always be priced out.

  6. But if planning was de-regulated people on lower incomes could build houses they could afford therefore reducing the homeless issue and wiping out swathes of landlording sh1tbags who rely on the state to ringfence their slice of the housing monopoly.

    Bro there are some people who are never going to be able to buy. The amount they earn is less than the actual cost of the raw materials. So even if you remove the cost of the land and labour they still can't buy!

  7. Renting will be with us forever. The idea that unless you can afford to own a property you are homeless is to be honest rather a sad indictment of our society.

    Not every can, or indeed wishes to own property. By the same token not everyone wishes to have a career that leads to riches. Everyone is different, and thats how it should be.

    Landlords provide a very valuable service to society, and the community in providing housing in locations people would otherwise not be in a position to live.

    In addition there are certain members of our society that will never ever work due to child commitments, or they are disabled, or they simply chose not to work. These people would be homeless without Landlords who provide a service that is not only encouraged by society, but in most cases paid for by society.

    It is elitist to suggest that anyone who cannot afford to buy a home, should live on the streets.

    Excellent post

    Also like to mention the flexability BTL provides.

    Because of BTL you can easily move from one city to another. Get a 6 month contract and if after 6 months you don't like where your living you can simply move!! Buying will never offer that level of flexability.

  8. Hey my dad just lost his longest ever renter.

    27 Years he was devorced at 50 started renting from my dad but sadly due to ill health he will be moving into a nursing home next month.

    So can anyone beat his 27 years?

    And before anyone asks he would defo have been better off buying :)

  9. Good post Steve. I STRed about five years ago and have been treated like sh1t ever since. I rented my first property for four and a half years. Never missed a payment (or was even late) and looked after the property really well.

    When I moved out (because the landlord wanted to sell - she couldn't and ended up having an empty house for five months before renting again), a lot of work was put into cleaning and leaving the house immaculate.

    What followed was amazing - they tried to deduct a lot of money for complete and utter nonsense. I started court proceedings which they defended. A week before the hearing they caved and offered half the money back. I told them to whistle and they ended up paying me back in full + all costs. All through I was treated like scum by the landlord and the letting agents.

    I'm now renting through a private landlord and have had no end of grief with problems and the landlord not taking them seriously.

    I personally can't wait to buy again and be rid of the whole bunch of scum sucking f*cks.

    Sure, renting has advantages, but it also has some serious disadvantages.

    Thank you finally someone speaks the truth!

  10. Hey Steve sorry to hear about your bad experience.

    But bro I got to ask the question didn't you at any point consider getting away from renting? Or rent from the bank? Why live with all that stress? which seems to have had a long term effect. Or was it just financially impossible.

    Towards the end of your post you seem to talk about renting for the next 10 to 20 years. Why have all that stress?

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