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  1. Or you could admin owning your home is better than renting?
  2. I get what your saying but new games on the day of release are being released for £30. Used to be 35 then dropping to £30 about a week later.
  3. I am actually noticing a whole bunch of stuff getting cheaper but most of it seems to be on special offer. Coke 2 for 1 cab Choc bars 4 for £1 Kwick Fit MOT and service £99 PS3 games £30 Just some examples But i'm also noticing things like chicken brest going up in price.
  4. Don't threten voilence that could cause a whole bunch of issues.
  5. Do is it the start of the deflation cycle? (serious question I have no idea)
  6. Same at my workplace we have multiple jobs going around the 40k mark for java programmers. The big problem is that we can't compete with the banks offering 60-70k for java programmers
  7. But showing tenants around does not effect quite enjoyment!!
  8. Well I'm a BTL and I don't think of myslef as a "thrusting entrepreneur". Like most people the reason I got into BTL is to make a little bit more money on the side (which I am doing) I never said "BTLs reduce the cost for people who's income is to low" what I did say is that no matter how low the cost there are some people like yourself i imagine who will always be priced out.
  9. Bro there are some people who are never going to be able to buy. The amount they earn is less than the actual cost of the raw materials. So even if you remove the cost of the land and labour they still can't buy!
  10. Excellent post Also like to mention the flexability BTL provides. Because of BTL you can easily move from one city to another. Get a 6 month contract and if after 6 months you don't like where your living you can simply move!! Buying will never offer that level of flexability.
  11. I actually think its Immoral not to BTL! If you can make money doing something and you decided not to do it. That make you a lazy ******er! People you can't afford to BTL come out with rubbish like its immoral!
  12. Walk baby walk whilst carrying all your belongings on your back and paying massive estate agant fees to do so!!
  13. In my defense you also see many bears write awooooooooooooooooooga!!!
  14. Hey my dad just lost his longest ever renter. 27 Years he was devorced at 50 started renting from my dad but sadly due to ill health he will be moving into a nursing home next month. So can anyone beat his 27 years? And before anyone asks he would defo have been better off buying
  15. Hey Steve sorry to hear about your bad experience. But bro I got to ask the question didn't you at any point consider getting away from renting? Or rent from the bank? Why live with all that stress? which seems to have had a long term effect. Or was it just financially impossible. Towards the end of your post you seem to talk about renting for the next 10 to 20 years. Why have all that stress?
  16. So you think he pissed his money away on holidays and that sort of suff? I feel really sorry for his kid. Can you imagine having that for a rolemodel!
  17. Whats he been doing with all the money he's saving by renting and not buying?
  18. BTW he's 39 and living in rented accomadation for 6.5 years!!! So not a STR!! What has this guy been doing with his life!! Maybe a little less on toys and he wouldn't be in this situation now?
  19. I just think it's kind of funny with all the boasts we get on this site about how great renting is. If you want security and to nolonger be a second class citizen BUY!
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