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  1. Every situation has its own merits.

    But you're just trolling in reality.....

    Give it a whirl and see where it gets you.

    I've never had the need to do it myself but I know people who have done it and everything seems to have gone fine.

    Police generally don't want to get involved and they usually arrest the person thats causing the most aggro!

  2. What an idiot you are!

    As a police officer I would simply look at the tennent's rental agreement and arrest all your 8 'friends' on suspicion of burglary. And then arrest you for harassment.

    Job done.

    How would you do that if they have a tenancy agreement? And keys to the flat? They have a perfect legal right to be there.

    Your not a very good police officer where were you during G5 LOL

    Lets be honest your not a police officer

  3. The £ was, and still is, oversold.

    Discussed here http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...howtopic=114820

    The $ is losing appeal as a safe haven as risk appetite improves.

    As for the Euro, I guess everyone knows my view: there's truckloads of bad news yet to come out, despite cunning efforts from the likes of Angela M. to sweep problems under the carpet with a German bad bank :rolleyes:

    So your sayin the pound is safer than the euro and the doller at the moment?

  4. So, you bought in Manchester, but you're living in London.

    Why didn't you buy in London? Couldn't afford to, obviously.

    So how do you manage to live in London? Could this mean you're renting there? No - the way you go on about renting, that would make you a grade-A hypocrite.

    Which means...

    You're living with your mum, aren't you? :D:D:D

    No I own a place in London. I bought the place in London before I bought the one in Manchester.

    I do miss my mums cooking though :(

  5. It's 'lose' not 'loose'. Although I used to be fairly loose, as many of the girls from the Banshee on Oxford Road would tell you. :)

    And seeing as the whole idea was to find out as much about your tragic situation as possible, we'll see who 'loost'.

    LOL where dis the religist question come from? Are the BTL landlords you've met ex prists or something?

  6. The man is truly insane. I have been involved in the property market for 25 years and have never heard such tosh spouted.

    In actual fact he says he paid £158000 for the flat in 2007 and it is now worth £140000 so ignoring the drop in value since he had it valued a month or 2 ago that's a loss of £750 a month for the last 2 years!!!! And then there's the deposit that he's no longer getting any interest on....................And then there's the mortgage thats probably more than the rent.....

    So - my conclusion is that he is bitter (and taking it out on the tenants of this world) that he's not made the bucket loads of cash that his dad did!

    No not bitter just get tired of silly fools here giving wrong information and just to point out the real power is withe the landlord at all times.

    Look at the Gandi method would you ever use it if you were faced with a tenant who hadn't paid for a couple of months be honest!

  7. You spent one hundred and forty thousand pounds on a flat? In Didsbury?

    I'm going to make some educated guesses here...

    1. You've never actually lived in Manchester until very recently. Born and bought up all the way to uni from mouldth road primary school to umist. Living in london at the moment

    2. You were assured by someone else that this would be a rock-solid investment. Nope i can make my own mind up.

    3. You expected to be able to rent out to vibrant young professionals, because that's the sort of area it is. In the two years I've had the place only had a 2 week void.

    4. You are under 30. yes

    5. You didn't spend much time in the area before deciding to buy. Like I said born and bought up

    6. You earn under 30k p.a. No

    7. You know your investment in Didsbury is worth less than it was, but you don't actually want to know how much less. I bought it at peak for 158 recently had it valued (Couple of weeks ago) came in at 140

    8. You used to be very religious for a while but are less so now. Never been very religious

    How many did I get right?

    Dude one right you loose LOL

  8. A family of 8? Umm, no they cannot


    This is clearly a load of absolute rubbish. There is no way your arguments would stand up in court. You have a prior tenancy agreement with a tenant. You cannot solve the issue by invading the property without permission, regardless of rent not paid or whatever. You need a court order. You have accessed, or allowed others to access the property without the tenant's permission. You have severely overcrowded it. You have altered the previous tenancy agreement unilaterally without the tenant's permission. These are all serious serious issues.

    Please be quiet now, the adults are trying to talk

    (Edited to give link)

    Dude theres one person on the tenancy agreement and he has a few mates over. Plus how long are the council going to take to investigate? Months? You going to live with my mates for months?

    I can do all that and then it's up to the current tenant if he wants to take me to small claims court? In court (probably never get that far) I can just say i got abit confused about when the new tenent was moving in I'm sorry your honer! Or the tenant called me and told me they were leaving.

    Once there out of the property things get alot easier for the landlord simples?

  9. you can't, you haven't and you couldn't

    give it a rest now

    I agree i have never done it myself A landlord I know in longsite has done it a few times and it works everytime.

    Usually it's done on tenants you have not paid there rent for some time. There usually people on low income who were never credit checked to begin with.

    COme on man tell me what laws i will be breaking if I did this?

  10. Ermmmm, i've never had a clause like that in a contract, and even if I did it's not like the contract will come along and physically restrain me when I change the lock barrel. I've been doing this for years and it has never been an issue.

    LOL thats an even better idea i will change the locks then what are you going to do when my mates have a key and a tenancy agreement?

    Plus I don't think you can break and enter your own home.

    Financial Hack you loose :)

  11. I often wonder whether LTM is actually a bear who is doing this for a laugh. In case he really is this stupid I would like to point out that his Ghandi method is not just hare brained but illegal. By having 8 of your mates come around you are turning your 2 bed flat into a HMO. Will you be able to explain to the police how having 10 people living in a 2 bed flat isn't breaking overcrowding laws? It's a civil matter for the courts.........you've never had the police called have you? If I "kick off" the police won't just arrest me, they will arrest your mates as well as they will not know who did what until they have nicked everyone and got them down the station. This is the most stupid thing I have ever heard in my life

    Whats to stop you renting a flat and calling a few mates around? There not all on the tenancy agreement only one of them has to be!

    HMO rules only apply to people living togeather that don't know each other. A family of 8 can live in a 2 bed flat legally. What are the police going to arrest my friends for sitting on the sofa and watching TV? trust yo they won't like I said I have seen this implemented.

  12. So the police would come and see that all my stuff was there and my wifes and then there's 8 chavs on the couch claiming a tenancy. What do you honestly think would happen?

    Police will check the tenancy agreement at most they can't force people out of there own homes!!

    The key thing is a non issue your tenancy agreement prevents you from changing the locks.

    Remember guys this is all with in the criminal law. Does anyone know of any laws I've broken if I do this?

    I've actually seen this done a couple of times someone told me about it in case I ever needed to use it on my flat. The real point is taht as a renter I could have you legally leave my flat in probably less than a week?

  13. No, I think you'll find i'm quite right. He cannot enter the property without a court order if I choose not to let him in, and a court order is only likely to be granted for essential work, such as gas safety certificates and major repairs which, as I said, you'd have to be pretty foolish to prevent that work being carried out.

    If you don't believe me, go and speak to the council's tenant's officer and ask them, because they'll tell you the same thing.

    Bro if you go down that route i will be forced to employ the Gandi method!

    Let me explain what that involves basically whilst you are out about 8 of my friends will move in!! They will sit around eat your food and go through your stuff. They won't damage anything I promise.

    SO when you come back you will be greeted by all 8 of them they won't do anything violent just enjoy the flat and your stuff for FREE FREE FREE :)

    At this point one of two things will happen:

    1) You call the police my mates have a tenanacy agreement and you have a tenancy agreement who are the police going to back up? They will tell you it's a civil matter for the courts so now you have to go get a court order LOL. Trust a few days living with my mates and you will leg it.

    2) You kick off cause a commotion and the police come and arrest you for being violent!! Criminal matter matey. Could even go as far as you getting a record.

    The reason this is called the Gandi method is that on my part it's completely non violent and within the law. I've actually seen this employed a couple of times and it worked everytime most people don't last a couple of days :)

    Bro you got to think about who your playing hardball with!

  14. But you're wrong, no one can come into my house and look around. It's my home, and it's up to me who comes in, same as a homeowner.

    Obviously there are pros and cons to both owning and renting. I don't think many people would deny that. But given the ludicrous price of houses and rapidly falling values it's probably better to stay renting right now.

    And a flat in Dudsbury? Never mind eh...

    You are wrong matey a landlord by can carry out inspections on the property at just about any time provided he gives you the correct amount of notice!!

    LOL learn a little.

  15. It's not a threat of violence, it's a promise to take steps necessary to protect your property. If your landlord is trespassing in your home you're quite entitled to hold a knife at him until he goes, and the only "issues" would be his for being somewhere he shouldn't have been.

    PS - Life has become really pathetic when you are reduced to trolling forums to try and talk up the value of your pathetic investments by posing as someone who can disrespect tenants. The boot is quite firmly on the other boot these days. Landlords have to buck up their act or their tenants will burger off somewhere better and cheaper ;) Can you spell "VOID"?

    Excellent idea hold a knife to his neck!! What is that 5 years?

    Remember it's not your home it belongs to the landlord or the bank.

  16. But you're wrong, no one can come into my house and look around. It's my home, and it's up to me who comes in, same as a homeowner.

    Obviously there are pros and cons to both owning and renting. I don't think many people would deny that. But given the ludicrous price of houses and rapidly falling values it's probably better to stay renting right now.

    And a flat in Dudsbury? Never mind eh...

    Tell them that at the next property inspection!!

  17. He certainly was! Two flats in Didsbury....

    Long on property, short on brains

    Actually its one flat in didsbury.

    I'm just pointing at some of the problems with ranting.

    How would you feel is some one came into your home and went through all your stuff or worst still your wifes/girlfriends/kids stuff? As a renter that can happen as a home owner you don't have to worry about that.

    Many Bears on this site seem to walk around with blinkers on promoting renting whilst not pointing out the pitfalls.

  18. I have been in this situation.

    Yes the LL can sell the property. If the lease says you must allow viewing in the last month of the tenancy then do comply.

    However, I have found that selling agents take an utterly dismissive and arraogant attitude to tenants and have just turned up on my doorstep in the past with people wishing to view.

    Do not allow yourself to be walked on. You have a lot of rights. I always do the following.

    Contact the selling agents by email and say you will allow viewings Monday - Friday 9.00 - 17.00. Agents must give 24 hours notice by email. If they do that you will endeavour to keep the flat in a reasonable state of cleanliness and tidy.

    If they do not play ball and just turn up or try to get in at short notice or on weekend days - just refuse entry. The selling agent will prefer a cooperative tenant than one that is not.

    It is in breach of the tenancy for anyone to enter your house without your permission or at reasonable notice - it is your home.

    I have a female friend who is renting and in your position and her husband is away so the agent has tried to bully her into allowing viewings at short notice. Her husband had to have a word and tell them to back off in no uncertain terms..

    LOL and hope you don't need a reference from the landlord.

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