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  1. I've never had the need to do it myself but I know people who have done it and everything seems to have gone fine. Police generally don't want to get involved and they usually arrest the person thats causing the most aggro!
  2. So basically what your saying is if they bought there own food it's all legal? The other thing is all tenants will simply come to the conclution that it's cheaper / less stressful to just leave. Thats what i'm counting on!! Plus it's generally a civil matter not criminal!
  3. How is he laying into him by telling him he's wrong?
  4. How would you do that if they have a tenancy agreement? And keys to the flat? They have a perfect legal right to be there. Your not a very good police officer where were you during G5 LOL Lets be honest your not a police officer
  5. So your sayin the pound is safer than the euro and the doller at the moment?
  6. No I own a place in London. I bought the place in London before I bought the one in Manchester. I do miss my mums cooking though
  7. Well it's getting stronger! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8059454.stm Why is that with our interest rate low? Is it because of QE? Or are investors seeing some potential in there somewhere? Or is it simply because were not shrinking as quickly as other majour countries i.e Germany and Japan?
  8. LOL where dis the religist question come from? Are the BTL landlords you've met ex prists or something?
  9. No not bitter just get tired of silly fools here giving wrong information and just to point out the real power is withe the landlord at all times. Look at the Gandi method would you ever use it if you were faced with a tenant who hadn't paid for a couple of months be honest!
  10. Last line of defence when you have been proved wrong person attack and put person on ignore!
  11. LOL you are renting it belongs to the landlord or bank simples
  12. Dude theres one person on the tenancy agreement and he has a few mates over. Plus how long are the council going to take to investigate? Months? You going to live with my mates for months? I can do all that and then it's up to the current tenant if he wants to take me to small claims court? In court (probably never get that far) I can just say i got abit confused about when the new tenent was moving in I'm sorry your honer! Or the tenant called me and told me they were leaving. Once there out of the property things get alot easier for the landlord simples?
  13. I agree i have never done it myself A landlord I know in longsite has done it a few times and it works everytime. Usually it's done on tenants you have not paid there rent for some time. There usually people on low income who were never credit checked to begin with. COme on man tell me what laws i will be breaking if I did this?
  14. LOL thats an even better idea i will change the locks then what are you going to do when my mates have a key and a tenancy agreement? Plus I don't think you can break and enter your own home. Financial Hack you loose
  15. Whats to stop you renting a flat and calling a few mates around? There not all on the tenancy agreement only one of them has to be! HMO rules only apply to people living togeather that don't know each other. A family of 8 can live in a 2 bed flat legally. What are the police going to arrest my friends for sitting on the sofa and watching TV? trust yo they won't like I said I have seen this implemented.
  16. Police will check the tenancy agreement at most they can't force people out of there own homes!! The key thing is a non issue your tenancy agreement prevents you from changing the locks. Remember guys this is all with in the criminal law. Does anyone know of any laws I've broken if I do this? I've actually seen this done a couple of times someone told me about it in case I ever needed to use it on my flat. The real point is taht as a renter I could have you legally leave my flat in probably less than a week?
  17. Bro if you go down that route i will be forced to employ the Gandi method! Let me explain what that involves basically whilst you are out about 8 of my friends will move in!! They will sit around eat your food and go through your stuff. They won't damage anything I promise. SO when you come back you will be greeted by all 8 of them they won't do anything violent just enjoy the flat and your stuff for FREE FREE FREE At this point one of two things will happen: 1) You call the police my mates have a tenanacy agreement and you have a tenancy agreement who are the police going to back up? They will tell you it's a civil matter for the courts so now you have to go get a court order LOL. Trust a few days living with my mates and you will leg it. 2) You kick off cause a commotion and the police come and arrest you for being violent!! Criminal matter matey. Could even go as far as you getting a record. The reason this is called the Gandi method is that on my part it's completely non violent and within the law. I've actually seen this employed a couple of times and it worked everytime most people don't last a couple of days Bro you got to think about who your playing hardball with!
  18. You are wrong matey a landlord by can carry out inspections on the property at just about any time provided he gives you the correct amount of notice!! LOL learn a little.
  19. Excellent idea hold a knife to his neck!! What is that 5 years? Remember it's not your home it belongs to the landlord or the bank.
  20. Tell them that at the next property inspection!!
  21. Actually its one flat in didsbury. I'm just pointing at some of the problems with ranting. How would you feel is some one came into your home and went through all your stuff or worst still your wifes/girlfriends/kids stuff? As a renter that can happen as a home owner you don't have to worry about that. Many Bears on this site seem to walk around with blinkers on promoting renting whilst not pointing out the pitfalls.
  22. LOL and hope you don't need a reference from the landlord.
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