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  1. Friends past few months have put in half a dozen offers at 26% off peak, each one turned down because they had received highers offers, ALL PROPERTIES STILL ON THE MARKET.

    Can't blame people having ONE LAST GO at 2007 prices , but this will be the last summer of this madness which makes me wonder what the potential sellers are waiting for, its this summer or they will HAVE TO ACCEPT 30% or more off peak.

    but this will be the last summer

    People on this site were saying that last summer

  2. Just to clarify on this matter, the Protection From Eviction Act 1977 applies here.

    Forced eviction (which is what LtoM's methods would be) is an arrestable offence - it IS a criminal offence too, not civil. Check the Housing Act 1988 which defers to the PfE 1977 Act for unlawful eviction.

    Basically, if the property is occupied lawfully, the dwelling belongs to the tenant first and foremost by law. Even the bank cannot get rid of the tenant legally if a Notice To Quit has not been spent by the tenant.

    LondonToManchester, a word of honest advice. Be very careful of boasting about how you will unlawfully evict a tenant because you are boasting about committing a criminal offence on a public website.

    The administrator on this website is the only person who can identify you and may therefore incur vicarious liability for not reporting your proposed offence to police.

    Its exactly the same as boasting on a public website about a plan to blow up a restaurant or kill a person. Its really not advised any day of the week.

    Could you explain how they were forcably evicted? They left of there own accord. And at what point have I said I have ever done anything like that. I know landlords who have done but I've never had the need to.

  3. Not really my friend because we don't believe in one property ramping headline on a stazi government channel.

    In my case the house I am renting s worth even now about £750k and I am paying £1900 a month locked in for a year so who is eating whose fund? by the way as has been pointed out there are plenty of ways to earn more than the derisory savings rates:

    You can get 5% with some mainstream lenders

    Dabble - I have done well in gold

    Lend it back to your own business

    Shares carefully picked etc.....

    So answer to your question - No in fact the complete opposite

    Edit forgot to say last tenant paid £2650 per month

    Could you give me a link to where I can get 5% with some mainstream lenders?

  4. yes, rents are expensive.

    this is a sad sign of how far we've fallen.

    rent should not be 50% of your wage.

    When i first moved here my rent was £625 and my wage was £850. Thats like 80% or something stupid.

    Rents should be AFFORDABLE.

    However, the word affordable to the govt, media and status quo actually means having the ability to borrow to do it.

    being a landlord should be illegal, then people would buy places when needed, and sell them to dealers when they left, like cars. One house per family unit. then renting would be history and people would accrue equity as a default over time.

    Bro I got to ask the question did you not think about moving somewhere smaller/cheaper? And were you really earning £850 a month? Was it working part time?

  5. No figures to back the claim up - the BBC news editors are saying it because they desperately want it to come true.

    Bro click the link!!

    Theres numbers and figures everywhere like

    "Birmingham, there was a 0.3% rise in typical asking rents in the West Midlands. London and the South East of England also saw average rents increase slightly"

    Did you actully click it come on be honest!!

  6. my first thoughts too.

    more of the BBC trying to reinforce what were supposed to think.

    Why dont they runa headline


    Are rents really that expensive? Much cheaper than buying?

  7. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8071659.stm

    Typical UK rents remained unchanged in May after nine consecutive months of falls, according to a property website.

    The average asking rent remained at £819 a month, said Findaproperty.com, although this was still 5.5% lower than the same month a year ago.

    A rising supply of flats meant these were becoming cheaper to let, in contrast to houses.

    Every area of the UK has seen average rents fall in the past year, the survey of 414,000 properties suggested.

  8. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-56...age-rivals.html

    A young woman died from a bullet through the forehead after walking into the crossfire of two teenagers "hellbent on killing each other".

    Care worker Magda Pniewska was on a mobile phone to her sister in Poland, who heard the gunshots and her sister's dying breath.

    The two 17- year-olds, feuding over money, were engaged in a gun battle "reminiscent of the Wild West" on a housing estate in South-East London, the Old Bailey heard.

    Miss Pniewska, 26, had just left work at a nursing home in New Cross and was walking back to the flat she shared with her boyfriend.


    Two French exchange students found dead after a fire in south-east London were the victims of a ''frenzied, horrible and horrific attack'' having been bound and stabbed repeatedly in the head, neck and torso before the house was set alight.

    Nice area.

    Just to say i live in newcross bought around 4 years ago.

    The first incident happened on my doorstep :)

    but you will find stories like those no matter where you live in London.

    There are Drugs and prostitutes operating in chelsea

  9. LondonToManchester doesn't have an answer. Its a trick question because like I said, he's googled for a programming concept and then asked an open-ended question about it, but he won't have a clue what the right answer is.

    If you ever get asked a question like that in an interview, always ask what the right answer is (don't let them move on to another subject or fob you off), and if they can't give a good answer (and deal with any challenges you have to their answer), collect your coat, excuse yourself and tell the receptionist on the way out that you'd like to unconditionally withdraw your application for employment.

    They are charlatan timewasters, deperately trying to devalue skills in concepts they don't understand themselves.

    No thanks - I only work for professionals.

    Dude i'm a software eng from UMIST (which at the time was the best place to get a degree in software eng) came out with a 1st. Since I graduated around 8 years ago all i've done is java and C++. I know what a virtual class is. I know what a pure virtual class is. I know a pure virtual class in c++ could be a interface in java. I hve no idea what c# does with virtual classes.

  10. The UK government response to the global financial crisis has been "bold and wide-ranging," the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said.

    It added that "aggressive action" by the government succeeded in containing the crisis and avoiding a breakdown.

    But it warned that high levels of household and bank debt meant the pace of any recovery was still uncertain.

    And it urged the government to adopt more ambitious plans to reduce the huge scale of government borrowing.


    Does this mean Brown may actually know what he's doing?

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