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  1. +1, ST.

    Really isn't necessary to be abusive on this board.

    I get tired of these silly winging posts the UK is one of the best places to live in the world! There are people attempting to swim over the channel to get here!

    If you can't make yourself a good life with all the Opportunities the UK offers what makes you think you will do better anywhere else?


    I'm part of the demographic you talk about I am 28. Non of my friends uni graduates have left the UK apart from 1 who went to spain. Most of them are also on the property ladder.

    when you get a 2:2 in a shit degree what do you expect?

  3. The economy could, might recover. BUT we will not see HPI again like we have unless the banks find some cash down the back of the sofa and then reduce the lending criteria back to 95% OR The guy flipping your Mc burger tonight gets a pay rise of 15% a year from now until eternity!

    Which part of UK average salary being around 25k do people NOT get? At 25k you can only AFFORD (without killing yourself with credit card juggling and seven extra jobs) to borrow 80K MAX and can only borrow more if some MUG will loan it to you during a credit bubble.

    What about QE will that not give the banks the cash they need?

  4. Thanks for the advise, No the LL didn't agree to taking the last months rent out of my deposit although I did seek advise from CA who informed me this was OK.

    Thats actually wrong the deposit can not at any time be used at part of the rent payment even in the final month! The deposit is there to make sure you take care of the property correctly.

  5. Indeed and there is absolutely no indication that house prices will rise. Everything we have seen indicates a period of at least 5 years where prices will fall/stagnate below inflation. That in itself will stop another boom. Why buy when its cheaper to rent and house prices are not a good investment either?

    Its negative feedback. Prices will eventually fall by 45-50% but it will take years. Ten years to get back to the peak, at least.

    All this fussing over daily figures is missing the point,

    Go look at the latest nationwide figures.

  6. approvals are slightly up but looking at the figures properly the average sale price is somewhere around £115k which means that prices are still falling.

    I think that as long as prices continue to fall then so long as mortgages are available then there will be an increase in buyers believing they are getting a good deal. Although such a marginal increase of approvals does highlight that the majority are not believing it and there are fewer suckers left than required.

    How can you say prices are falling when the latest report say they are rising? Take the blinkers off!!

    You Fail

  7. not happening at all where I live, near Wilmslow, Cheshire

    Even those that have fallen have done so from joke starting points to give the impression of good drops. I still think even 200k for a small 3 bed house is taking the pi55.

    Very disheartened right now, particularly as my deposit of 20k is now not going to secure any sort of mortgage on a suitable house.

    Move to Moss Side?

  8. I would like to see an example of 0.5% on offer for BTL mortgages. I would definitely be going for that if I could fix at that rate for 10 years.

    It might tempt me back into buying a house at that rate as well.

    Here is the skipton's BTL rate at the moment

    And here is the result from Moneysupermarket for an IO 250k mortgage with 1250 pm projected income with no other properties owned (that might been the deal killer for some providers) and an income of 55k with 1250pm going out.

    Got the same results with 155k salary and 3250pm rental income.


    Edit to add: A2M, I seem to remember that you did get a remortgage, so I could be a tad unfair here. But I bet if it was BTL it was't at 0.5%

    Sorry I ment rates at 0.5% and BTL. Not BTL mortgages at 0.5%

  9. I know a lot of people around me who are starting to call this moment as the bottom of the market much to my consternation.

    I live in Cardiff, we have some new 4 bed houses going up near us for £560K and they've all sold- it's madness! There are still plenty of lunatics on the loose from the asylum.

    We must have further to fall........for me it just dosen't add up.

    If you have a stable job it's not that difficult to get 4.5 multiples.

    The thing is you don't want to miss the boat ant then spend another decade moaning about being priced out and wanting the government to step in.

    In face i would even go as far to say it's irrisponsible NOT to buy!

  10. Yeah the graphs are showing me that the housing market has slid approx twenty percent since peak. The footsie is bouncing around in the 4000's when it used to be over 7000. Job losses are going up. Mortgage and MBS markets nuked. Size of deposit greatly increased and will be staying that way. That'll cut down on people with little money buying a house.

    Job loses haven't even really kicked in yet.

    This site alway said house prices are sticky downwards. Are indeed they are. I signed up for one year in rental accomodation. I'm not worried in the slightest. Prices will be cheaper next year.

    Job loses haven't even really kicked in yet.

    Do you think the RATE of job losses will increase?

  11. Ah, come on, how can we give your futile posts much credence when you've admitted on other threads that you inherited a couple of BTLs from your father? With such a massive VI, it's no wonder that you start at least a couple of threads a week with decidedly upbeat titles 'rents stop falling?' or 'have we bottomed out?' or 'mortgage lending picks up'. It's pathetic really.

    While I may have a VI in seeing houseprices some down to sensible levels, at least I have the good grace to accept that I have no power to influence the crash one way or another.

    One more thing; what on earth does you sig mean "Never ever ever sell"? Is that a business model you formulated yourself? How's it working for you?

    Nope i've never inherited anything. Everything I have I worked for belive me!!

    Everybody on this website is a VI.

    Think about it what effect would it have on your family your grand children and there children if you stick to the plan of NEVER selling property.

    It's been a model employed by my family for multiple generations!

  12. The OP was idiotic.

    Lets look at his "claims"

    House prices up! -> factually speaking, from NW today, house prices are up. But anyone with more than 1 brain cell understand that its not up by much in one of the months that sees the most activity. Also this data is only for this month from one mortgage provider, last month was from a different mortgage provider. IDIOT

    Rents increasing! -> wrong - the BBC article said rents overall are no longer falling. It did not say they are rising and it did say they are still falling on flats. IDIOT

    Pound Rising! -> True. But why does this mean we are in a recovereh. Its just that the other countries are equally as fukt

    FTSE recovering! -> Tell me when it hits 5000 and i might start to listen. DEAD CAT BOUNCE

    Unemployment not rising as fast as people feared (no longer expected to hit 3 million mark by year end)! -> The only reason is that they are all signed off on benefits instead of JSA. True unemployment now is running over 3mill.

    A2M - have you ever heard of DEAD CAT BOUNCE?

    Bro your going to be shouting dead cat bounce whilst you register on pricedout.org!

  13. Why can't the bears accept cold hard facts.

    GO look at what the pound has done in the last couple of moths.

    GO loot at what the FTSE is doing.

    Look at the projected v actualjob losses.

    Look at the latest nation wide figures.

    Look at the latest reports in the cost of renting.


    The last defense the bears seem to have are personal attacks says it all really!!

  14. You all dismiss him.

    But the statement of "the economy is slowly recovering" is worth discussion, we could be at that point and the UK PMI next week will be a key report. We may have a rainbow chaffinch event as predicted by some posters we may have a W recession, but these are no mean certaintites, like recovery is no certainity.

    Also over the past 3 months I have noticed some long term bears on here saying "I have gone and done it and bought a house" something that I have never seen before.

    The big thing is sentiment. Even if people don't have the money they always find a way! Sentiment is improving and headlines such as FTSE > 5% in a month House prices up are just going to improve sentiment!!

  15. House prices up!

    Rents increasing!

    Pound Rising!

    FTSE recovering!

    Unemployment not rising as fast as people feared (no longer expected to hit 3 million mark by year end)!

    These are all facts!! Good times are slowly returning!

    Is now the time for bears to jump in or risk another decade on pricedout.org!

  16. Good one. Here's a quote from the link you just posted:

    "Typical UK rents remained unchanged in May after nine consecutive months of falls".

    I suppose in Awooga land that might mean that rents are rising....


    Driven by rises in rent for properties in Birmingham, there was a 0.3% rise in typical asking rents in the West Midlands. London and the South East of England also saw average rents increase slightly.

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