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  1. I get tired of these silly winging posts the UK is one of the best places to live in the world! There are people attempting to swim over the channel to get here! If you can't make yourself a good life with all the Opportunities the UK offers what makes you think you will do better anywhere else?
  2. DO NOT LET THE DOOR HIT YOU ON THE WAY OUT!! I'm part of the demographic you talk about I am 28. Non of my friends uni graduates have left the UK apart from 1 who went to spain. Most of them are also on the property ladder. when you get a 2:2 in a shit degree what do you expect?
  3. What about QE will that not give the banks the cash they need?
  4. Thats actually wrong the deposit can not at any time be used at part of the rent payment even in the final month! The deposit is there to make sure you take care of the property correctly.
  6. How would you enforce this? Lets say I set up as a sole trader and I earn more than the maxiumum in a year what happens?
  7. Actually it might not even be up to the landlord! On many new build flats the leeseholder prevents uncaged animals i.e dogs and cats. Don't know if its ever been tested in court though!
  8. How can you say prices are falling when the latest report say they are rising? Take the blinkers off!! You Fail
  9. AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGA Now watch all the bears do there Vicky Pollard expressions!! YEA BUT NO BUT YEA BUT NO BUT
  10. Just 0.3%!!! Again it shows what most people expect the rate of decline is slowing! Which is another indicater we are close to the bottom!
  11. It is time to be honest I have seen some good price drops as much as 40% on new build flats when they have gone to auction. When it comes to family houses i.e 3 bed semi with garden near a good school the price's seem to be alot more sticky, I'm lucky to find anything below the 10% mark.
  12. Sorry I ment rates at 0.5% and BTL. Not BTL mortgages at 0.5%
  13. Also worth mentioning we live in a different world now!! Internet and BTL 0.5% rates so the recovery could happen really quickly.
  14. Again more numbers comming in which were not as bad as people were thinking.
  15. If you have a stable job it's not that difficult to get 4.5 multiples. The thing is you don't want to miss the boat ant then spend another decade moaning about being priced out and wanting the government to step in. In face i would even go as far to say it's irrisponsible NOT to buy!
  16. Job loses haven't even really kicked in yet. Do you think the RATE of job losses will increase?
  17. Nope i've never inherited anything. Everything I have I worked for belive me!! Everybody on this website is a VI. Think about it what effect would it have on your family your grand children and there children if you stick to the plan of NEVER selling property. It's been a model employed by my family for multiple generations!
  18. Bro your going to be shouting dead cat bounce whilst you register on pricedout.org!
  19. Why can't the bears accept cold hard facts. GO look at what the pound has done in the last couple of moths. GO loot at what the FTSE is doing. Look at the projected v actualjob losses. Look at the latest nation wide figures. Look at the latest reports in the cost of renting. DON'T BE BLINKERED LOOK AT WHAT THE GRAPHS ARE SHOWING YOU!! The last defense the bears seem to have are personal attacks says it all really!!
  20. The big thing is sentiment. Even if people don't have the money they always find a way! Sentiment is improving and headlines such as FTSE > 5% in a month House prices up are just going to improve sentiment!!
  21. House prices up! Rents increasing! Pound Rising! FTSE recovering! Unemployment not rising as fast as people feared (no longer expected to hit 3 million mark by year end)! These are all facts!! Good times are slowly returning! Is now the time for bears to jump in or risk another decade on pricedout.org!
  22. Like: Driven by rises in rent for properties in Birmingham, there was a 0.3% rise in typical asking rents in the West Midlands. London and the South East of England also saw average rents increase slightly.
  23. Here you go link from yesterday http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8071659.stm Time to face the truth!!
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