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  1. To much hastle!! In all honesty I guess if I had problems finding tenets then I would have to consider stuff like this. But in didsbury if your place is sensibaly priced i.e 650-700 for a 2 bed flat. It will go in a couple of weeks.
  2. A good news day indeed Quick question what do people think will happen next? Will the rate of decline in house prices increase or decrease? At the moment we seem to be declining pretty quickly!
  3. True in an ideal world but the situation now is that he has the properties. So the best thing for him to do is to hold! and stop worrying about every little thing!
  4. He may have not been around for the last property crash but I am sure his mum was! What would his mum have told him? Yes property prices went down but then they increased faster and higher then before. Basically people who kept hold of there property at all costs were the real winners. People who sold at a loss were the loosers. SO a long term buy and hold stratagy is the way to go? Maybe people are not as dumb as some people think.
  5. No I know a female landlady who insists the person on the letting agreement is another woman
  6. Yes I do!! As a landlord you have to decide is the person you are renting to the type of person you want to do business with. As many people on this site are quick to remind people BTL is a business. Whats wrong with that?
  7. What about women who specifi only woman whan they advertise a property should that be allowed? I honestly think that if you own a property you should get to decide who you rent it out to.
  8. Have you noticed how many people actually don't want to live next to kids? especially in a 1 bed flat!!
  9. I'm a manchester landlord my self (didsbury) and I have a similar rule. Basically i would not rent to anyone under the age of 25.
  10. Dude you only have 1 life don't spend it eating beans on toast!! Enjoy life mate..
  11. Rents are going up in many areas. There are many people on this site who will just call it spin but see what happens when you try to rent in places like London and manchester. There are still bargins to be had rentel wise. Just shop around and start looking early!!
  12. No it's off a whole bunch of people got togeather and decided to call it a day.
  13. Slightly of topic I have a 2 bed room BTL flat in didsbury (Not a new build) When I bought towards the peak last year actually getting to view flats was a problem estate agents just didn't have the time. Now there pratically begging to show you around.
  14. I think this has alot to do with what the investers were told by the people selling the investments. Were they told that there investments could never go down? In the UK that couldn't happen the FSA prevents companies from saying silly things like that. Can the pakistani version of the FSA do the same thing? BTW I am Pakistani myself.
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