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  1. I hoping to pick up a 3 bed semi where i can bring up my family. Somewhere just outside of London. Like reading.
  2. May not be much help but my GF rents in hammersmith room in a shared house for £500 a month.
  3. I know mate couldn't resist. But i did want to show renter bob that if he behaved like an k**b so would his landlord. In the 2 years I have been a BTL landlord I have never had anyone miss a rent payment.
  4. Hey renterbob if one of my tenets misses a rent payment I prefer the Gandi mathod of removing them. It's basically a legal non violant mathod which works everytime. This is how it goes. 1) Renter misses rent payment and refuses to co-operate with me. 2) I give my friend a leese to the place and sign it so now my friend is legally intitled to live there. 3) When the renter is out my friend moves in with a few of his friends some time as many as 10. (takes a few pics of the place which may be needed for legal reasons later. 4) Renter comes home to find 11 people in the place. Eating his food and sleeping in his bed. Kicks up a stink and phones the police. 5) Police come around and don't know what to do. Everyone has a leese they call me I tell them my mate is the legal tenent. Nothing police can do! 6)After a couple of minutes renter rings me and offers to pay the rent. I laugh at them and tell them to leave (Laugh in a sinister way) 7) Tenent leaves trys to break a few things my mate stops him. Best of all this is all legal If tenents want property rights tell them to buy there own place simple as that!
  5. Agreed I'm lond on the AUDUSD done a couple of grand lets hope for a recovery
  6. With rising inflation and banks lowering there saving rates be careful with where you put your money!
  7. Is it just me but I actually think she has a point! Is it really her fault or the fault of people who took out 10 times there salary morgages at 125% LTV? To be honest I don't even blaim the banks.. THeres jsut to much of a pass the buck culture in this country! Take responsibilies for your actions and accept the consequences!
  8. question What if inflation is higher than the base rate?
  9. As a BTL I would also love this. One of the big problems LL face is getting people to hang around longer than 6 months to a year. I wish more of my tenents would do so. It's so much hastle/cost finding new tenents.
  10. I think my main problem with this is say you move into the house and then a few weeks later the house sells (you never know) and you have to move out! Theres alot of cost there. Plus accidental landlords are always a ball ache
  11. I feel for you mate. When companies do stuff like that it really pi**es me of
  12. Still alot of money and there in profit when other banks are reporting huge losses!
  13. Have you noticed we seem to be getting alot of contradictions when it comes to rents. The flat next to mine now rents for £100 more than it did a year ago. Greenwhich london.
  14. Including mortgages and my BTL I have around 300k So I guess I cover a few of you!
  15. Do you actually even know if she has a mortgage on the property? Maybe she is doing this to prepare you for a large rent increase?
  16. Possibaly thats one thing that could happen the others are: 1)Sellers can't drop prices because they can't afford the negative eq. Whats the point in selling if you are going to ow 10k to the bank afterwards? So they rent there place out and find some where else to rent for themselves until the market picks up. 2)Morgage conditions slowly return to what they were 18 months ago and the market picks up. There is some evidance that this is happening i.e 2 year fix falling and interest rates on savings comming down. Personally I think number 2 will happen but lending criteria will not be as loose as it was before i.e 125% mortgage.
  17. Are you sure the £ is falling today quite hard.. May be it is the first sign of which way interest rates will go next.
  18. The problem with communting is the cost I work in the city and some of the guys I work with spend ALOT on trains >100 week. Would you rather give that money to the train companies or spend it on rent?
  19. Are they expecting a drop in Interest Rates from the BOE?
  20. Generally markets fall ALOT faster than they rise. Don't get me wrong though I still don't think we have hit bottom just yet..
  21. Even if I had the money I would not go any where near it!! I wonder how much they paid for it?
  22. "When house prices rose, land lords put up rents to cover mortgage repayments" Wrong Rents have been stagnent for the last 4 years it's only during the last year they have been climbing. Rents are going up in some areas I live in London not to far from Greenwhich (Zone 2) the flat opposite me is now reting for £100 more than it was a year ago! I'm lucky I own my place so don't need to worry about rent increases But my mortage payments will go up at the end of my fixed term I still have 4 years to go on my fix I think rents are going up in some areas and falling in others.
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