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  1. I think it will increse activity in the mortgage market further. But I also think we have further to fall.
  2. What are peoples views on the area? East london line extention work is going on in the area at the moment. How will that effect prices? Less than 10 min at the moment to get from New Cross Gate to london bridge/city.
  3. Or as a general question what do you do if you want to rent privatly and you have a bad credit rating?
  4. assuming peak was 2007 what makes you think I bought then? Does your mum still do your washing?
  5. Waiting for things to bottom out so I can increase my property portfolio. I'm hoping the view from many of the people on this site will help me decide when we appear to be at the bottom.
  6. I'm actually still in my 20's and rent from the bank. Which is actually cheaper than renting from a landlord. (Not always the case) I also have a BTL so how do people stick it to me?
  7. Wasn't there a article on the BBC recently which showed women earn around 20% less for doing the same office jobs that men do? (In london)
  8. I take it you also live at home with your parents Dude it's not all about money what sort of 20's are you going to have if your living at home with your parents! you don't get this time again it only comes once!
  9. Dude you forgot the factor in that your a mummy boy. Living independently and making your way through life is what makes you a man/women. Can you imagine bringing a woman back to your parents on a first date
  10. Going by your same argument are you saying it's best to just hold on and prices will recover because thats what happened in the 90's?
  11. How come anyone who says anything slightly different is a Troll?
  12. Bro it's not just about the money Quality of life is way more important! Many people on this site forget that!
  13. Rate of decline in house prices. What did you think I was talking about?
  14. Mine went up recently by about 25% The option of changing provider doesn't really exist. If you move most have a 90 day cooling off period so if you are made redundent during that period your f**ked
  15. The big question that comes to my mind is if the rate of decline is slowing than are we closing in on the bottom? Still think we have further to fall though
  16. Hey i'm just trying to understand this stuff sorry if i come across as trolling. Would you mind explaining it to me?
  17. All the benifit/housing costs tax payers have to pay especially if they have children. It is cheaper to leave them in there own home. The banks have it easy they kick them out sell the house.If the house sells for less than the mortgage they chase them up for the difference. The banks can't loose! Or am i missing something?
  18. If all you are doing is paying your monthly mortgage month by month and not planning to sell or remortgage does the actual value of the property matter? Why should you care about the actual value of the property? Or am i missing something obvious?
  19. The problem is when they are forced out we have to pay for them (Tax Payers) which ends up costing a whole lot more!
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