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  1. Bro I don't make the rules I play by them! If I didn't do everything I could possibaly do to improve my lifestyle / way of life i would be a looser. I also think alot of people on this site tend to overcomplicate things. You can't worry about everything that may happen or you would never do anything!
  2. The reason i want high prices is when i come to sell i will get more for it. (I'm a 28 year old BTL by the way). My Dad has done really good on property by keeping it for 50+ years and I hope to do the same I am enjoying the current falls though i hope to increase my portfolio Simple as
  3. Generally once your off the fixed rate or your initial deal and on there SVR there is no limit to overpayments
  4. Maybe being a bit more proactive would get better results! i.e attened local auctions (Don't bid) just to get a real feel for what the actual price in the current climate.
  5. Dude we get that!! It is a % off peak price. <b>Still doesn't change the fact that you can get 90% LTV!!</b>
  6. I think the 90% LTV and low rate makes it very attractive? Is it not the best deal for first time buyers? It also shows more of an easing in credit
  7. Can you send me a link? I am actually planning to remortgage a property.
  8. Did you know the average for an Asain wedding is around 60K Pratically all of that cost is picked up by the brides side! Don't you love tradition!
  9. From the beginning of may Abbey will be starting a new mortgages campaign called "attack the market" to increase there market share. Part of this campaign will 90% LTV mortgage 2 year fix at 3.99% aimed at home buyers.
  10. From the beginning of may Abbey will be starting a new mortgages campaign called "attack the market" to increase there market share. Part of this campaign will 90% LTV mortgage 2 year fix at 3.99% aimed at home buyers.
  11. Bro i asked me mate big dave about this. Basically the issue you have got is you don't have a tenacy agreement (the agreement is in someone else's name) so if there was ever an issue it gets exploded. You can also be done for fraude getting goods and services via deception. It is actually a criminal offence to sign a contract as someone else other than yourself. So why do it? BTW how do you pay the rent? in cash?
  12. Oi Fraudi Side question is it a criminal offence to sign a contract knowing your giving a fake name? or is it a civil matter?
  13. What if we never left the bull market and this was just a retracement?
  14. oops sorry i think you got the wrong end of the stick i'm looking to increase my portfolio
  15. My big worry is that I will miss the bottom by a mile I'm hoping the recovery happens soon but the climb back up will be slow.
  16. And in a recovery? After 3 months of HPI? or is there some other indicater people are looking for?
  17. 2 things the "punters" don't always loose and the "punters" don't have to take part
  18. Is anyone really suprised? It's in the interest of the vast majourity of voters to do this.
  19. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8004106.stm Common shareholders in US banking giant Citigroup suffered a near $1bn (£670m) loss in the first three months of 2009. But the loss had resulted from a pre-arranged $2.7bn dividend payment to preferred shareholders, and a $7.3bn credit loss from bad loans. Before these payments were made, the bank had clocked up a net profit of $1.6bn and revenues of $24.8bn. "We had our best overall quarter since the second quarter of 2007," chief executive Vikram Pandit said. Citi's results came hot on the heels of positive earnings reports from Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. "Of course the fact that all of these have had such a strong first quarter has led to some tentative hopes that perhaps the banking sector crisis is bottoming," said Richard Hunter, head of UK equities at Hargreaves Landsdown.
  20. I actually have a place there bought 4 years ago. Just wanted peoples views.
  21. Has anyone seen any stats on the number of BTL getting re-poed? Is it more or less than residential.
  22. Didsbury is one of the few posh bits LOL full of fake tanned footballer wives wannabe's
  23. I have also noticed quite large drops in rents especially at the upper end of the market. The lower end of the market 1 and 2 bed flats has remained about the same (£600-£650) This applies to Didsbury Manchester
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