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  1. So tommorows a good day to go long on everything?
  2. Possibaly i think the budget will have a big effect.
  3. I disagree with your first point property can be an excellent investment and offer good long term returns. Your second point is right though.
  4. Wheres the madness in this? Reduced monthly payments = start saving = buy new bathroom in the future Seems like a better plan than MEW or credit cards or am i missing something?
  5. Standard life at the moment but i'm changing to a different provider. Possibaly Abby
  6. True but want to compare what people on here think to whats happening in reality!
  7. I intend to. I'm switching the mortgage from standard life to a different provider.
  8. Thanks for the link it basically says that there hasn't been a drop in prices. I'm going for a fix because i think interest rates will rise(IMO), but thanks for the advice.
  9. It's going to be valued by my new mortgage company I'm switching.
  10. How much do you think the property will have fallen by? I bought 04/07 for 160k in Didsbury Manchester 2 bed flat. How much do you think it will be worth now?
  11. Bro i got to ask the question did you not check when the AST would finish? Did you not think about how long you would actually need the place?
  12. I think this says something about how much people pay for housing. If you take that out of the equation we have inflation.
  13. Bro there is one fact that Bears don't get! YES prices will fall i'm hoping even as much as 70% but at the moment 40% looks more likely. BUT THEN THEY WILL RISE AGAIN. The people in the 90's who put there keys throught the letterbox and left the property must be kicking themselves if only they had work abit harder and sat out the down turn! Look at my sig thats the view of multiple generations of my family!
  14. At the moment life is going well! Making good money wanting the crash to hurry up so I can increase my portfolio. Not much of a portfolio though 1 BTL. But what your saying is that in the worst case i would have to declare myself bankrupt loose everything and end up back with my parents! Big deal man is that truly the worst that can happen? 5 to 6 years and all that gets wiped. Atleast i will still have my health and I will start all over again.
  15. So basically kids in families where parents don't work are not happy. What about kids in families with atleast one working adult? Are they aslo unhappy?
  16. Dude saying stuff like that is just stupid. I could come out with i have no choice pensions are worthless and i need a way to save for my future. Lets stop the gooey mushey stuff. Its all business. Bro the way i see it is at 26 I had multiple properties if I can do that then why can't these families? Is it because the adults in these families pissed all there money away? Were they just to stupid to save for something? Or did they just not work hard?
  17. Oh thats easy there could be a whole bunch of reason such as planning to STR and the feel good factor! Thats one thing bears never provide a feel good factor!
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