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  1. Grammar again...........'worse'

    Didders is overated imho and right next to some right sh1t holes, where people can't spell or use the wrong grammar. It also has a number of people (Didders that is) who have been over influenced by American culture.

    I agree it does neighbour some bad areas like burnage.

    Walking around there i get the feeling the biggest influence is footballer wifes wanna be's!

  2. m20 4zd? not quite in the target zone of withington but close enough maybe. That area is withington really, not didsbury.

    Why do people find it hard to belive I have a place in didsbury? And quite central didsbury less than a 10 min walk to get to halifax in the village.

    My parents live in withington though I was bought up there school grove. So i know that area like the back of my hand :)

  3. I personally don't belive in a min wage. As long as you tell people how much they will get paid you should be able to pay them what you want.

    If they don't like it there free to find employment somewhere else.

    Whats wrong with this? Or are there people on this site that earn mim wage and worry there pay will drop if min wage is taken away?

  4. Lloyds Banking Group is to cut 985 jobs over the next two years, the company has confirmed.

    The jobs will go at a business offering car finance, which a review found was "no longer financially viable".

    The banking group, which is 65% owned by the government, said 200 jobs in Speke, Merseyside, could be affected, along with 340 jobs in Chester.

    The union Unite said it was in talks with Lloyds and would oppose any compulsory redundancies.

    Lloyds said it hopes as many jobs as possible will go by natural turnover.

    Compulsory redundancies would be a "last resort", it said.

    Months of talks

    "The decision follows a detailed review carried out last year by Bank of Scotland," said Lloyds' David Oldfield.

    Unite said the announcement came after months of discussion within Lloyds after the acquisition of HBOS in September.

    "For some months now, the employees of the company have had to live with almost daily speculation about the security of their jobs and the long-term plans for the company," Unite official Rob MacGregor.

    "Today the workforce must face the horrendous reality that integration will mean that some will lose their jobs."

    Lloyds Banking Group was formed from the merger of Halifax Bank of Scotland and Lloyds TSB late last year.

    These are the first major job cuts resulting from that merger, which created a banking giant employing 140,000 people. Unions fear there will be more.

    The affected company, Bank of Scotland Motor Finance, will not give out any new loans, Lloyds said, but it will continue to serve existing customers through its Black Horse Motor Finance brand.

    The announcement came as insurer Royal Sun Alliance announced it was closing a site in Bristol with the loss of 500 jobs.


    More to come?

    side effect of car scrappage scheme?

  5. Ah, but the balance of opinion on HPC is that IT workers are extremely valuable and deserve every penny they make.

    The fact that there are a large number of people on here who happen to work in IT is just a strange coincidence...

    Dude it's a website generally two sorts of people visit it during the day. Thoses on the dole and bored IT workers

  6. I think the main problem with this site is that it attracts people who earn low wages less than 18k and are on income support.

    These people are angry they feel life has delt them a bad hand. They feel as though they deserve more then what they are currently getting. They also feel that anyone who earns more than them is on some sort of fiddle.

    For many people on this site the only way they will have get on the property ladder is if prices fall 90%. Thats why you will get so much vile on threads like this.

    We need to pay lecturers alot more money and improve our student to lectuer ratio.

    From a Software eng

  7. Ok how about giving me some direct advice.

    At the moment I drive a 97 yes thats 97 Mazda 323 fast comming up to 100k millage. I am planning to buy a BMW 3 series around 2005 with less than 50k on the mileage.

    Will I pay more for this car because of the car scrappage scheme? Is it better to buy the car sooner beofre the scheme comes around properly?

  8. What effect will the car scrappage scheme have on second hand cars less than 10 years old?

    For example a 3 series 2005 BMW with around 50k on the mileage :) (considering buying one)

    The other thing i was thinking is that people who have 10 year old cars are not the same people who would go out and buy a new car even if it was 2 grand cheaper.

  9. Hi LToM,

    From earlier in the thread I believe your mortgage is £116k - for you to drop into NE, prices would have to have fallen 27.5%

    My anecdotal evidence ( for Chorlton ) is that prices have fallen around 20% - 25% and I'd be surprised if Didsbury has fallen faster. Which bit of Didsbury are you in? If Didsbury Village / West Didsbury then probably ok but if you're actually out in Burnage then you may struggle.

    Can you give an almost complete post code eg M20 1A ?


    its between palatine road and wilmslow rd.

  10. Hay Mr Aces High Roller,

    You forgot to respond to the potential impact on your pwwoperty miracle of these rather important issues when you were ramping on the other thread;

    "Basics like record rises in unemployment, record levels of household debt, a credit market that has shrunk considerably both in personal lending and housing, a country that will be burdened by high taxes and low public spending for years to come, a country that will be hampered by its weak currency and the knock on inflationary costs of importing into a service based economy, a recession that is hitting blue and white collar workers alike. A BOE that is no more keen to reinflate the market than the commercially viable independent banks."

    But then to someone of your undoubted investing expertese i should imagine they are but triffling matters, although buying a flat in disbury at peak.......whooo bit of a clanger wasn't it..... no wonder you are a believer.

    Good luck to you sir.

    Dude stop with this already will you! How many times do I have to tell you that i think most of this stuff has already been factored into the housing market and that we are now close to the bottom.

    Your right buying in 2007 at the peak was a mistake if I know now what i knew then I would not have done it (I would have also shorted RBS and with the profits bought them at 10p a share) but hindsight is a wonderful thing :)

  11. Its also grammatically incorrect, I didn't have the heart.

    Unfortunatley he is one of Labour's children and doesn't remember nor has any experience of NE, if he did he would not think I was 'silly'. Hey ho!!

    Thats so true i have never had the experience of NE, i think i was 10 or something last time that happened.

    That could all change tommorow.

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