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  1. I dont understand why you would do that? If you already have someone paying what you will ask in the market, what is the point of risking a void?

    What you describe is what my last landlord did and its still empty - coming on for three months void.

    Sheer idiocy.

    No you do it to create a cycle makes sense long term.

  2. Have you compared the FTSE vs house prices during the early nineties? Of course you haven't and you wouldn't understand it anyway. FTSE up does not mean house prices up which is the straw I assume you are clutching at here.

    Dude it was a cheeky comment.

    At what point did i say a rise in the FTSE = rise in HPI

  3. Remember about 3 to 4 months ago around christmas? Bad news after bad news after bad news there were no bulls left on this site.

    There were threads like "I'm the last bull and i've turned into a bear"

    But now look at it the bears may outnumber us 1000 to 1 but we are holding our own.

    I think it's good for the site to have balance!

  4. It only makes sense whilst the resources are available to be extracted from planet earth. I have no doubt that the average house will be worth about 500 trillion pounds within 10 years, but then, I fully expect your weekly shop to be fairly similar. As the years tick by property will become irrelavant as people will simply be happy with a roof, albeit a leaky one, over their heads.

    The boom that was the industrial age is now over.

    They have a word for people like you SUPER BEAR LOL

  5. Ha. That made me laugh.

    Didn't we have period of deflation last year according to the official stats.

    Your argument seems to be house prices always go up, they are not.

    Look at Japan and the lost decade, hosue prices only just reaching their previous 1990 values: ~20 years.

    long term trend still up though can you get that in your skull?

  6. Typical figs we had during the boom years when all bulls would ever say was "pwopdee only ever goes up".

    If housing wasnt seen as an investment in the country, but only as somewhere to live, then this country wouldnt be in the mess its in now and everyone would have much smaller mortgages. That way everyone would have much more money in their pockets at the end of each month after paying their mortgage.

    At the end of the day, the property market is just another market (be it commodities, stocks or currencies). It behaves just like any other market, albeit a lot slower. It will always have times when it goes up stupidly, but similarly there will be times when it will fall stupidly. And people will always need to sell.

    The long long term trend of house prices will be only ever in line with inflation. No more, no less, and it will always correct itself, whether it be up or down.

    Housing is different though, everybody needs a home over there head. The other thing about it is that location can effect it's value.

    Why do so many bears refuse to belive HPI is a good thing. These people that arn't buying are enjoying low rents which means more money for them to spend.

  7. LTM, many of yours posts smack of naivety, blindness to whats going on around you and denial.

    Can I ask how old you are and what your profession is? Do you have any further education / professional experience in economics or anything like that?


    " I'm thinking House price inflation will be higher than normal inflation?"

    So, does that mean in 25 years time, the average salary may only be 65k but its resonable to expect the average house to cost £1.5mil? (working on wage inflation 4%, HPI at 10%). Somehow i dont think this is SUSTAINABLE.

    I'm 28 and work as a software eng. Why pick the figures of 4% and 10%?

  8. Exactly

    It's like arguing with a goldfish.

    Waiti 2 minutes and they repeat the same nonsense.

    There really is no shortage of idiots who STILL believe in ever increasing house prices/free money/chain letters/pyramid schemes/generous nigerian businessmen.

    Over time the price of goods goes up. And if there goods everyone needs the price may fall for a while but then it will restart it's long term trend back up. Are you earning the same as you did 5 years ago?

    Basically it's called inflation (look in WIKI). I'm thinking House price inflation will be higher than normal inflation?

    Does that make sense goldfish?

  9. London to Manchester, just out of interest - Did Standard Life offer you a fixed rate? I am due to remortgage with them in September and their SVR is pants

    They did but it was much higher than what other people were offering. It was actually better for me to stay on there SVR when you consider the fees and stuff for the new mortgage.

    One thing I did notice is that fees seem to have come right down with other mortgage providers. i.e it's quite standard now to see completely fee free deals not even a valuation fee.

    The only thing that will stop me from moving to a different provider is if I don't hit the 75% LTV.

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