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  1. So the place rents out quicker
  2. i won't get a void at 550 i'm cheap for the area
  3. As someone who works in central london (close to tower 42) right next to all the majour banks (but not for them) I have not noticed any difference. I still can't get a seat at Jap canteen Thats one of the things that makes me wonder are things really that bad?
  4. No you do it to create a cycle makes sense long term.
  5. I plan on putting the rent up on my tenents not by much though from £550 to £570. If they decided to leave I will put the flat on the rental market for £550.
  6. Hey my tenents just asked for a rent reduction. I said no and increased the rent by £20 a month There free to leave.
  7. With all the alcohol related problems the NHS has to deal with this is a very good thing! Just think about the savings the nhs will be making.
  8. Hey just a little bit of an update. Now because of house prices falling I'm no longer hitting the 75% LTV. This means that I would have to take the 85% LTV rate. But i just rang abby and they said that they may still give me the 75% rate It's up to the mortgage manager or something.
  9. They need buyers (They have enough sellers) and there staying away because at the moment they think it they wait X amount of time prices will be cheaper.
  10. Messes up my LTV so I'm better of staying with my standard life for the time being
  11. Just rang nationwide and the valuation came in at 140k so 20k down in two years. So around a 13% fall from peak from the nation wide.
  12. Dude it was a cheeky comment. At what point did i say a rise in the FTSE = rise in HPI
  13. Remember about 3 to 4 months ago around christmas? Bad news after bad news after bad news there were no bulls left on this site. There were threads like "I'm the last bull and i've turned into a bear" But now look at it the bears may outnumber us 1000 to 1 but we are holding our own. I think it's good for the site to have balance!
  14. Yep i could pay a 10% rate if needed don't know about the rest of the country.
  15. long term trend still up though can you get that in your skull?
  16. Housing is different though, everybody needs a home over there head. The other thing about it is that location can effect it's value. Why do so many bears refuse to belive HPI is a good thing. These people that arn't buying are enjoying low rents which means more money for them to spend.
  17. I'm 28 and work as a software eng. Why pick the figures of 4% and 10%?
  18. Over time the price of goods goes up. And if there goods everyone needs the price may fall for a while but then it will restart it's long term trend back up. Are you earning the same as you did 5 years ago? Basically it's called inflation (look in WIKI). I'm thinking House price inflation will be higher than normal inflation? Does that make sense goldfish?
  19. See thats the tough one should i use my fund to decrease the LTV ratios on existing properties or purchase new ones?
  20. They did but it was much higher than what other people were offering. It was actually better for me to stay on there SVR when you consider the fees and stuff for the new mortgage. One thing I did notice is that fees seem to have come right down with other mortgage providers. i.e it's quite standard now to see completely fee free deals not even a valuation fee. The only thing that will stop me from moving to a different provider is if I don't hit the 75% LTV.
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