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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8037347.stm Mortgage lenders have started to relax slightly the requirements they need for granting a home loan, figures indicate. Two-thirds of mortgage deals still require borrowers to put down a deposit of at least 25%. But figures from the financial information service Moneyfacts show a recent rise in the number of deals demanding smaller down-payments. The total number of mortgage deals has risen by 7% in the past month, with more needing only a 15% or 20% deposit. More signs we are close to the bottom!
  2. Because you want to loan something of mine i got to make sure you can pay for it!!
  3. If tenents don't like that they have 2 options 1) Rent somewhere else 2) Work harder and buy there own place.
  4. LOL landlord checks My financies are personal if you don't like the sound of that find somewhere else to rent!
  5. Hey i'm a landlord i wish i could get rid of the agents the only reason i use them for is to find tenents and do all the checkin stuff i.e AST, Checks and invantry for which they charge me £500 In all honesty places that are advertised through agents do rent out quicker thats why we use them. I once tried advertising on right move biggest waste of time ever!!
  6. Well shed some light. I know the agents i have delt with charge all the above. Plus they have things like check in fees and stuff. You may not like them (I don't like them myself) but they do exist! And at around the lvl the OP is saying.
  7. So you've never had to pay agency fees / credit checks / check in fee and all that other stuff? You are in a minority if thats true!
  8. no just think theres nothing I can add like I said before I think we are close to the bottom we have just not reached there yet.
  9. Quick question answer truthfully How many people here avoid companies that outsource? When they provide the same service for a cheaper price!
  10. Dude remember to do the maths £20 more a month = £240 a year Cost of moving when you factor in fees and excluding hassle is probabaly somewhere around £500-1000. Is it worth it? Especially if your well settled where you are?
  11. The main problem with doing what the other guys suggest is tht you may end up loosing the flat! Then the cost of refrences and all the other stuff won't matter!
  12. As a BTL land lord i would love for someone to agree to a 10 year AST. No agency fees for me for 10 years that would be great! Add yearly rent reviews linked to inflation i.e inflation + 3%. I would snap at such an offer!!
  13. Thank you someone who is talking sense and can see the benifits of BTL
  14. Bro i hope prices do fall further for your sake so you can get away from the renting industry.
  15. LOL i can tell. People who rent who actually want to buy are the most bitter!
  16. As a landlord i'm not to worried maybe because I have nothing to hide. It's abit like when they bought in the deposit protection thing I added a £30 deposit registration fee. Any ideas what the new fee should be called? Tenent protection fee sounds good?
  17. TBH never had any problems most people expect there rent to increase every year. There just greatful it's so small this year
  18. Where do you get most tenents want 6 months first? Every single person I knows wants a year minimum!! Do you know how much it will cost to move (refrencing and all the other charges)
  19. I have a BTL in Didsbury Never had any problems renting it out!!
  20. I agree with alot of that but if people think there is nolonger a bear market they will come back and start investing again.
  21. Hey simple question for people who know about this sort of thing. What number does the FTSE have to break through to no longer be classed as a bear rally? And more importantly why?
  22. Sorry let me explain a bit better what you want is a tenent that will stay for a long time but accepts regular increases in rent (Thats what I was refering to when i mentioned the cycle). If you get tenents that kick up a fuss over £20 more a month it's better to have them leave as it's usually an indication that there on the edge. If you get tenents that want to nogotiate downwards and you know they are already paying below market value get rid of them quick. Hope that makes sense.
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