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  1. you need property beeinstalled, it was £625k, came on the market 14.09.11. we've just come back from a break in Cornwall & i've been looking at what's up for sale at the moment in St Agnes, not a great deal & it all seems to be at Rock/Padstow prices came across this small development, Rocky Lane, which are all holiday/second homes. seems they've been selling them since 2009 as the 'Finance Advice' was written in July 2009. makes interesting reading...& gave me a really good laugh! "buy NOW, investment opportunity, market is on the rise, blah, blah" couple that with "a rental income of £48k per annum" & i think they're living in la-la land.
  2. i mentioned the Zenith apartments at Porth, Newquay in the other Cornwall thread, i think it was earlier this year when the developer went bust & an administrator was appointed. looks like they've finally got their act together & are going for the hard sell, just as the season is coming to an end! just hope they do get full residential use passed by the council as they'll be a utter dead duck without it. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/new-homes/property-19969371.html
  3. lots of drops on the properties i'm keeping an eye on in the TR7 area too. a 2 bed flat over looking Newquay harbour is currently showing as a repossession with an offer of £166k being received on it. i know it's a repo, but it'll be the lowest price i've seen for a long time on anything similar size/location wise. the market definitely seems to be turning...bring on the next 18 months, i almost feel excited!
  4. i've just had another look at these, the lowest price at the moment is£185k for 2 bed with partial sea views, so not too obscene! highest price at the moment is £280k with full sea view (perhpas a soon to be disappearing view at that). but no, i wouldn't consider living in a block of this size in a holiday area. when we stopped at Zinc on Headland Road just after it opened, security was non-existant with doors being left open all over the place & it felt more like a hotel, & it wasn't even busy then! also, we hadn't realised just how noisy it is over that side at night, quite a few b&b's in the area & the bar at the beach definitely make a difference compared to where we normally stay over on Pentire. this about being holiday restricted, how would it be monitored & by whom? perhaps the council would want you to produce a council tax bill/account for somewhere else to prove you'd got another permanent address?? it really does seem to affect the desireability though, holiday restricted just dont sell.
  5. 16 of these have popped up on RM today with reductions between £15k - £60k, all still holiday restricted.
  6. doesn't surprise me in the least. i think the main problem with this development was that they were all holiday restricted, £300k for a place you can't live in permanently! add in another new development (The View - seriously ridiculous prices around £600k) going up over the road which will block most of the views from Zenith, hey presto, hardly any sales...
  7. ah, right. i know the ones you mean now. the smallish block on the right hand side of the road where the shops were, The Beach, they originally marketed them as a timeshare sort of arrangement, i think it was £30k for 5 weeks a year or something. not surprisingly, they didn't sell! they're still for sale now, reduced in price from when they started, all are holiday restricted. here's one of them http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/new-homes/property-22953046.html Zenith is the one just up the hill, with all the glass. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/new-homes/property-16286447.html there were 2 developments on the left, just in front of the beach, the smaller block sold pretty quickly & a few are rented out as holiday lets, The Beach House. this is the other one, Porth Sands, can't say i've seen any listed for sale recently so they all must be sold too. and no, we haven't got a spare £300k just lying around doing nothing either!
  8. the Zenith development on the road thru Porth to Watergate? they looked very empty when we drove past when we were down there a couple of months ago now. we've stopped a couple of times with the intention of actually looking at a show apartment, but we can never find anyone to ask! i'm pretty sure Zenith were all holiday restricted & something was mentioned in the local press about developers asking for these restrictions to be lifted as they weren't selling (i might have even read that on here?!). i don't understand how the developers can have all this money tied up for so long. take Acorn, they've got about 5 developments being sold at the moment, another will be ready late summer/autumn & at least 2-3 more in the pipeline. at least a third/half of what they're selling at the moment is just standing empty with prices being reduced all the time (not quite so many drops now as it's Summer ). for some reason, when any new place pops up, the penthouses are normally the first to be sold - there's a heck of a lot of money around, somewhere!
  9. i'm seeing sizeable chunks coming off the asking prices for properties i'm watching around the outskirts of Newquay, but still plenty asking peak prices that have been for sale for a year or more... i've got to admire the optimism of this seller though, i'd posted a link a while ago to her previous property that she was selling last year - she bought this brand new in July 2007 for £230k, rented out as a holiday let & sold it July 2009 for £235k. she then bought another place on the same road for £200k, again a holiday let - it's just come on the market for £250k. well, it's holiday season after all, someone might just bite!
  10. i posted this info on a thread about asking prices back on March 29 2009... "there's a 1 bed very nice flat we've just stayed in in Cornwall (Pentire area of Newquay), lovely place & finished to a nice standard. on the small-medium size from others we've stopped in. main point it has going for it is the view, right above the beach with nothing that could be built in front of it, ever. the owner bought it July 2007 for £205k, put it on the market within a few months at £300k. July 2008 - still at £300k, but now open to offers. she's gradually been reducing it & before we went away it was at £235k (well on her 'private sale' listing it is, with an agent it was still listed at £275k ). she's got a 'for sale' sign in the window & i noticed quite a few people phoning her no., i also offered lots of info to anyone that was interested that buzzed the intercom or spoke to me whilst i was on the balcony! unfortunately, as soon as i mentioned '1 bedroom', any interest disappeared rather sharpish i checked her own for sale listing after we came home & she's increased her price back to £240k... in the area, there's loads of new build flats completed or scheduled for completion this summer & it feels like they really are holding on to the hope of one last summer selling to the holidaymakers at inflated prices. i can't see this happening as sales have fallen off a cliff in the last 18 mths & asking prices aren't moving too quickly in a downwards direction. properties that were reserved/sold off plan are now coming back on the market too some developers have reduced prices, not many though." on the latest update on LandReg i noticed it finally sold in July for £235k, it's still listed on various holiday sites with exactly the same interior pics so i'd imagine she sold it 'all-in'. so, not too bad in the current market - buy for £205k, rent out for holidays & take £30k profit in the space of 2 years (not clear profit obviously as she's had running costs in the meantime, but still, pretty good).
  11. for the first time in nearly a year, our Joinery business is fully booked for Sept/beginning of October. we're contractors mainly but have been doing a small amount of domestic work as it's been so dire in the Pub re-furb orders. there doesn't seem to be any real reason for the sudden rush of orders, a real mix of work inc. 1 large pub contract & the rest are smallish jobs. there's definitely no return to the big contracts for the forseeable future, we've been repeatedly told that all the funding has dried up... nearly all the Tradesmen we deal with are in the same boat, just managing to exist from month to month & no idea what's around the corner
  12. I agree up to a point Steve, i haven't been openly negative with them, i've just asked lots of questions, offered alternatives (i.e. save up a deposit over the next 6-12 months then go for something in a better area, which i think will be selling for around the £85k they're spending now), but kept my concern to myself. they're a lovely couple & i am really pleased for them to be getting 'settled' & moving on in life, but i can't deny my concern about what they're doing as i really don't think it's the right time (but what do i know! ). i can't comment on the T&C of what they've actually signed up for, but i read today where someone was deciding if they were going to pay the shortfall between the amount they agreed to buy at & the eventual survey/mortgage value. i can only imagine something like that would take the shine off your new home excitement...
  13. Driver: from what i remember, it's quite different to Merchant Court - definitely no garages & the top floor is a 'master bedroom'. no idea if you're right, but you have a point there!
  14. i've tried in vain to persuade them otherwise, but you know how it is when you're young & you know 'everything'... a young couple i know, 22 & 23 years old, have paid a reservation fee of £250 on a new home by Strata. i think the main reason they've gone for it is the offer of a 100% mortgage (fixed @ 5.99% for 2 years) arranged via the builders with Yorkshire Bank. It also includes the legal fees paid by the builder too. the house is being sold for £85,000 - 2 bed, 3 floor terrace/mews. bit of an unusual configuration as it's like a small row of terraces back2back so you only get windows on one side of the houses . never seen that design before! they've had the initial offer of the mortgage confirmed this week & completion isn't due until Nov/Dec this year. if they're agreeing a purchase price now, surely prices will have dropped even more by then & negative equity will be pretty much guaranteed before they even move in! (if this is the case, will they just have to try & cover the difference in the price when it's surveyed? i can't see the builder agreeing to reduce his price if he's got them tied in already??). they're really excited & i'm all 'oh noooooooooo........'
  15. i quite like Mawgan Porth... anyway, saw this today, just popped on to rightmove. purchased July 2007 at either £310k or £350k, not on land reg. info but i know these were the phase 1 & 2 prices for this building. used as a holiday let since. so, bought at peak'ish - "i know lets put it on the market for £200k more, it's bound to sell!" another example of complete madness...
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