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  1. Interesting. Yes we've thought about visiting these 'units' but decided they are just too badly located and too modern for us. But they've had so much marketing - been in the Sunday Time property section adverts every week since the launch. Must have cost them an arm and a leg, there's been plenty of other marketing too and they still can't shift them. Be interesting to see how long it takes to get rid of all of them
  2. Someone in the flat below us exchanged in Feb this year and it was only added to the www.houseprices.co.uk last week. So that's 9 or 10 months. Won't always be like that - but looks like you could have to wait anything up to a year for them to add it
  3. 2 friends in investment banking some divisions have done well but others haven't. some big bonuses were paid last year and the year before - but because the markets that were doing well weren't the FTSE & M&A which are about the only markets most journos understand, this wasn't picked up on by the press. most of the 'big' bonus talk going on at the moment is a load of hot air. bonuses get paid every year to divisions that do well and %s and fixed sums dependent on achieving revenue targets, are written into your contract for top tier players. all the talk in the paper is not being pl
  4. Cashking Your anecdotal evidence is also supported by my Mum. She's a dentist - please no jokes! But she also said in the practice where she works it's alarmingly quiet. The phone doesn't ring anymore. Just like you said, she said it's like everyone's gone on holiday and no one is spending any money. And she said before Xmas usually practices are busy because people don't want to have any problems during the holiday season so they come in and sort it out. But she said it's just deathly quiet. She said she's seen this happen before, and it always precedes a big downturn and she said it's al
  5. Yes there's more movement in the market stirring in London, but prices are staying where they are and asking prices are still not being met, read the story below. So for now the market is officially treading water... (as the economy contracts, US interest rates look set to continue upwards, unemployment increases etc....) http://www.findaproperty.com/story.aspx?storyid=8263 Surge Of Sales In London 28 Oct 2005 News Item See also Prices may still be on the slide but the London property market has awoken from its slumbers... Hometrack's October survey of the London housing market reveal
  6. I used to work round the corner from David Cameron at Carlton Communications... He was there for a bit. Don't know much else about his working life, other than that. But at least he's worked in business and understands supply and demand, rather than Bliar and Brown who've only ever known the gravy train of Westminster and spend spend spend.... supply supply supply.... spend spend spend
  7. I know a man trying to sell a flat along Parkside. It's in a development called Chapman Square - bit naff but anyway, it's been on the market for over a year and it just won't budge. He bought it 5 years ago for 625 and wants 795 for it. He was offered 710 for it about 6 months ago and turned it down. Now wishes he'd said yes as there have been no other offers and the one who did offer at 710 is now offering 'a ridiculous price'. Not quite the same as your terraced houses but this adds more to the picture of what is going on in this area. Also another place called Newstead Way - which is
  8. Varies so much by area and type of building that this is hard to answer. But our own study into this shows: house in reasonable and nice area in Kensington (ie Abingdon Road) is about £10k per square metre. So 100square meters costs 1 millon pounds!!!!! In Putney, nice house in good area is about £5 to 6k per square meter. In Wimbledon it goes down to about 4k per square meter. This is all based on gross internal, doesn't include garden garage etc. Dont' know what the historical average is for these areas. Also, flats in all of these places give better value for money and are cheaper
  9. Riser do you have their email? I'd like to send them a mail to complain as well. We should bombard them in the way we do with the BBC and force them to reconsider their position thanks
  10. In the end it's what people look like, not what they say that makes people vote. So, thank god the Tories have finally got over their ugly stick phase. Not saying either of these younger ones are particularly pretty, but at least they both have 1) full head of hair 2) no chance of carking it soon 3) no beer gut 4) can do 'compassion' and sound sincere at the same time, code for "good actors" This means they are level pegging with Tony and Gordon. And even make T & G look a bit old and weary...
  11. The moment that wafts of Gordon Brown's killer-hairspray caught Tony Blair in the back of the throat with fatal consequences...
  12. Perfectionist, who started this thread had a crack at this same topic about 2 months ago. Allocating blame for the increase in HPs is like crying over spilt milk. The horse has bolted, stable door crashed down. Looking around for someone to blame won't bring the horse back, nor house prices down. This is just plain silly to go for it again. Avoidance is the best policy on this topic. Final comment: let's look at Camille Paglia's view of the sexes. So - all you strategically shaved apes, masquerading as current-day humans - please do go and read some of her stuff, you'll find it so enlighteni
  13. Yes I've noticed estate agents in SW London area all looking pretty quiet in mid-range houses we were looking at, in certain areas. There was a brief blip of activity around May/June when quite a bit sold but it's been quiet for months now. People who were trying to sell their house/flat seem to have given up because they didn't get the asking price and have taken it off the market. And very few new houses are coming to the market. Decent options seem to be in short supply. Anything that's worth looking at still feels very expensive, and yet very little new stuff is coming on the market and
  14. it's true ICICI is one of the biggest banks in India. They were on business lunch on BBC 2 yesterday. They said that IT costs in India are 10% of what they are over here and that's why they can afford to offer such a great rate - after all internet banking is really just IT, isn't it? They said, everyone's outsourcing all their IT over here, so why don't we offer you guys the bank account as well... They said yes the website is slow and crappy at the moment but in the next few months they expect it to get a lot better So maybe not worth putting money in just yet, wait till they iron out th
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