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  1. Here a few products that I pay attention to in both Asda, Tesco, Morrissons and Sainsbury: 1. Tins of tuna, especially the "value" ranges (in all supermarkets), are almost double from October, I was buying them from Asda for 29p or from tesco for 34p, now they are 50-55p 2. Pasta (spaghetti), the value range (again in all supermarkets), I was buying in October for 19p-25p per 500g (depending in what supermarket), now approaching 50p 3. Iceberg lettuce, in October 79p-89p, now £1.09 to £1.19 depending on the supermarket 4. Potatos, brocolli, salmon, prawns, peppers, apples - all up, especia
  2. Whatever company you choose, make sure you AVOID Foreign Currencies Direct (currencies.co.uk). They have the worst exchange rates (they would lie to you about rates before you actually want to make a deal), they will charge you a fee for a transfer, they will threaten you with court or report to SOCA if you question any of their hard-selling practicies. Just a warning from a customer that got lured. There are at least 5 other reputable companies (or more) so please do your research before giving your details to just anyone.
  3. Deos!

    New Uk Currency?

    Yes, the communists say the same thing, that only labour is of real value. But money should be the store of value, not the value itself. Gold fulfills this role very well as people cannot get robbed by inflation and deflation if the physical gold is the main currency. If you work hard 10 years and have accumulated 10 kilos of gold, this gold holds value of 10 years of your labour, no matter what happens to your skill in the future. Money should also not be a commodity like oil because value of commodities can go up and down depending on technologies, economy etc, the value of money should be
  4. There is no chance of any deflation, open your eyes and look at the facts rather than on what BBC and the government say! Here are the facts against any deflation, not the propaganda with very little support in any facts: 1. Pound's decline. Deflation will not happen, nor inflation would come back to 2% target without the UK currency stabilising. With pound sterling losing a quarter of its value to all foreign currencies exept for Zimbwabwe dollar and Icelandinc Krona within the last few months, all imported goods would now cost much more when valued in GBP. Unless pound regains some strengt
  5. I assisted my wife today to take the rest of our savings out from her account in a local branch of Halifax (city centre) and while the lady was counting the twenties for us and before, when we were queuing, I was observing other people at other counters to see that ALL of them (at least 20 people) were taking their savings out in cash. Not like 50-100 pounds but the maximum amounts allowed per day (1200 GBP in HBOS) or to the value of their deposit, whichever greater. And there was a queue of at least 40 people in that bank. Not even one person that I saw had done any other transaction, everyo
  6. After the numerous emails and phonecalls to the Guernsey Financial Comission, the island's Chief, GuernseyFinance and other bodies there it seems that Guernsey Government is in complete denial and is not bothered about the situation, not acknowledging the problem and refusing to take any action as opposed to the UK and Iceland government. Ironically, they just sent deleation to China to advertise Guernsey as a secure place for depositors money... And of course, UK says that Guernsey is not their problem. For now it seems that we might be able to recover a little part of our deposits from the
  7. Just a few days ago you could read: "Landsbanki Guernsey is a wholly owned subsidiary of Landsbanki Íslands hf. (Landsbanki). Landsbanki is one of the largest quoted financial services providers in Iceland. Here are a few key facts you might want to know about us: We were founded in 1886 We are a large and diversified financial services provider active in retail and corporate banking, investment banking, capital markets services, asset and wealth management for private banking customers and deposit taking in over 17 countries including the UK, Ireland, USA, France, Holland, Luxembourg
  8. Not many people want to come to the UK these days, wake up please! It is not 2004. People escape from here now wherever they can.
  9. "Several countries are now entering their second year of house price declines. Among the worst hit is Germany, where prices were falling at a rate of 4.4% last year and 2.5% this year." Time to buy in Germany? Or wait until they give out flats completely for free? Apartments there cost almost nothing, nice flats in Dresden or Berlin go for €20K-30K and in Leipzig you can get a whole block of flats for that... And still DROPPING? I think house prices have a LONG way to go in the UK.
  10. Similarily, if the market is not willing to sell at the lower price, no one would buy. You can pretend all you like, the price is the price people sell at AND buy at, not what you would like to think as a buyer it is worth. As per the flippers, it happens all the time, and especially now. Personally I have recently bought an apartment in a northern city on an auction for 90K and sold it for 102K two months later. And it happened this year not last year. I am sure there are many others who do that as well. There are plenty people with money, the problem is that they believe the prices will dr
  11. I read the above argumentation from you guys all the time, but I just cannot carry on and have to point out that it is incorrect. If the repossessed house goes to an auction, it sells below its market value because people who buy at auctions have to complete the purchase within 21 or less days from the auction day! That means they either have 100% cash, or very good relations with their banks / the ability to take bridging loans and so on. Not everyone who could get a normal mortgage could buy a property on an auction as bank will simply not lend money to you if you want to buy a house on an
  12. You can't say it is the politicians or incompetent people creating this mess. These laws come from above our government, from the international institutions where people in power are not elected, such as FATF (Financial Action Task Force) or IATA (International Aviation Travel Association) - they make the regulations and laws, and since all countries in the world are members of those, our governments have to comply. Should a country refuse to be a member, it comes on a FATF or IATA black list as not cooperative the consequence is that all members are not allowed to permit it's banks / airline
  13. To listen to all the doomsayers is a huge risk of losing a lot, should their predictions fail to happen. I would suggest that you invest in some assets. An asset is something, that produces constant income. To give you an idea what I am talking about, here are a few examples of what is and isn't an asset: assets include: your skills, your knowledge, your enterpreneurship, a house that you are renting out, land that you use to produce food, your own business, shares in a business that is making money and pays it to you as dividends, hens that lay eggs for you or other lifestock... Do not co
  14. I have found this in my inbox last night, I thought some you might be interested in supporting the new party. "Just eight short weeks ago, the Libertarian Party announced itself to the world with the launch of its website. With no fuss or fanfare, a new political force was born in Britain. Since then, and thanks purely to word of mouth and the occasional mention by the UK blogging community, support for the Party, and interest in our policies, has been growing steadily. This weekend marks a turning point for the Party. For the first time, our entire outline manifesto—a set of radical yet re
  15. As for the euro money supply, the M3 broad measure of money supply which is an equivalent to UK M4 measure, slowed to an annual growth rate of 9.3 percent in July from 9.5 percent in June but was above the average of forecast of 9.1 percent of analysts polled by Reuters. The ECB sees M3 as an indicator of inflation pressures down the track, viewing growth of 4.5 percent as the point at which inflation pressures start to build. So still double than should be, but euros are being printed 4% slower than pounds.
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