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  1. So. I paid my £3, had a little rant about a certain ex leader, and offered some positivity. swiftly received a 'thanks for your support' email from some bod. Last night, 'Tessa Howell' emailed, to ask for my support for her London mayoral candidacy, and My Ideas! Today, Tom Watson emailed, asking me to support his bid to become deputy leader, and for My Ideas! I suspect this may just be the start of it. Seems Like an opportunity to reminds them of the 2003 edition of The Money Programme (search YouTube for 'mortgage madness'), it's the original 'list loans' expose, a la Eric pebble, that I also watched when first broadcast, amongst other things...... I'm probably being grossly naive, though.
  2. I remember reading about The Wenlock at the time. Nicely done, although in Cambridge it didn't stop a developer demolishing a pub without warning, then claiming he hadn't been informed the conservation area boundaries had been extended six months previously to include his pubs. Ahem. That wasn't the pub that needed saving, though. So what have you got left? PM me if i can be of any help. More than up for a fight.....
  3. Without wanting to go way OT, this is not necessarily the case any more. Courtesy of The All Party Parliamentary Save The Pub Group, new legislation came into force three days ago that removes permitted development rights to demolish pubs (or change use/convert) that are listed locally as community assets. As I read it (I'm not a lawyer), any pub that is listed as a community asset is effectively immune from change of use/conversion/demolition for five years and in any case will require planning permission for demolition. (does not apply to pubs that have extant planning permission.) The pub above was to be recommended for grade 2 listed status. Developers like this are eviscerating communities up and down the country, I hope they are made an example of. If you love your local, get it listed asap. Linky: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2015/659/pdfs/uksi_20150659_en.pdf
  4. https://www.change.org/petitions/cambridge-city-council-to-refuse-conservation-area-consent-to-demolish-the-flying-pig-public-house
  5. No, not the sometime poster on here, but a beloved Cambridge pub. This is very much a live, fluid situation. There exists a Facebook page dedicated to 'save the flying pig', which carries ongoing news and dialogue. Please show some love.
  6. apologies for the bump, but had to ask Ralphmalph: is it wood turners or metal spinnners your brother is struggling to recruit?
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