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  1. Incorrect. The OED quite clearly shows the accepted pronunciation of schedule is EITHER sch- or sk- and no amount of indignant internet pedants will change that, I'm afraid.
  2. And other accepted pronunciation afterward. It's really not that hard.
  3. Not according to the OED. Did someone teach you that at school, or was it just a scheme that you came up with yourself?
  4. You don't like people pronouncing it correctly?
  5. How about growing organically at the rate permitted by the re-investment of the business' profits? Or is that too old-fashioned?
  6. Very Interesting - can anyone enter accurate figures? Wofram Alpha Buying vs Renting
  7. In the days when the Internet was just reaching popularity, and USENET was still worth hanging about on, the people in uk.misc which was a forum much like this one, but for chatting about the UK in general, used to organise a UKMCOL - uk.misc Caravan of Love, where they would go and hang out in another usegroup spreading love and happiness. I have often thought that the residents of HPC should do the same thing somewhere other than MSE and I vote for the above post as a starting point. Wow. What a nerdy post.
  8. I'm moving to Cali at the beginning of Feb. Will be renting in different areas to start with - need to be within commutable distance to LA. Does anyone have any recommendations of places to rent and looking longer term, to keep an eye on with a view to buying?
  9. Except I think it's technically illegal. As I understand it, under National Minimum Wage rules, an employer MUST pay a worker at least the National Minimum Wage. It is not permissible for the employer and the worker to come to an arrangement that the NMW will not be paid.
  10. I rented a Hertz car earlier this year. They told me that they were now keeping their cars for 2 years, and allowing mileages to go upwards of 30k.
  11. October 11th 2008: Alan Sugar buys 4% stake in Woolworths http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2008/oc...olworths-retail 26th November 2008: Woolworths collapses. http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2008/no...treet-retailers Yep, Sir Alan's judgement can't be questioned...
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