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  1. Offer £300k. Developer will still make a killing on that offer.
  2. All the interest we are getting is up to £200k too. We are getting lots of buyers looking upto £250k, but no offers on anything over 200. 80% of buyer leads we are getting since March have budgets of 90k or less. The other 20% are all under 250k. Nothing over.
  3. Maybe it is for surgeons or similar rather than consultants. I don't know, but just go off what is requested. Many want to be in Penllergaer to be in the middle of both hospitals.
  4. I'm pretty sure that doctors need to live within a certain proximity to the hospital that they work and the drive should not be any longer than 15 minutes. This seems to be the benchmark for those clients that we have.
  5. Obviously I'm an agent, but went through something similar recently has I was looking to rent a new property. We have no properties suitable for my requirements, so I visited other agents. In Swansea all agents hide their fees unless asked, but do put all the fees into a one-off fee. I've noticed agents in other areas make several charges rather than one. I was paying all my rent in advance to avoid a credit check which is because I'm looking to take out a mortgage in 6 months or so and want to make sure I have no checks carried out on me and keep my credit file clear. After lots of debating
  6. Maybe the BTL's are struggling to sell due to a lack of tenants in the area. We have let 5 properties in March to Polish tenants all moving from Carmarthen into Swansea because there is nothing in Carmarthen for them other than work. They are happy to live in Swansea and commute back to Carmarthen. It is rare for us to pick up tenant leads from Carmarthen, but all of a sudden we have started gaining a good number and most of them are from Poland. Could just be a coincidence though
  7. Who knows what these EA's are up to these days. Perhaps some upgrades have been done or they are trying new tactics to hook some new buyers that are unaware of how to find historic marketing listings. They could be putting the price up for a while and then making a reduction which may make it seem more appealing. If this is the case, then I hope the reduction is more than 10k, but if they have increased the price, then the reduction is likely to be only a couple of grand of the original asking price, so add another 10k on the reduction and it will look good. Just my thoughts due to the way t
  8. Just to update you all from an estate agent. We are still constantly receiving offers around 30% below and very little movement with regards to second increased offers. Many buyers are now realising that if they keep putting in these offers, then they will get a deal eventually. The main issue is having the sellers that are buying again to try to negotiate a similar deal, so that they can accept the offer. The problem gets worse the bigger the chain becomes. Of course this could all be avoided if some agents were not ramping prices to gain instructions or the vendors were realistic. However
  9. Some investors do not care about the yield especially if they purchase with cash. Most investors here in Swansea are looking for 14% + and we have ways to achieve this with a basic terraced property that would let for £500 pcm yet we manage to get £800 pcm.
  10. Whatever course of action you take, I would advise not to withhold rent though. This just gives them ammo to fight back with. There is no excuse for not paying the rent. Would you withhold mortgage payments if you had issues? Of course this is different, but I am just saying. I'm sure CAB will tell you not to withhold rent too. Good luck with everything.
  11. You should have taken individual agreements out, so that nobody is responsible other than the person that moves out. Because you are (I assume) on a shared agreement, then you are all liable for paying the rent although if I were you, I would be asking the flatmate that is moving out to pay the remainder of their share of the rent. At the end of the day it is them that is breaking the contract whether they have a valid excuse or not. Alternatively the new tenant would need to pay for the fee if you and/or other flatmates are not willing to share the cost.
  12. Just looked at the particulars and it is newly refurbished. Zoopla is showing wrong information or Astleys have the address wrong. There are 4 sets of property history details for the property. One for a 4 bed for sale and one for let, then 2 historic offers to let a 1 bed apartment. I would say that there is possibly a self-contained flat inside the property, but there is no mention of that in the sales details, so I am lost.
  13. I was going to say that perhaps they have made a lot of improvements especially looking at the pictures because the bathrooms etc. do not look like they are old, but if that was the case, then the current vendors over paid by a long way. Something does look odd though and maybe the address is incorrect. The property history details of the sale in 2006 suggest that it is a top floor 1 bedroom apartment: http://www.zoopla.co.uk/property-history/23-rotherslade-road/langland/swansea/sa3-4qw/15917561 This is very confusing because if somebody did pay nearly half a million for a 1 bedroom apartme
  14. Obviously the war is on-going between JF and Dawsons. Dawsons are offering low fees and JF are ramping prices. It is the only way they can win instructions from each other. Been going on for a while now.
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