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  1. Yes, this is a very good take on it- house on our street went on for crazy money- 420k and has gone sale agreed. Will be an interesting period for sure.
  2. Hi There Its been a long time since I posted on this forum- which helped me a great deal when we were looking for a home (which we eventually found) The reason for posting is that a friend contacted me as they are thinking about buying in East Belfast (around Grosvenor school area). I have noticed lots of houses going for sale, but have seen on some social media chats that there is huge demand at moment, bidding wars etc- which I find all the more crazy with COVID. I was wondering - what are everyones thoughts on the price rises? Do you think they will continue or is there an impending crash to come (which to me seems likely as we havent even hit Brexit yet)? We bought our home 10 years ago for below rateable value, in a nice area ( BT4)-so have no idea what the market is like now. Thanks for any help:)
  3. So we finally got speaking to the EA on friday...well,coincidently, they had just heard back from the seller. The offer was turned down as the seller thinks he can get better...and as there were still viewings, he believes that someone will offer him what he wants (the house has been on the market for a year.....i should imagine there arent too many people left to view-oh and the price hasnt been reduced,so there hasnt been any 'incentives' as it were) The house is in no way what he values it at (in need of overall modernisation,etc) and our offer was very generous. But we are walking away and we know its the right decision. To be honest, if he does come back, we would only probably consider it (and I mean just consider) at a lot less that we offered in our opening bid.
  4. thank you all for your replies-will contact the ea this evening and hear what they have to say!
  5. (re-edited this) whats the acceptable length of time to wait from when you make a second offer? Is it best to set some time limits? Sorry if this sounds silly, its just we havent been in the world of price negotiations before:)
  6. Good people.....she is back lolhttp://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/lifestyle/house-home/estate-agentsrsquo-joy-over-stamp-duty-reform-14739898.htmlThank god the estate agents are happy lol
  7. a- i am retelling something that happened me a few weeks ago b- in relative terms of what the ea mentioned in his attempts to sell a house, it was better value c- after viewing another house, we realised they were not worth the money goodness, are you the forum comment police lol
  8. because having viewed that house and another very close by, we felt that £160k was still way too much to pay! -
  9. We viewed this house two weeks ago- clicky here asking price- £159k rv- £125k. The house had a pretty big garden but there was a need for modernisation (the stairs would be very dangerous for kids, new bathroom and kitchen needed, new carpet, etc) would be liveable but definitely would need to spend around £20k to do it up (and the ea agreed as well) Our initial thoughts were £135k would be the max to offer if £20k was needed to be spent..but the ea told us that someone had offered £145k on it and it had been turned down in the last week..apparantly the EA have priced for the current market and that the owner would be looking at a min of £150-155k !! I asked why would anyone want to pay £150k for a house that needed £20k to be modernised when they could buy a more modernised house at around £160k in that area...the reasoning back was so stupid it was almost genius.....if you bought the house at £155k, the £20k spent to modernise it would be for living in, not for investment ...i see the house is still on the market...
  10. Sadly, i think a lot of people didnt need too much convincing. People just seemed to forget what it was they were doing. A couple I know were initially offered a max morgage of 130k in 2006. They wanted to buy a semi in Belfast, but realised they didnt have enough as prices were going up so quickly. They went back to the mortgage adviser who was able to get them a 200k mortgage. They bought a semi on the outskirts of Belfast with a 100% £200k mortgage at the end of 2006 and were really chuffed with themselves because in two months from buying the house, the price of the house had gone to 250k! Somewhere in their thinking, they just saw a pot of gold that was getting bigger and bigger...
  11. Why did the woman, Mary, who lived in her house for 17 years, need an £85000 loan to buy her council house?!?- when did buying from the council ever get that much....was it made of gold!edit...ah, i take it she was blagging more because the price of houses only ever go up, up, up
  12. Apart from auctions, what is the best way to find out what houses are repossessions....some one in the Ulster Bank, when i phoned them during the week to find out about mortgages said Reed Raines did quite a few (repossessions not mortgages) but when i went to their website, the houses were just as expensive! Is it just a case of asking estate agents (not that I trust them lol)?
  13. Hi everyone thought you would be interested in our findings from our first house viewing:) Hubby, baby and I went to view a terraced house off the Belmont Road yesterday- it was recently put up for sale,was at rateable value and the ea mentioned that it was in need of modernisation..well that was an understatement!! It was filthy and needed everything- heating, new electric, windows, etc- not that we were too annoyed- we knew that the house from the ofset wasnt really of interest as it didnt have a garden but we thought we might as well start to get out there and start viewing- at the very least it would be giving us good experience when it came to dealing with estate agents when we found the right place (does that make sense lol) So we decided to see how estate agents are selling, what they tried to gleen from us and how they speak of the market , etc: - we were asked what our budget would be- would it be around the price for the house we were looking at- we said our budget was based on what we felt was the correct price for any house, taking into consideration rateable value, how much it had fallen from peak and what we felt was good value / affordable - when we arrived into the house, the estate agent said the house was priced at the low rate (£125000- is that low cost lol) as work needed to be carried out- i told him that if he moved the decimal point he may be closer to the value of the house! -I asked how they priced- did they use rateable value- he said no, they base it on other houses in the areas -the ea also believed the prices have more or less bottomed out - i said that the BT seems to have been calling this for the past two years and what with all the job loses and decreased public spending i could forsee house prices going down futher (poor guy, he probably was wanting to get to the pub lol)- he didnt really know what to say to that! -our most interesting find however was not the val doonigan record on the floor but when hubby asked him about they type of people currently buying- hubby pointed out that a lot of sales are apparently funded by parents. The ea said that the majority of those buying houses are currently around the £90,000-110000 mark and that noone has come to them with just a 10% deposit- the minimum he has seen is 20% and he agreed that most of them have been helped out. We found this very interesting- we are saving our deposit and have got approx 12% saved- and thats with hubby being in a very well paid job- so it seems the bank of mummy and daddy is currently funding sales here. -I asked about houses that were on the market for a long time- he said that they now are trying to steer away from sellers who have unrealistic expectations- they try to tell sellers that the house wont sell unless its more realistically priced - i guess this is a move in the right direction Anyway, thought i would share this info with you..i am really glad we follow this forum as i feel it has helped us be more informed. Hubby and I really want to buy this year if possible and in the last few weeks have started to think seriously about what we want. However, we have both acknowledged it may be after the elections / autumn time when sellers may realise that the bubble has ceased to be! Coupled with crap interest rates and the fact that we need to save more to get at least 15% deposit saved- we may have to wait a bit longer... -
  14. happy christmas to all this site has been invaluable to me and hubby and has stopped us rushing into things this year we are hoping to buy in the next year and are busy saving our money for a deposit..interesting year ahead.... great wee story too....
  15. oh my goodness- since starting this thread i took ill and am only back online as of now- so apols for not replying sooner.. Anyway, our landlady called on wed night and wants us to move out in four weeks (end of contract)- the estate agent she is going with told her it would be best that the house was empty and dressed so as to con, sorry, impress any potential buyers lol Wish she had told me that was her plans sooner as we have to move avec new baby!! Anyway, we have sort of put together a plan- we are going to rent (currently manically looking ) and going to set about finding our home in the next six-12 months- and heres hoping the prices drop sometime soon tp a realistic level up in the east- but we will make realistic offers on a number of properties that we like and see how that goes and keep you updated:) Thanks for suggestions, when i start to look at purchasing will resurrect this thread to no doubt ask your advice again nozzaxx
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