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  1. I am more disturbed by the garden. They have dug a border around the whole lawn meaning you have to jump from the patio onto the lawn. Weird. No doubt they are paedophile-rapist-murderers and have buried children under there. Hanging is too good for them. I want them cannoned.
  2. And it puts something else in between me and the thing I want to invest in. I would be happy to invest in a mining stock if I thought it added value - if I thought it would outperform the relevent commodity/ies. Intuitively, investing in stocks as a proxy to commodity investing feels wrong to me. There is the added risk that a company may go bust or crash even though the underlying commodity is strong. In terms of a portfolio type ETF I would be put off by the high(ish) management costs. I am against high management costs in principle given that the funds are obliged to report which stocks they are investing in and I can just as easily invest in their "choice" shares. Since I am investing only peanuts I can play the intelligent sheep and hopefully make reasonable returns. This is mainly intuitive thought however, Happy to be proven completely wrong...
  3. Land ownership is the default position for landed gentry and wealthy folk. They would be daft to give any of that up without being forced to by government. An imaginative capitalist could generate a great profit without the need for much land at all. The only question is how much you wish to punish the others - labour - for having neither the birthright or the imagination.
  4. I agree with you. The unfortunate fact is many of these corporations make their money by paying staff as little as possible with the profit going to fund stockholders through dividends. Even so, I don't believe the government should interfere with labour. Interfere with the land monopolies first then if there is still an issue with labour attack capital.
  5. Land dominates capital dominates labour. Equalise land, be neutral on capital and defend labour. £20,000 starter homes, significantly less employment law, low wage workers on £4 per hour.
  6. I can't understand how this is consistent with the large volume of employers who pay staff within 1% of NMW year in year out. Is it that the low pay council are suberbly good at setting the rate or is it that most NMW corporations are desperate to pay their staff as little as possible? NMW corporations would love to pay staff significantly less than NMW, particularly at the lower end of the jobs market.
  7. Reasonable idea. In reality this would favour those who had already paid for their house in full. Has happened to me on several occasions - older people being able to undercut me vis a vis wages because they has next to no housing costs. This said, I would like a citizens' wage and a fairly naked free market. The NMW is an attack on the poor.
  8. Maybe if they bothered to do a bit more archeology they wouldn't be starving now, would they? Give a man fish and he will feed himself for a day. Give a man a geo-phys scanner and he can provide for himself and his family for the rest of his life. Because they don't want to live off handouts they just want the opportunity to find wooden postholes of their own.
  9. I agree with you. Politicians are too scared to terrorise grannies or evict anyone from their "home". Telling someone to get a cheaper car is a lot less emotive.
  10. A car, especially an expensive one, could be classed as a luxury. A house can never be classed as a luxury.
  11. They could take a leaf out of the public school book and have "prep" or homework time from 3.30-5.30 at which time their parents could pick them up. This would give the teachers 2 hours to do marking whilst overseeing the children and allowing the parents to work. Of course it could never work because I imagine it represents some kind of class warfare or else an erosion of teachers rights... or something?
  12. Feels like nonsense to me. Witch trials seem to spike around the times of heightened religious anxiety. Mary the catholic, Jimbo the witch obsessive and of course who could forget, Los Puritanicos. Any proper historians around?
  13. True, but they have already shown their hand vis a vis currency. Food - it is in their interest to keep prices low (and food prices are still very low compared to wages) Land - they have already manipulated this price as high as they can get it and are now furiously trying to keep it inflated. Gold - there are murmurings of countries using gold as part of economic warfare. However, this tends to suggest that gold is in demand. If any state want to restore the gold standard then they will need to set the standard (much?) higher than the current spot price. Wages - The last few years of fake interest rates and currency devaluation is an acceleration of a process that started over a decade agop (at least). They have been undermining non-bankster private sector wages since I were a wee slip of a lad. Stocks - they are pumping them with their fake money but it looks like, as with property, they are paddling like ducks (FTSE 6000 looks like a ceiling to me). So on this basis I will continue eating, working as little as possible, investing in commodities and not investing in sterling or property.
  14. No need to get tetchy people. Houses, in nominal terms, are most likely to stagnate for years to come though sterling will continue to be systematically devalued. We are only half way through the crash. And I'm not a gold bug, but would rather not keep my wealth stored in anything the politicians can devalue at their will.
  15. Thanks, and to LD. I am in a Physical Gold ETC with no leverage thanks to this thread. What alternatives are there to ETC/ETF if I want multiyear commodity bets? I don't really want mining stocks as this would require so much extra research and hassle - hence risk in my (simple and learning) mind. I am also looking at volatility ETFs as these are historically low and I am too wimpy to make outright directional bets on markets. I can only use ETFs certified for the UK market as they need to be in my ISA wrapper - VIXS seems to be the only I can find on Barclays Stockbroker. Looks very low, but is it being sucked to death by contango?
  16. They are taking bribes from the other lot who also employ crafty accountants to outwit HMRC dullards.
  17. The two things are not mutually exclusive. They could do both.
  18. It's a fair point. However, for them to stage an attack on pensions they must first attack those deemed less deserving like the unemployed single mothers.
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