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  1. Hi Guys, I had a call from a friend this afternoon who moved to Israel 18 months ago. She's in a right quandary. She's regretting not buying there as soon as she arrived. She says that property prices over there just keep getting higher and higher. I checked out a few figures, and she is right. Property is up 25% YOY, with the average house price now being ILS 958,000. The weird thing is though, the average wage in Israel is only ILS 96,000? That means the average house price is more than 10 times the average salary What's all that about? It's nothing to do with Lie to Buy either, as mortgages in Israel are strictly controlled. Up until last month, you needed a 30% deposit. The government have now increased this rate to 40% deposit. All applicants go through strict credit checks etc. The only thing I can think of is that many Jewish people who are going there from the likes of the UK, USA, Europe etc. are selling their homes for say £180,000 here and buying something for a similar price over there. But my friend wants to know how long this crazy HPI can continue for before she finally buys something? Word on the street in Israel is that property prices are still going up and that they will not crash due to the fact more and more Jewish people are arriving every year. Can you guys offer any insight on what's happening, and more importantly, how it will pan out over the next 2-3 years? Many thanks.
  2. Forgive me for just popping in like this, but I have recently returned from the future - 2030 to be precise. Whilst there, I happened to visit a "web center" where I had a chat with a holographic representation of a young man in Scotland. Here is what he told me: "Us lot, in generation Z, think that Generation X before us are to blame for the state of the world's affairs. They had it so easy back then, and left nothing at all for us to look forward to. By 2015, they had bought up all the houses at the cheapest prices following the great house price crash of 2007. Now there are no cheap or affordable houses left, and our only option is to buy half a room in one of the new 50 storey towers that are springing up in every city centre. Why did they have to rob our houses? Why didn't they leave any for us? I mean, they had it easy back then. They didn't even have to pay for health-care, and everyone knows how expensive insurance is for that if your parents were registered with any form of genetic malfunction. And their jobs too. They had minimum wage that increased every year just for doing stuff like designing websites or writing computer programs. Stuff so easy that a 12 year old can do it nowadays. But instead of saving money and giving it to us, they just spent it all on televisions, houses, cars and leather sofas. I asked my parents about it, and they said that it wasn't worth saving for me back then because there were no benefits - something about interest rates being only 0.5%. That's the thing about generation X. They expected benefits for everything that they should have been doing anyway. Can you believe that if you couldn't be bothered looking for a job, that the government back then used to pay for your house, kids and taxes and that you didn't even have to go to work? How would they feel if they had to do what we do nowadays and clean the streets dressed in yellow vests whilst hoping our parents keep us at home otherwise it's a room at the re-development and skills improvement college? It's not like we can even choose to move to where the work is available. My Dad once moved to a city 30 miles away for his job, but what hope have we got? China is a long way, even further since flight taxes became so extortionate, and the only real alternative is a job in my city centre, but the congestion charges from my house to there would eat up the first 3 hours of pay each day nevermind the petrol costs. I don't have any debts as you are not allowed to do that these days, and my Dad says that I don't know how lucky I am, but let's face it...back in 2009 or something like that, the government just paid off everyone's debts anyway with the Q word. And look who's paying for that now. My dad didn't pay off his debts...I am paying them off for him! My only escape is in the HoloWorld 2 where I can meet up with my friends. My dad says I am lucky to have that. In his day he would have been happy with a Facebook profile and a Phorm free internet connection. In his day though, you could drive where you wanted, fly where you wanted, break your leg and get it fixed for free, buy a cheap house and actually afford the monthly payments as well as have weekends off. So what did his generation ever do for us? I would love to see them all come out of their 3 bedroom houses paid for with a national minimum wage and free healthcare and see what they have done to my generation while we pay off the debts they created." So now who is to blame?
  3. Perhaps the Google Ads in every thread, rather than driving people away from this site, are actually enticing them away? Imagine that? LOL.
  4. Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, olny taht the frist and lsat ltteres are at the rghit pcleas. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed ervey lteter by ilstef, but the wrod as a wlohe.
  5. One amazing thing that immediately struck me about the re-design of these houses is that it finally gives kids a safe place to play. Not many parents nowadays would let a 6 year old leave the house to go visit their friend from school in the next street. It's just not deemed to be safe. At least with this system a child can leave his living room and go visit his friend at the top of the opposite street in relative safety. No strangers passing by, no traffic concerns to worry about. If I were a parent that would entice me to this type of housing (just not in that area).
  6. Thanks for listening to my suggestion mods!
  7. I was half expecting to see people on this thread posting words like n00B, l33t and pwned! This thread feels like it's been taken over by the kids from the CounterStrike forums. Any new users reading this thread today probably won't return to the forum. They'll look elsewhere for some serious discussion. Can't this thread be moved or deleted? Having it on the front page of the forum doesn't reflect very well on the quality of the usual discussions.
  8. This short post is in response to all of the nonsense I have been reading here lately by a HUGE amount of bulls (even bears turned bulls) saying "The market's turning again where I am", "Your generation will be priced out for ever and you'll never own a home" blah blah blah. Have you stopped to think for one second that perhaps some people are actually happy renting? Yes; H-A-P-P-Y. It's that emotion you feel when you can take your partner out for a nice romantic meal, it's watching your kid's eyes light up when you take him to the park at weekends to feed the ducks, it's sharing time with your elderly parents or grandparents. All these things are what make life special. Whether you rent or own a home, it acheives the same objective...a warm shelter with a roof to keep you dry. Happiness isn't a mortgage or a lease, and for those of you who appear to think it is, you have my sympathy. Your lives must be pretty lonely if your hobby is to find internet sites where you can gloat over complete strangers how you own a home and they will never get the chance to do the same. Don't you have any real friends or family you could socialise with? I guess with an attitude like that I certainly wouldn't want you as a friend. I think that genuine Bulls are made more than welcome here as they contribute a great deal to the discussions; smug and arrogant snakes however should be left to slither back into the holes they appeared from. If their real friends and family won't entertain them at weekends, why the hell should we get left with the job? All snakes from here on in will be placed in my ignore list. If everyone else does the same and refuses to reply to their obnoxious posts, their topics will slide straight off the front page and into oblivion!
  9. The potatoes were underdone mind. And the wine tasted like vinegar too.
  10. Right Freds Dead just found some new competition! That was hilarious!
  11. Jeez Consa...you're confident! You just got let back in yesterday and now you want to be a moderator!!! Is that because moderators can't ban other moderators? You're not planning on talking about magnets again are you? I've just worked it out actually: You reckon that if any of your topics get moved to off topic you'll be able to move them straight back again I can see right through you!
  12. This is against the board rules and any poster doing this (bull or bear) should have their ability to post temporarily suspended. They should also be sent a standard private message stating why the moderators have taken such action and a link to the rules of using the board. The poster should then be invited to explain which username they wish to continue using. Firm but fair. If as the moderators you had a standard "Your right to post new topics or threads has been temporarily suspended" private message, with the link to the board rules, it would make your jobs so much easier, and the consistancy of the moderation levels much smoother. I'm not sure if I am making myself clear or just coming over extremely patronising (which I do not intend to). Imagine that each of the moderators has a .txt file on their PC desktop that they can copy and paste as private messages to warn users: Dear Housepricecrash member, Your ability to post new topics has been temporarily suspended as it has come to our attention that you may have either intentionally or unintentionally broken one or more of the Housepricecrash Forum Rules. Please review the housepricecrash forum rules by following this link: XXXXXX You appear to be in breach of the following rule/s: (Moderator copy and paste rule here) In order for us to reinstate your posting rights you will need to take the folllowing action: (Moderator tells user what to do e.g. Reply to this message telling us which one username you would like to continue using) Please note that this warning has been recorded against your account. Users who receive 3 or more warnings will be suspended permanently. Thankyou, The Moderators at Housepricecrash.co.uk Something like that would be ideal to be honest. Keep the reprimands private and the praise public, that's what I reckon.
  13. The difficulty with trolls is in determining who is a troll and who is not. Some people here may be truly bullish about the market but that does not make them trolls. It's how they post that makes them trolls. Bill Gates is a troll for instance. Personally, I do like to see bullish posts here. It keeps me on my toes and shows me the "other side" to our assumptions/beliefs. It provides me with an education. The real trolls (like Bill Gates etc.), I just ignore.
  14. I believe that the link you were trying to post was the one below Click here for the link
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