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  1. This converted steading was apparently featured in Grand Designs mag, cost £400,000 back in 2008, offers of £450,000 today. Would have fetched considerable more a few years ago. https://www.aspc.co.uk/search/property/381712/Skye-Steading/Aberdeen/ https://www.granddesignsmagazine.com/conversions/151-converted-oat-mil
  2. I think I know what will happen as I accidentally overshot my girlfriends mother's broadband limit using Onlive. Sky sent her a letter to say that she had gone over the 5GB monthly allowance and that she had been automatically upgraded to the next higher package (which was £20). I was surprised the limit was so low as Sky Anytime was readily available and someone could easily watch more than 5GB in one month. She then switched back to the cheaper package. You need to tell you wealthy relatives that it doesn't matter who owns the Sky account, the data is being downloaded via grandmas service provider and the limit will be quickly reached and breached by their privileged offspring streaming video on their iPads.
  3. I would like to live on Riverside drive, despite the traffic the location is real nice. Have you thought about Leggart Avenue across the bridge? Much cheaper but you are effectively in Kincorth.
  4. I have never really thought about getting a house built for us, that would be a fairly daunting undertaking but probably worth it for a unique home. I'll speak to my father's friend who's an architect to see what the costs might be.
  5. Working abroad is not likely at the moment but I have family in Canada and a few of my friends have moved there recently so it's always a possibility. We have worked out a plan if we split up but we would be looking to tie the knot once we get a house sorted. I have just seen two very nice properties in Drumoak but we are still decorating one of the flats so I'm trying not look until we know how much we can afford. Many thanks for the advice.
  6. I need some advice regarding our current situation. My girlfriend and I both own our own flats outright. I rent mine out while we both live in hers. At the moment we have no debt other than my student loan and a few grand on a credit card. We would both like to buy a house, settle down and start a family but the current state of affairs with the economy scares the cr@p out of me. Should we sell both places and try to buy a decent 3 bedroom with a small mortgage or sell one, keep the (less expensive) one and continue to rent it out but take out a larger mortgage. Or should we both just stay put and wait for the economic storm to pass by?
  7. A friend of mine who's immigrating to North America has just sold a city centre flat (was on the market for 3 weeks) and his small 2 bedroom garden flat (on the market for 1 week). He wasn't inundated with offers but he got over the asking price on both properties.
  8. Every worker in the UK earning over 12k a year gives up a months wages. One months hardship is probably worth paying off a good chunk of the debt. The national outrage could be tempered by throwing a few fun events like putting Gordon Brown in the stocks and letting us throw things at him for a quid-a-go. We could legalise prostitution for the month and collect a percentage of the profits, a sort of shag for Britain campaign.
  9. It's probably a silly question but could the queen force the three main parties to form an all-party coalition using the economic crisis as justification?
  10. Absolutely. In the pipe, five by five. Or should that be down the pipe?
  11. I really wish you conspiricy loons would all leave this forum and go and start your own. It clouds the argument and prevents sites like this from being taken seriously. Almost any major incident in history (moon landings, JFK assasination, 9-11, Diana) has some form of consipircy theory attached to it and guess what.... none have ever been proved correct. As a bit of harmless fun there's nothing wrong with it but do you seriously believe in alien reptiles???? Go put your foil hat on and watch re-runs of V and stop posting groundless nonsense.
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