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  1. Too right my fellow traders are reporting the worst trading conditions they have ever known .In short its getting a """tload worse .Brc are a bunch of pointless spin doctors who speak for Asada.Tesco et al .They are more about keeping the shareholders from panicing than anything else
  2. Fines against any Goverment owed entity are completely meaningless, if they were serious about cleaning up they would attach unlimited liablity to all those involved with specail attention to the board and senior managers
  3. Hang on! some muppet (s) lent them 3 billion I wondered what the banks were doing with all the QE money
  4. OK So everythings going online How long will it be before those thick over paid retards in the movie and publisher industries realise they don't need parasites like Amazon ,Netflix et al .They are quite capable of suppling direct (online)at little cost, improved margins for them good night for the online retailers and all the mugs holding shares in them,why hasn't anyone spotted this rather large Elephant in the room or have I got it all wrong
  5. This BRC report is biggest pile of horse crap/ properganda Things mentioned poor weather this year really!!!! rain instead of the snow of the previous 2 years Try looking at the figure less vat and less food and fuel inflation food got to be 10% up on last year ,and as retail figures these items account or about 75% plus of the of the total so a 2.5 per cent increase is going to be a min of 5% down in real terms ,also last year christmas fell on a weekend and tha was sited as being a major factor if so that should have rebounded this year Figures from memory Rant over
  6. Yup business is dire here as well 50per cent off for the last 2 weeks when I:ve talked to other retailers I know in different areas in different sectors I'm getting the same story it's as though the economy has stalled lets hope its temporary although I have to say I have a very bad feeling about this
  7. It never fails to make me laugh when some dumb ass gets hot under the collar about benefits claimants spending money on booze and fags .the cost of these items are almost all tax /duty and if you want to be harsh reduce their life spam considerabley
  8. Simple ,if the BBC feels that strongly about it grab half the license fee £1750 millon and put it towards HB whats more important Eastenders or people dying
  9. trust me when I say its a total bloodbath out there. I'm in a market town in the south ,and I've never seen so many stressed retailers simple fact :everybody is struggling there just isn't the money out there.Traders are just giving up,alot of them are waiting till xmas is over to lock up for good . I suspect the bigboys are resulting to spin /creative accountancy. Given the weather last year plus a huge dose of inflation ,and the discounting they should be reporting a huge surge in sales just to stand still
  10. B*****ks I thought it had more to do with the country being at a almost standstill due to the snow/blizzards last year or has everyone supposed to have forgotten that, didn't do the online retailers many favours either with them not being able to get goods delivered .
  11. http://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/legal_money_matters/1021617-Housing-Benefit-being-cut-from-this-month-can-they-do.Just seen this on Mumsnet (wife pointed it out) Is this happening in all areas
  12. There has been alot of rumours about Blockbusters in recent weeks from high up within industry, basically stating they have run out of money ,and cannot afford their quarterley rent due today.
  13. I think whats happening is that basic shopping mainly food petrol and the like is costing about 14% more and as I would expect this would take up about £75 in every hundred spent last year,so meaning that would now stand at about £86 in the hundred reducing the money available for other purchases from £25 per hundred to £14 a whopping 44% reduction .Even the grocers would have to post rises in turnover of 14% just to stand still
  14. Guys it alot worse than all but a few involved could imagine . Non food shops that are less than 30% down on turnover over the last 8/9 weeks are doing really well.Any businesses with any requirement for a line of credit is in trouble,and thats most ,combined this with high rents ,rates and staff costs most stand no chance.Over the last decade an obsession with market share have meant the profits where mostly illusionary relying various accountancy tricks revalueing the property portfollio,exceptional charges ,all which ramped the share price . Alot of the big boys are highly geared ,and require a constant stream of new cash to keep the whole mirage going .With exception of a few large grocers who seem to have bought our spineless incomptent politicains very few will survive.... I went through the last few recessions and I have never seen anything like this its going to be a bloodbathl
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