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  1. I thought I'd provided a straight answer for your question. ~ I give up. ~ WOT this forum.
  2. YUP, there probably is a minimum floor area for a two bed house for the developers to work to. And they work to it minimally, by the millimetre. Any more questions?
  3. Totally agree. As an architectural illustrator I've been dismayed (for the last 10+ years) at the plans I've seen screwing every millimeter of space out of a building, and can count on one hand the number of spatially reasonable developments I've seen. ~ I really don't know why 'slavebox architecture' hasn't become a term of scorn in the MSM, or Prince Charles for that matter. The BBC article is right in the sense that the 'living room' will largely be no more, and the living room in new-builds will be collapsed into one along with the dining and kitchen area. ~ These areas can indeed work brilliantly, with ample space, but I've only seen one good example of this. Bottom line is: The planners need to regulate for minimum space requirements against unscruplulous tw*t developers.
  4. Tonkers, if you want some kind of job/life satisfaction then find a way of becoming self-employed or starting your own company. ~ Gotta stand on your own two feet ~ Lots of things are resolved this way. To quote an ex-employer of mine: "It's like running a team of huskies. If you're not lead dog you're always sniffing up someone else’s ****!"
  5. My sister and her husband bought personalised plates for their 2 cars earlier this year. And yes, they are both vain consumer airhead pixie persons. What gets me though is that the plates they bought don't mean jack sh*t! ...The casual observer would just look at them and think: "what does this cryptic cr*p mean?!", as they're as meaningless as a regular number plate. Still, it represents £1k well spent to them!
  6. Thank you MOP, that had me in tears laughing.
  7. To the OP: You and your lady friend clearly just couldn't operate a doorbell. /I've only read 4 pages of this thread but can't read any more ~ I'm sorry if I've missed out on the better insights of others, but they've been drowned out by those first 4.
  8. O'Leary’s idea is beyond ridiculous. If Ryanair can’t factor in the cost of bogroll then God help them. If cheapskate airlines like Ryanair are going to introduce random billings for ‘extras’ then everyone should start doing the same. ...I, for one, am now printing out an invoice to Ryanair for £75 for my time spent typing this post.
  9. "And to those critics who are so pessimistic about our economy, I say..." http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=SUzUbtIptqQ
  10. Well, the point I was trying to make was that it appears the previous owners have hacked a 2-bedroom house into a 3-bedroom house because they see all this slave-box architecture popping up and have thought "me too!". ~ As with my sisters situation; the owner is left with 1 'proper' bedroom, 2 'cupboards' and a crappy shower room. Really, I wouldn't touch this property with a barge pole. ~ Especially if there are "major movement of the main internal wall" issues, or subsidence issues too.
  11. Judging from the external photo and the strange bedroom floor sizes given, I suspect this is really a 2-bedroom house that's been hacked into 3-bedrooms purely to bump up the asking price! ~ The absence of a proper 'bathroom' and inclusion of a 'shower room' in the rightmove spec also seems to confirm this. A prospective buyer should question the vendors about the internal alterations. My sister and her partner bought such a 'hacked' property about 4 years ago, and where not best pleased when the bad news broke.
  12. mirage, Seriously, they were selling ruined stock. And I reckon purely for retail design purposes too. ~ I.e, a large quantity of beans sold from wicker baskets and extracted with stainless steel hand shovels look so much more wholesome and natural don't they? Just like in teh telly ads! Here's what Wikipedia says on this issue:- And ^this^ is why Whittards haven't had my custom for the last 4 years. ~ Coz they were selling ruined stock to justify some backward and superficial retail design strategy. EDIT: added superficial.
  13. The problem I had with Whittards was that they displayed their coffee beans in large open baskets (or the branch local to me does anyway), and as coffee deteriorates when exposed to air this meant that they were essentially selling ruined stock! So given the choice of paying £2 for ruined 'exotic' Whittards stock or £2 for more airtight and properly packaged beans from 'unexotic' Sainsburys, I chose the latter.
  14. Yeah, I noticed yeasterday that the site had been given a slightly 'cleaner' look but, apart from graphics tinkerings, I can't see too much different. Perhaps you can give us some before-and-after illustrations of what's changed? A few extra emoticons perhaps? ~ Nah, they're the same as before! :angry:
  15. Yes, I hear you. ~ It's the same here: My city centre has been stuffed with shoppers of late. But even so, I reckon that physical-media has FINALLY reached the end of its useful life and those who still retail it will not survive. After all, who needs to buy a copy of the York Evening Press when you can read their articles online? Duh!
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