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  1. It looks that way - but then they are partly responsible - and Noolab will need a scape goat. Its all the lenders and borrowers fault ( though both did actually go into it voluntarily) and of course low interest rates and policy weren't to blame at all
  2. I'll vote for the party that I believe in - so I guess for the first time I probably won't be voting. A protest vote via some extreme party is possible, as the current big three parties need a good kick up the Ar$e, they are all too closetogether, there is currently no real political debate going on.
  3. Lots or aero engines (mostly old stuff) are reciprocating engines and these work upside down. The BMW badge is in fact a white prop rotating against a blue sky. But we digress - back to my pint More importantly - if you drove upside down all the crap would fall out of the ashtrays - so you might have a point.
  4. That would be nice, I could get back on track then, here's hoping.
  5. Purely anecdotal, last year I was bombarded with letters offering credit, but I haven't seen any for ages this year, my neighbour is of the same opinion - could it be that easy credit is really now drying up, and quite rapidly?
  6. There is no need to get so emotional - its a fact of life ( maybe a sad fact, but one none the less) that when push comes to shove, people are quite ruthless - it happens in business transactions all the time - things and timing change and prices are adjusted accordingly - - this relates to house prices as in other transactions - why should they be exempt ? Vendors have exploited such behaviour and peoples' weaknesses when prices were rising - but object to the same techniques being used on the way down, they don't like the boot being on the other foot , thats tough, get over it. I want to pay a fair price for a house and not financially cripple my partner and I for ever in the process - why should I willingly pay the grossly inflated prices ? ie I dont want to be shafted as pilgrim so delicately puts it above - ( I suppose you want me and other potential FTBs to help fund your retirement !) - I consider it my duty to myself and fiance to get the best possible deal we can, this is no different to vendors exploiting the market conditions on the way up I don't recall anyone considering those that have become priced out of the market very much, in the rush to trouser (an EA term I believe) as much cash as possible during the manic rise in prices - in fact one EA laughed in my face and numerous of my colleagues have delighted in endless put downs because we were trapped in rented accomodation - but things gradually turn about - and some are no longer laughing but fretting about rising interest rates etc, etc. - A shame for them, but you reap what you sow. And if you want to retire to Somerset then why don't you get on and do it and good luck to you.
  7. How about the real one - which is why I made the comments that I did.
  8. Markets have no morals, both gazumping and gazundering seem to be standard business practice. Vendors have loved gazumping, bidding wars and any other technique to raise the prices, so how can they be so squeamish about gazundering. Its just a technique to get the goods at the market price - I'll certainly be prepared to do it when the time is right.
  9. RB - is there a link to this story at all please? What sort of drops were they quoting? Cheers
  10. There is no money in petrol retailing, it is the shop element that makes any profit - unless you are talking supermarket filling stations where ecconomies of scale apply Also lots more environmental regs, Phase 1b of the vapour recovery regs has been in for a few years with phase 2 to come soon, see below, these regs involve considerable costs that barely viable sites cannot absorb http://www.defra.gov.uk/environment/ppc/lo.../pdf/pg1-14.pdf I was speaking to a garage owner (now former owner) a few months back via my job, he was packing up, was sad to be selling up after several generations of his family owning the site, but the land value has risen so high and the profits from fuel sales/vehicle servicing become so low, that it made no sense to him to keep the site going. His children weren't interested in taking it on. Its now well on the way to being houses. But this sad tale equally applies to lots of small established businesses in town centres. But it will result in employment sites migrating out of town with all the additional problems that this brings - commuting etc
  11. I think you will find that most on here don't want high interest rates, just rates around the neutral point (7-8%) that do not lead to massive HPI. Rates certainly aren't high at the moment, just climbing from a ridiculously low base where they were parked for far too long. Anyway higher rates mean I earn more on my savings - I have no debt.
  12. I'd just like to reasure you that even though I've had bikes since my teens - I'm still luvly The comments about Audis seems to ring quite true though, they seem to have taken over from BMW and Merc owners as the ones in the fast lane flashing and bullying you out of the way etc - a certain arrogance seems to become fashionable with certain types of "fashionable" cars. - someone in a full face helmet?
  13. What does having an interest in motorcycles have to do with this exactly - you pratt
  14. If I took a huge financial risk and dropped my very ordinary housing expectations through the floor, I could just about get something - but I'd rather wait and work for something better at a more reasonable price. - I'm after a long term home rather than any where to just kip in.
  15. i would love the letter to be true but it really doesn't feel right - unless she is playing for the sympathy vote - not the way I would handle it if I were her - still great stress gives people all sorts of silly notions, so it might just be true - did she act like a complete numpty before this episode?
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