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  1. So many members of this forum are anti making a profit. Isn't it what makes the world go round? A fair return is what all of us want surely?
  2. Being on the incline means....you're right....you can go up or down....that's why I said it....
  3. If one were to track the asking price versus the actual price paid, I guess there would be a large difference....but, hey, that's the market place. It finds its own level. If punters are asking silly prices then their houses will not sell....which seems to be what is happening around me in Lincoln area. I think it accounts for some of the explanation. On our development over the last year all the houses for sale have now gone baring those priced in a silly way..... ......as regards blame being placed on the bankers......we all have our pet projects don't we? Bankers lend money, rates are low. Young, energetic people have incredible opportunity to get into a reasonably lucrative market so they take advantage of it. Why shouldn't they? The shells of commerce turn....bankers, estate agents, buyers, sellers, all play their part. Some complain about the high high price of the housing stock or the easy availability of loans. This is just where we are in the current cycle of the housing market. .....
  4. The price of a house continues to be a vexed question and one's stance and opinion on this may well have to do with where one is the market place, or one's age, or how much stock one has and so on. in general terms we all want a bouyant market for housing with a return on our investment but nobody gains from a rampant and silly chase for housing which is all about ordinary people paying over the odds for a commodity that is still in short supply. A gentle upward movi g market is reasonable. ........at least there is some building of new houses going on. But, is it enough? Most people think not......and whilst that is the case house prices will still be on the incline....
  5. House prices in areas of Lincolnshire and the East Midlands appear to be still going up but only marginally and, I assume, driven by people who think their house is worth much more than the market and a potential buyer believes....was it ever thus! .........the house opposite us went on the market a few weeks ago so I checked the price yesterday. I was staggered by the amount they wanted but then I researched a little further. Like sized houses etc were all at that price or even more. Is it Estate agents who are doing the pushing or over zealous sellers awarding themselves silly notions of the value of their home? perhaps a combination of the two?
  6. I'm afraid interest rates have to go up. They should really have gone up some time ago but the BofE committee doesn't have the courage to move in that direction. It's about time that savers gained something from the financial system. Returns have really been so poor for too long. Recently, because I have some bonds maturing, I've been looking at gold coins and bullion, Pensioner bonds with 4% return, crowd funding and investing in Sustainable business where the claim is a return of up to 8%. i'm unsure where to move to given the low level of return on normal savings. i also don't believe some of the claims by the Financial services industry. perhaps it'll be back to the Stock market......
  7. Wherever I look there is evidence that many countries are against the policies of the hierarchy in the EU. Poland, Hungary and the Czechs have been given an ultimatum concerning acceptance of migrants into their countries. Greece and Spain are certainly not fans of the way the EU has operated in the last decade. The Italians are unhappy. France avoided a Le Penn government only in the second round of the elections. The UK opted for divorce. It's hardly been a time of great cooperation and development within the EU.....
  8. Bring in the Polish every time. If you want hard workers who can complete on time, trust the Polish....
  9. And what a dreadful 'personality' he is! Give me past Governors every time e.g. Mervin King. I'm not actually impressed with the current incumbent. He is far too quick to voice cheap assumptions about Brexit and our economic future. He's not an innovator and, if anything, has talked the UK down every time he opens his mouth.....
  10. It's a small world JD. Thank you for your fulsome reply. We're due back in the UK tomorrow and will be viewing about 16 properties over 4 days. We're seeing the L shaped property ~ I think the 5 bed one ~ on Thursday. We've been told the other has been sold but the EA was also indicating we might be able to view it. A little confusing. Certainly on paper they look good houses but you never know until you consider all factors. Thanks for indicating your reservations and letting me know about the offers you made. I understand from the EA the developer is now a little desperate!!!!! to sell!!!! I'll keep you updated about our experiences ~ comparing notes may be very helpful!!!!! Vernon Goddard.....
  11. Hi Reaper....... We've just sold in France which is quite an achievement given the stagnation in the housing market for a year. Our trip in April is to see what's around and to get to know different areas a little better. Do you know Lincoln and have any suggestions? We're seeing over a dozen houses and we want to judge for ourselves whether they are good value. Houses are definitely moving in Lincoln so somebody thinks the value is there. As regards our timing. We don't leave France until mid-July and we have a place to live in temporarily. I don't think we'll be tempted to buy until the time is right. A number of circumstances will determine that including the state of the economy in the UK, unemployment levels, further drops in prices of houses etc etc.........
  12. Are the houses you mention in Fenton along Maltkiln Road? I would be interested in what you know of these properties? Currently priced at £309K reduced by £80K.............
  13. We are returning to the Lincoln area at the end of April and going to see houses in Fenton, Dunholme, The wolds and Potterhamworth. Should be an interesting trip with the intention of seeing what the market is like and just beginning to see what houses are like "from the inside". There are signs of sales in the Lincoln area. Will we be in a house by Xmas? Still I'm wary about the market. I think the bottom won't come until end of this year or into 2010!! So I'm being very cautious about actually putting in any offers........ It would have to be a really good house and offering a great discount!
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