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  1. A guy in my office has a friend that works in RR head office. He tells me that they sold 1 car last month. Normally they would sell 20 cars a week. I wonder how long this can go on for.
  2. dont think so, house in risinghurst. I work in oxford in a clinical setting and see about 20 people a day from all backgrounds. The amount of people who tell me that they have been made redundant are about to be nade redundant works slow etc is astounding. I just cant see where this confidence is coming from, I don't buy it at all as I see so many people on a daily basis that are in trouble.
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    a friend of mine has just gazumped someone on a house sale in oxford. We sit near one another at work and regularly discuss the ins and outs of the market. I can understand buying a place if its going to be a home home and ticks your boxes but I wouldnt enter into a bidding war to get one. I wonder how long this confidence will last for, I'm not getting twitchy but im suprised slightly by the apparent renewed confidence in the oxford market.
  4. no, with a rifle. the law is quite clear .240 or above also velocity requirements.
  5. the grant of a shotgun certificate is an entitlement, a firearm on the other hand is a privelage and you must provide good reason. the police can also place restrictions on a FAC regarding what it can be used to shoot and where. if the police ask you where your going to use a shotgun you dont have to tell them although you may as well say clays at a local club or something. I live in rented acomodation and keep several guns. I asked the landlord first and he was cool with it. I suspect he will miss his regular supply of venison when i move out.
  6. i got a £300 reduction on a £1400 rent by printing off property bee searches from rightmove for a range of properties in the same area. The searches suggested voids and confirmed reductions. We did however have an £1100 glass ceiling ( wife going on maternity leave and reduced interest on savings) when this became apparent to my LL (who incidently is a really decent guy, accidental landlord) the deal was struck. Don't be too pushy it doesn't help
  7. i have used property bee history print outs to convince a landlord of the trend of the rental market. this has saved me a stack. thanks beerhunter donation on its way scotch
  8. you can only really insist on things like no pets if you have a choice. i suspect the balance of power has shifted in this respect.
  9. The circumstances obviously dictate the final agreement. we were in a possition where our income had changed and it was a case of this is what we can afford. There was obviously some initial resistance but when it became clear that we would have to move without this reduction then the deal was struck. I do think that landlords that lose tenants on the basis of them not willing to pay increases in rent are going to find it tough to avoid long voids. It seems unbelievable that landlords can be so out of touch with a market they are heavily involved in. scotch
  10. STR in april last year (thanks HPC). Moved into a pukka barn conversion which was quite a step up from the prefab we were living in. just managed to re sign contract for a £300 quid rent reduction (£1400 to £1100). Property bee is showing properties from one bed flats to million pound properties getting reduced and sticking for months presumably void. A friend of mine is an accidental landlord of a property that is rented out to BMW (ex i suspect) workers. He is struggling to get the rent out of them which isn't entirely surprising. He said he would take a cut in rent from £700 to £550 if he could get a tenant that would pay. Also my identical searches on rightmove are turning up twice as many properties for rent as they did this time last year. We struggled to find someone that would allow us to keep a dog last year but i suspect that would no longer be a problem. scotch
  11. My ex neighbor sold his barton (headington) house mid 07 in one day for a crazy price. At this point my wife and I new we had to sell or get stuck in barton with a young child. House went on november offer accepted january exchanged and completed same day in may (one of the most stressful periods of my life) . House went for the same price as my neighbors, possibly due to the fact that similar properties have been put on for last summers prices plus 10 - 20% (they remain unsold). In the same time 3 people at work have been involved in the market, one has a rental property in greater leys one is selling in florence park and buying in bicester and one has sold in cholsey. The greater leys house had an offer 20 or 30k less than asking and has been re let. The cholsey house was sold in one day (in may) for 5k less than asking. It went on 10k less than comparable stuff and had just been refurbed to a high spec. The house in florence park was on for ages but did get on offer for 15 or 20 less than asking (mid 07 pricing) which was accepted,has now been asked to take further 25k off as morgage valuation of buyer was lower. This is a distressed sale I hope for their sake that it goes through without any further reduction. The amount of people who I meet that think oxford housing is immune is staggering scotchharry
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