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  1. £850 PCM with no parking worth talking of and a garden the size of a shoebox. Astonishing.
  2. I wonder how many of these academics fly BA and how many know where the gap between their losses and making a profit will come from.
  3. This is, well hardly astonishing as I think we all knew this was the case but it does show that people make money out of others greed and stupidity.
  4. I remember this lot advertising on the London Underground before the bubble burst and the market crashed. http://www.investorschronicle.co.uk/InvestmentGuides/Property/article/20081015/42192a7c-991c-11dd-8351-00144f2af8e8/Investors-rue-collapse-of-GuestInvest.jsp http://www.investorschronicle.co.uk/InvestmentGuides/Property/article/20081015/703028ee-9a9c-11dd-8c44-00144f2af8e8/The-growth-of-GuestInvest.jsp
  5. That Piece of shit Bovey is hardly going to be impoverished. The taxpayer is going to be footing the bill for this. Scum.
  6. I would laugh but I want to cry instead. Idiots like that feckless acupuncturist have caused this mess and we are all suffering from it. Her comment about being misled. What an idiot.
  7. It's not a bizarre idea at all. He is quite right. It is their property and they can ask whatever they want for it. Of course if they overprice it they will not sell. The current housing market is seeing prices improving. Sellers know this and will expect more money accordingly. Good luck to them with that.
  8. Portillo is a decent bloke. He was, as has been pointed out, very self-effacing about his leadership bid that wasn't. As for Diane Abbott, I used to have alot of respect for her. Woman of her principles. Until she decided to educate her offspring privately. It seems she is a typical socialist. Her principles can be applied to us but not to her. Scum.
  9. As you say it is cheap for a reason. Good idea to rent first. Personally I would not house a dog in some of the flats discussed in this thread.
  10. With the exception of Martin Roberts, what an idiot, I thought it was a fair and balanced programme. Certainly Melanie Bien was far more bearish than I have ever heard her before. Simon Rubinsohn made a great point about renting and that it may be better to rent than buy. Disappointing that the idiot BBC man, Paul Lewis, trotted out the usual arguments but Rubinsohn stood his ground. I thought Henry Pryor also made some good points. A far more balanced and thoughtful programme than I expected.
  11. There are three or four big funds, literally cutting each others throats, for a piece of the action prepared to pay Fergus £180 Million. Must be true, he said so last September.
  12. Had you done so you would be enjoying accomodation of a different type, with company to keep you warm at night and a nice warder to lock you in. Bottom line is if your neighbour is not breaking the law you can do nothing about it.
  13. I always thought Estate Agents had more in common with boiler room con-artists than people gave them credit for.
  14. This really really made me LOL. http://www.thisisplymouth.co.uk/news/Developer-wins-163-133-000-landmark-ruling-flats/article-1586084-detail/article.html Perhaps it is somewhere in the forum however as the search feature seems to have been designed by Frank Spencer................
  15. Bunch of witless idiots who, because they push a kid out of their snatch, think that gives them the right to have their voice heard above anyone elses. As for the story, it was in The Mirror. What a surprise. Mirror bashes Cameron shocker.
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