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  1. A friend of mine works for Rothschild, and they really only do M&A type work. They are more like a law firm and don't have a trading desk. So it makes sense that they would be untouched by recent events. No idea if the family are in league with Lucifer though.
  2. Great post. On top of that, even now there seems to be the odd good news stories (from the point of view of the property bulls) floating around in the likes of the Express and the BBC. Price drops slowing, etc. Whilst they are clearly complete nonsense, if you can't be bothered to look into these things you could still believe that your property empire is "safe as houses".
  3. Spot on. He's late 20's. I hadn't thought about it this way, but I guess he doesn't have any idea of what he could be in for so he is currently in blissful ignorance.
  4. I bumped into an ex work colleague yesterday in the pub. I remember that a couple of years ago he was snapping up studios and one bedroom flats around London. At the time I was very puzzled as to how this was possible as he was only earning around 25k (think his mum helped him with a deposit on the first one or two at least). This was before I had even heard of mortgage backed securities and liar loans. Apparently he has five places. Thinks he has lost about 50k so far on them (and the rest, I'm sure). And then he said something that I couldn't believe - "But there isn't any reason for property to be worth less now, is there?". I started trying to explain how banks have been involved in an orgy of lending which has caused an enormous house price bubble, but I was so shocked that I just gave up. How can he have so much exposure to the property market and not have bothered to look at even the basics. Is it denial or just plain laziness? And how many other people are still thinking like him - that it's just a downwards blip for a month or two?
  5. I remember reading somewhere that bottles keep your nose away from the beer so, since smell is a large contributing factor to taste, rubbish tasting beers tend to be sold in bottles rather than pints. Don't know if it is true, but I certainly don't see Budweiser on draught anywhere near as much as in bottles.
  6. "The government is expected to secure the loan against the Royal Navy, Princess Anne and the Falkland Islands.".
  7. Completely agree about their popularity over there. Unfortunately, UK engineering courses are way behind those in France and Germany. Our Masters degrees in Engineering don't even get close to their undergraduate degrees. You'd have to be something really special to compete with them in that area. Languages and IT sound more feasible to me.
  8. I have a pair of them but I wouldn't call them a machine. My guess is that means the answer to your question is probably "no".
  9. Hi all, Have been reading with interest since late last year and decided it was time I joined. When I broke up with my partner last year we argued over who should get to keep the flat. We both wanted it and could both (just about) afford to buy the other one out. Just as things were about to get nasty, I came across this site and it completely changed my point of view. I could see that if I let her have the flat and rent for a year or two, I could be in a really strong place financially. So far, seems like I made exactly the right decision. Thanks to everyone at HPC!
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