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  1. It would really be nice if someone could give us feedback about this ''ground breaking, phenomenal, once in a century'' development.
  2. Thanks fallingbuzzard for pointing out the flaw in my thought process. Why I cant make the obvious and natural choice---because Mrs. wishes a house this time around( same ol story from HPC) . Also I think I can manage a 50-60 K £ discount on the listed price, thanks to my savings and current economic scenario but most importantly because I used my right to bargain ( I cant thank this web site enough).
  3. I was hoping that one of the seasoned HPC'ers could advise me about this development. The sizes of the houses being offered is very small, you get a nearly non existent garden, most of the houses are terraced( even four bedroom ones) with distantly placed garages. Intrestingly they are being marketed as any name other than terraced. Also, I dont undertand the prospect of paying a second monthly council tax to the National Forest Trust on top of the normal local council. Is this a free hold or a lease hold for that matter. Why is Forest Trust asking for life long monthly fees if the land has been bought for private development. If indeed you are supposed to pay to the Forest Trust then why on earth are the builders not selling the houses as leas hold. The new extension on Sunderland Road is adjacent to Broadheath---how can that be marketed as Timperley??? Its not even attached to the original development.
  4. The house has been lived in and all the improvements and additions have depreciated since then. Offer 180,000. You don't want to offer someone a reward for being a sucker first time around. The reason 205 was paid for it back in 2003 was only because that is all the banks would give for it at that time----and not really cos the buyer thought thats what the house is worth. Be bold and offer 180000.
  5. All those house debtors have been let off by the government by printing money and bringing interest rates to ridiculously low levels, In essence, if you correct for inflation , people are effectively being paid to borrow money. Funnily enough, as a saver I am not offered ridiculous rates for my savings --if indeed it was paper money and to be paid by quantitative easing. The odds are still in favour of the house( government) and the system is rigged to bail out the house debtors. If intesrest rates were anywhere close to real levels, the country would be flooded with repossesed properties mortgaged on self certified( read liar loans). The whole system is rigged--period.
  6. Yupee....that MUST be good news. Green shoots of recovery. If house prices increasing is good, I fail to understand why petrol price hike is bad????
  7. That is if I have manged to survive the cancer---the huge electric pylon is leterally few meters away.
  8. A friend of mine paid nearly 340 for a 4 bed semi , about 2 years ago. Exactly similar house in the very same development is now on offer for 240 K!!!!. I told this to my friend----he was nearly sick with grief. In disbelief and rationalization he started on with the same mantra of house being investment , always goes up bla bla bla---as far as I see, he has been conned of 100 grand !!!!! The three bed houses are honestly just slightly bigger than my daughter's doll house----the bathroom is bigger than the bedroom. Developers need to come to 2010 and smell the coffee. Thanks for clarifying that bit about Altrincham and West timperley--a subtle but very profound difference. You are spot on about schools not being the catchment area for Altrincham---even though that is the marketing spin. I love the waitrose infront of a council estate though. I am fanatical follower of this website---best thing on the web .
  9. Been looking for new builds----the sellers seem to be still dreaming they are in 2007. Been to a proposed site for new phase of Standfod brook. That is more Broadheath than actually Altrincham. I dont see why anyone would want to pay steep prices for living infront a giant council estate. I have noticed that the two developers exchange their notes about the clients who have visited them. They also talk to the mortgage advisor if the client has been to them previoulsy---isnt this against confidentiality protection. I felt really bad when I felt that the sales agent has been talking to the mortgage advisor about me on my back.
  10. Please enquire if she has missed her medications? She is clearly and abundantly deluded and psychotic. She CAN ask sun and moon for that I /we care---------- I dont care if this part of Cheshire is better than Beverly Hills and Monaco-------------the fact of the matter remains that she is searching for a village idiot who would lift this load off her hands to perpetuate the current Pyramid ponzi scheme-------- Relax and sit on the sides, this economic armagedon is not going anywhere anytime soon-----you may be able to buy it a year later for 95K in a local repo. auction quote name='Girly girl' date='Apr 13 2009, 08:42 PM' post='1811611'] The only reason I ever posted the details of my financial affairs on this site was to warn others not to do as I did back in 2005 and listen to the nonsense spouted on here. I've made my point my work here is done, if you need/want a house get on and buy one because there are a lot on here that will still be waiting and complaining in 10 years time. Good luck to those who deserve it.
  11. I am junior doctor moving to work in aintree liverpool soon. I am searching for a three bed house for rent. I cant understand that the rent for 3 bedroom is the same as that for 4 bedroom house. A interest only mortgage at 3% on 250000 is 595£ approximately---I cant understand what makes them think they can charge 750 £ in this time and age.I have called only one estate agent yet and the cheeky girl said that the rents are actually going up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could anyone guide me which are the decent family safe areas around aintree hospitals. I intend to offer 550-600 for a new build three bedroom house-any thoughts. I would like to thank this website for stopping me from making the most expensive mistake of my life. I was 'this close' to buying a house last year ( before all the main stream news of crash) and this was the only site where you could read material untainted by the spin and conn games of the real estate scam. It's an ill wind and all that ... Good luck with the relocate. Not being mean, but when you mentioned £400 a little bell went off in the back of my skull. In April our masters are wheeling out some abomination called the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) to supplant Housing Benefit. It's based on some notional local going rate known as the Broad Rental Market Area (BRMA), which appears to be worked out in utter secrecy by some sort of Star Chamber, damn' difficult getting a handle on it and I'm sure I can't be Rsed right now. The upshot being that since the legislation requires that Waynetta (17) and her child Frogmella (3) each have a bedroom, and are to be housed within their local authority area, those 2-bedders look just the ticket. Blackburn Council (it's close enough isn't it, it's somewhere down in england, I imagine) provide a wee pulled-it-out-their-erse example which shows the levels they're considering "reasonable" (although they could be talking about a singleton or a family of nine, I've no idea) Alert people on this very forum have repeatedly flagged up the possible fate of all those "useless" inner-city newbuilds, a sort of Xtreme-PFI version of social housing being cunningly engineered by NeuLabour. So if I were you I'd get in the queue, as (4*£120) LHA looks worryingly like convergence with those rents you've been tracking, and I reckon your expectations are bang on the money. Oh hell sorry this just sounds like p1ssing on your candyfloss. It's just that the govt. are (1) thoroughly untrustworthy and (2) completely evil, so I take a dim view of their activities. It'll be allright. You'll get the cheap flat with the sea view. Just ignore the neighbours.
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