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  1. Has anyone else noticed that the non-seasonally adjusted average house price fell by about 1.6% last month to £166,744. This is less than a 2% increase on the July 2004 figure!! and appears to be in line with the Land Registry figures, which have risen by only 1.8% since September 2004. This is by no means a crash but considering the FTSE went up by nearly that much today I'd be upset if all my money had been tied up in property over the last year and a bit.
  2. House prices remained almost static last month having gradually reduced since last August, say the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA). The NAEA recorded an average of 78 properties being offered per agent over the second quarter of the year compared with 55 in the same quarter of 2004 - a whopping increase of 29.4% 55 properties for sale last year ........an extra 23 this year???? I was never any good at maths but i'm sure that's more than a 29% increase.
  3. It is currently possible for a number of individuals to invest in the same commercial property via a SIPP. I wouldn't inagine that the rules for residential property would be any different. I also know some Insurance companies are looking into setting up residential property funds right now. Whether it happens or not i just don't know. I don't think you should worry though.... It's not worth it. If an investment is completely overvalued then it will still be overvalued whether you can get a tax-break or not. Pensions/SIPPS allowed tax breaks on technology stocks/other shares but it didn't
  4. It's getting on my nerves all this SIPP crap. For ages we have heard the BTL brigade constantly saying how they "wouldn't touch pensions with a barge pole" and that "property is my pension" etc. SUDDENLY, just because you can shove a residential property in one, pensions are now supposed to be sexy!!!!! I think not. Pensions/SIPPs are essentially a tax-efficient investment wrapper that already offer access to a wide range of non-equity investments, including property funds and single commercial property. People are generally put off because they are complicated and inflexible e.g. you can
  5. Ok.... mine's not very good but can we come up with some names for Gordon's silly new mortgage that will highlight the pitfalls for the first time buyer. Go on.. ave a go!
  6. I agree. Something has to be done to reach the people like those we saw in that programme tonight. They don't stand a chance.
  7. :angry: :angry: :angry: What do you reckon to this? I am new to HPC and could be getting a bit giddy having just watched that Barbara Goldsmith woman try to single handedly ramp up the market on the BBC Unreal Story. I note that there is a brilliant leaflet available on the forum that warns first time buyers of the perils of joining the property market because of the imminent fall in prices. My question is… what are we doing about those poor souls who may be thinking of trading up? Surely we should also be targeting them as they too are on the verge of making a big mistake in this fall
  8. Don't give in to her! Just wait a while and get her to look at this site and show her the info contained in it. She may even be interested in my testimonial to the powers of HPC.co.uk. Mrs Skelter had been pressuring me for ages to buy one of three properties behind her mum and dad's. I put in some cringeworthy offers back in December which were all rejected but, as a result, they all brought down their prices by 10k. After looking at this site Mrs S is now convinced that prices will continue to fall (the Express front page the other day did wonders) and can see that our cash reserves may
  9. This coming series should be quite interesting, making profits in a falling market! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'm not holding my breath. Knowing the vested interests as we do, it will surely all be filmed in some property hotspot where the beat of the houseprice crash drum has yet to be heard.
  10. Can i have your help please? My elderly widowed aunt has recently fallen on hard times and would like to release some of the equity she has locked up in her property. I have looked at the range of equity release schemes available to people of her age and thought that, in principal, a Shared Appreciation Mortgage might be suitable for her. This route would effectively allow her to take out an interest free loan, with the lender being compensated by sharing in the future capital gains that she will make on the house. She thinks that this is a great idea but we cannot currently find any lender
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