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  1. Hi All, I've just given a months notice (afer a 6 year tenancy) on our rented house and I have a few concerns about our friendly reliable letting agent stealing our deposit. The house has a huge garden which obviously requires a lot of work to maintain (lots of trees and shrubs etc). The only reason my family took the house on were verbal assurances from the letting agent that we would have a gardener who would tend to the garden. When we first moved in we did have an old lady who would spend a morning a week gardening and all was well. A couple of years ago the old ladys husband died and she gave up the gardening and a new gardener was employed who now only cuts the grass. Then, a few months ago after a house insepction, we were sent a letter by the letting agent asking us to tend to the garden. After informing them of the above they then said the tenancy agreement states we are responsible for the garden (conveniently having no recollection of the verbal assurances of a gardener that were given by them years ago). This understandably p1ssed me right off, but I did sign the tenancy agreement so I figure I'm screwed legally here. There has, however, been a few developments since then: 1) On packing to move I discovered a postcard left by the owner welcoming us to the house whwn we moved in stating we have a gardener included in the rent who works a morning a week. 2) The owner has sold 2/3rds of the garden and it currently it is being carved up while we are still tenants and paying rent for a garden we can no longer fully use. In this situation I would like some advice: - a) does the postcard have any legal clout (does an agreement between a landlord and tenants separate to an agents tenancy agreement have any legal standing)? can the landlord sell off land that we are paying rent for while we are still occupants, and does this affect the origianl tenancy agreement (does it make it void)? Your thoughts would be much appreciated. Rich
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