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  1. I have just given up waiting too. Offered well over the asking price for a family home. In great condition but we will need to extend to get it to the size we want. The problem is that the supply of such houses in the school catchment area is so low - usually only 1-2 on the market in the right price range and with the features that we wanted (garden, 3-4 bedrooms, semi-detached but not terraced or a flat) at a given time, and probably only 4-5 a year. Doubtless there will be a crash and the value will drop, but I can afford the mortgage and I can't wait an indeterminate no. of years for this
  2. That's my problem. In the school catchment area I need, there are usually 1-2 houses on the market that suit me and are in my price range at a given time-point. And prices *could* go down dramatically in the next few months (and if I have bought at the peak it will hurt to know this) but I'll bet you could find lots of posts from 2012, 2013, 2014 on this site that called the peak then as well.
  3. I'm one of these people who can't wait any longer. Have just had an offer accepted (considerably above asking price) for a family home in Edinburgh. I can afford the mortgage. I accept the possibility that prices will drop, possibly by quite a bit (20-30% like in 2008 in Edinburgh), but because I don't know when that will happen and I have children growing up I can't wait for yet more years. It looks to me as if houses are greatly overpriced in relation to earnings, but the lack of supply and low interest rates (factors which will persist for many years) are maintaining the high prices. I se
  4. I keep hearing this -- that mortgage lending is actually becoming more relaxed - is this true?
  5. Roslin is worth checking out too. There are several smaller towns on the edge of Edinburgh with good transport links.
  6. Good -- just got an invitation to go there in 2014 to give some lectures. Flat rate of AUS 17000 to cover costs
  7. Just subscribed to Moneyweek, and am a regular lurker on here. Any other good sources of realistic information on what's coming up? Thinking of moving in 2015. In Edinburgh and upgrading from 2 bed to 3 or 4 bed. I had aimed to move this year but seeing the prices drift made me decide to hang on a bit longer. From what I can gather the downwards trend will continue and if one poster on here is to be believed, that means I'm gaining more than £1000 a month.
  8. The University of Edinburgh was ahead of Oxford, Cambridge and London universities in medical research - RAE 2008. Google it.
  9. It's incredible that he doesn't even accept responsibility where his children are concerned. If he rescinded or reduced his pension his children would be safer and able to continue their education, as well as not forever being associated with an infamous figure. That's not to say that those harrassing the children are in the right though - but this kind of thing was inevitable.
  10. I f*cking hate Marx and all he stands for, because he created the false working-class vs the rest dichotomy. If there is a dichotomy, it's between the super-rich/super-powerful (Fred Goodwin, etc.), whose rewards and power outweigh their value to others by many orders of magnitude. Marxism definitely creates this 'the individual doesn't matter' thought in some people - Marxists do like to control, and they carry so much blind hatred that this makes them dangerous. I'm not talking about any made-up third way here, but surely there is a way to run society where those who cannot help themselves
  11. I think that pharma profits might get tighter because of the cost of developing new drugs, but I disagree that taking pills for disease or prevention of disease is a fad. The trend towards increased prescription will continue - there is a long way to go before saturation. If you just take type 2 diabetes - 50% undiagnosed - and dementia - 60% undiagnosed - then you can see the potential.
  12. I think most in finance knew what was coming. But what do you expect? I imagine that virtually no one works in finance for the fun/interest/contentment. They do it for money!
  13. So do we need laws and good regulation? Not sure if there has ever been a system that allowed entrepreneurship but could tame the excesses and stand apart from short-term political gain.
  14. He's a smart guy and writes with eloquence and passion (usually anger!).
  15. He is also someone who worked for BAT, helping to work out how to sell cigarettes to children in the third world. An evil tosser of the highest order.
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