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  1. Are you serious? Do you even know what a copyright is? It's a right to make copies that are substantially the same as the original. Are you suggesting that a person spending time, effort and possible money to creating an artistic work (e.g. a book) should then let anyone and everyone make and sell copies of their work without having the right to benefit from it? If so why would anyone bother?
  2. Town. Near the Hart Leisure Centre and the schools.
  3. I live in Fleet (renting). I'll look to buy around this area in a year or two. Prices are falling pretty quickly now but this will accelerate in 2009 onwards (the army are moving out of Aldershot and DSTL are moving from Farnborough - that's a lot of people moving away which should foorce prices down even more. Not to mention all the City Boy redundancies other firms cutting jobs). Have patience and rent - there are some nice places available and me and my housemates were able to haggle the price down to a good amount.
  4. I wasn't trying to reconcile a natural process with the term 'unfair'. It makes no sense to. Also, I wasn't suggesting that a god giving a moth camoflage would be an unfair act - I asked whether you thought it would be. I was more trying to learn about your understanding and view of what a god is than anything else. Most people who believe in a god (you may or may not be one) attribute certain qualities to it - 'fairness' is sometimes one (I admit it's a subjective term, but it's quite useful in describing something as inherently subjective and wishy washy as 'god'). Not sure if I've explained my self very well... Xmas party hangover... This is all beside the point anyway. The linked article is wrong and completely misrepresents evolution. This is getting pretty OT also.
  5. There's very little linked information to refute. The author asserts that the action of natural selection on random mutations is insufficient to create the complexity of the moth and states that it would take too long. This is just baseless assertion and the author provides no evidence to back this up. The author also confuses randomness with natural selection - this is either an oversight on their behalf or deliberate dishonesty; natural selection is not a random process and complexity can arise as a result of it very quckly. I don't see how my statement is self contradictory. Natural selection acts on random mutations without intelligence or goal - beneficial mutations tend to be passed on to offspring, whilst harmful ones tend not to be. That's pretty much it. No god required (although that's not to say a god didn't put the process in place, but it's not needed - see Occams' Razor - and there's no evidence that one exists). The author seems to think that a god had a hand in making the moth's defenses look like a mammal's face and claims RM + NS are insufficient to achieve this, yet he provides no reasons why this would be the case (indeed there is a great deal of evidence supporting the position that it is possible, and in a relatively short time frame) . Why would a god have a hand in giving such a camoflage to a moth? Wouldn't that be unfair on the moth's predators? Does he favour moths? Natual selection doesn't explain the preadtor prey balance you mention. Your statement is wrong - it the process by which beneficial hereditable traits are passed on to successive generations of, for example, a reproducing organism. You seem to be confued as to what natural selection is - as understanding of NS is vital to properly understanding evolution, you might want to get this right (don't mean that in a condescending way even though it may read like that - not sure how else to put it!). th
  6. You're kidding right? People too stupid or lazy to properly understand evolution is proof for a god? And not just any god, the Christian god... Jeez. Why would god bother creating defenses for a moth? That's pretty tight on the predators that rely on those moths for food, or does god not give toss about them? What a pr1ck! Edit: Format
  7. Don't know how to do the seperate quote things to respond to your individual points I'm afraid... I assure you I have a completely open minded, just not open enough to take everything people say to me as truth. I'll also listen to whatever you have to say, but it's pointless us discussing the existance or non-existance of such abstract concepts. What is God? What is happiness? Is happiness just the effect of different chemicals acting on different parts of the brain in response to some external stimulus, or is it more? It's impossible to assess such concepts when they are not defined. I apologise for paraphrasing or putting words in your mouth above. What you said was "God is spirit, don't forget, and He communicates in spirit and in truth"; this is a pretty meaningless statement! What is "spirit"? Does it even exist? What the hell does communicating in spirit and truth mean? Sounds like church buzz words to me! It seems to me (feel free correct me if I'm wrong - usually am!) you're arguing the existance of a god on the basis of a 'hunch' you have or an 'experience'. is that all god is or is it more? Can your god have a material effect in the material world even though it is non-corporeal? Does it just have an effect on the world via the action of people? In which case, how do you know to attribute such an effect to the god and not just people who are wrongly believeing in a god? How do you know your god is the right one? There are loads to choose from afterall... Isn't it weird how religion follows racial and geographical lines? Also, I make no attempt to disprove the existance of a god. It would be impossible. Not only does every believer's definition of a god differ, but proving the non-existance of anything is impossible. I can't disprove the existance of fairies, or nessie, or santa, but I'm not going to believe in them. th
  8. I have no doubt there is more to this random, chaotic reality than anyone can comprehend. I have no doubt there are countless real things that can't be examined in a lab or looked at through a telescope. None of this means there exists some variety of 'God'. Nor does it exclude some kind of God, it's just unlikely, but hey - unlikely things happen all the time! The fact that there are things we can't comprehend and examine make it facinating, fun and fullfilling trying to find the answers (or attempting to answer the unaswerable!) Just answering a difficult question with "God did it" takes all the wonder and beauty out of the question.
  9. I can tell you OF Me, but if you want to KNOW Me you will have to discover Me for yourself. Suprise! I'm your wishy-washy poor-defined non-God! Bow to me! For I am the ultimate in vagueness! I am open-mided to the possibility of anything, but you can't expect me to buy any of that "God is love and he communicates through trust" rubbish. It's completely meaningless! Love is love, no need for any sort of God here... Also, happiness doesn't exist objectively at all. It's totally subjective, eg. my mate is happy with his girlfriend; I wouldn't be cos she mings. th Edit for spelling
  10. I thought He/She/It was a combination of an earlier version of Yahweh and early Jewish goddess Ashera. Yahweh was the bloke (standard sky god - thunder, rain lightening etc) and Ashera, the little wifey (Earth mother type, Goddess of fertility blah blah). Pretty obvious symbolism there: bloke impregnates (rains on) the missus (the Earth) and she springs forth life (plants, crops). Anyway, over time Ashera (and all the other lesser gods) got included into one big nasty sky bloke and that's what gave rise to all the Christian, Muslim, Jewish nonsense. They were all incorporated into one as people are easier to control/mould if they all believe the same thing, also make heretics easier to identify, and the (male) priests can't have been too pleased when the population (farmers) all started worshipping the female Earth godess for bigger and better crops! You'd have thought we'd have grown out of that cr*p by now and only worship Santa. I've been good this year and have asked for lower house prices.
  11. I'd certainly like to be relieved of my ignorance of our creator God, and would very much like you to do so. As far as I'm concerned there is not a shred evidence for the existance of such a being (by 'evidence' I mean actual evidence of course, and not just baseless assertion or some inconsistent stories written a couple of thousand years ago by some primative goat-herders, which I expect you will refer me to). Also, what does She think will happen to UK house-prices over the coming months and years? Also, are all the Mayan prophesey nutjobs on here prepared to make a Krusty promise and eat their tinfoil hats if 2012 turns out to be a damp squib? (I mean the prophesey, not the Olympics, which I think is a given) th
  12. He was told not to do it, but he didn't have a very good mammary...
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