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  1. Things must be bad looks like he's had to resort to buying by mail order judging by how badly that suit fits....
  2. edit: sorry I actually bit. What a silly little person Sibley is.
  3. Loved the applause at the end, no real enthusiasm, just moving through the motions, they are all ******ed and they know it.....
  4. Hang on I think I just shat my teeth through laughing so hard. 50% of the public sector could go overnight, the sooner it is run with the efficiency of a business the better for all.
  5. I did this once, transferred £1k into my credit card to pay it off, problem being I had transeferred it into an old credit card the bank had retained on the system as I had registered it at the time, same bank (this was all the same bank, credit card and savings account) had re-issued the card to another so had to wait a bit before the money turned up again but thankfully it did. I was told exactly the same as the lady in the piece that there was nothing they could do if the owner of the account didn't contact them, thankfully it appears they did.
  6. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Take that you ******* now enter the real world with the rest of us. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I wish I could think of something more constructive but I am currently wiping the tears of joy from my eyes. 80% of the public sector couldn't survive in the private world, useless, self important, underskilled toss bags that they are.
  7. Loving the Director on now......200 companies.......200 COMPANIES! LOL
  8. The point is that there will generally be someone in their 40/50/60/70's with more experience that WILL know more than you having been there before that I would rather listen to than someone who has just learnt "theory", practical experience counts for a lot more in my opinion. For the record I am in my very early thirties and am just growing out of the "I know everything" phase and into the "the more I know the less I realise I know" phase.
  9. You get six years after not having contact with a debtor in the UK before the debt becomes void.
  10. Christ I hope I never come up against a hard negotiator like you!
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