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  1. As Spyguy mentioned: http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/39987106/labour-working-on-a-state-backed-mortgage-scheme
  2. More "help" on the way! http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/39987106/labour-working-on-a-state-backed-mortgage-scheme
  3. I've seen this happen with houses that were under the 250k stamp duty limit. Now that has gone they're asking nigh on 300k. Greedy t.wats.
  4. They'd have to be forced into it at gunpoint. It's all about the status . Who needs a 4 bedroom house at their age? Look how pleased they are with themselves!
  5. Lodgers?! "We both grew up in detached homes. It's hard to explain without sounding like a huge snob. We were just used to having our own space."
  6. I used to send a few "you're having a laugh" messages anonymously on the RM enquiry forms. Can't muster up the enthusiasm lately though.
  7. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3185592/Corbyn-suggests-Blair-face-trial-war-crimes-Iraq-Comments-set-fuel-tensions-leadership-battle-hundreds-flock-rally-South-London.html Jeremy Corbyn’s plan for council house building Full PDF on the link: http://www.jeremyforlabour.com/housing
  8. The film adaption of Filth was excellent. Getting stuck into BTL when you're already very wealthy is pretty disgusting though. Like old Cherie buying those flats.
  9. It just shows there is no shortage of morons ready to spend as much borrowed money as they can get their hands on, and no shortage of greedy sellers looking to keep prices ever-rising. I've lost hope really. I used to check Rightmove every day or two but I barely look at it now. When I do look at it and see asking prices pumped up even more, with absolutely no good reason for it, it just makes me feel ill. The kite-flyers are just providing price anchoring for the ones that do sell. They're all on another planet. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anchoring
  10. That woman about 20 minutes in was fuming about being called greedy by the first caller, an estate agent who said sellers demanded the highest valuations. Hilarious, she was banging on about how hard she'd worked for her highly priced house and how poor landlords were being picked on, and if she could afford it she'd have a BTL too. That's what we're up against. Henry Pryor did a reasonable job of pointing out it's the availability of credit that actually sets the prices, and that any of these government subsidies just bump up the price. Nicky Campbell feigned misunderstanding of this to get Pryor to explain it twice for the hard of thinking. I've got about 10 mins left to listen but I don't think they had an outright HPC'er on, Pryor was about the closest. Mostly a load of dim landlords and frustrated tenants, rather Down The Line.
  11. Went to a Sainsburys petrol station with a small supermarket bit today. Under orders to get a few things, I bought a 4 pinter of a milk (a quid, same price everywhere?), a big tub of natural yoghurt (55p, not bad), and a loaf of Hovis wholemeal (80p, I was expecting a quid or more). I've been going to Morrisons more these days, they are dropping their prices but Aldi are still bloody cheap for many things. Stone baked veggie pizza was 79p, cheese & onion rolls were 89p, 600g of parsnips for 39p (85p in Morrisons), cat food pouches 1.75. It is too busy though, barely worth going in the day anymore.
  12. I considered that one when I was looking for accounts at the end of last year. My spreadsheet notes were "Need to park 25k in crap account to open". Then whip it out again I suppose. I did open one of those Progressive accounts, they soon restricted it to existing customers only then NI only.
  13. People will swallow it. Like the MFI never-ending sale.
  14. Definitely all about sentiment, the hot blast of rectal gas that powers the wind beneath the kite-fliers wings and muddles the thoughts of the average buyer.
  15. The problem is this sort of duplicitous sh1t works on a lot of people. Taxpayers directly subsidising the ponzi.
  16. Got one of those too. I spent about a month or two setting up accounts to try and beat the pathetic easy access rates. Massive pain in the **** and now even some of those are dropping their rates. All this because I "might" buy a house.
  17. I've got some of my house buying fund parked in their "Save To Buy" account, 2% easy access on up to 20k that can be deposited in one go : http://www.nationwide.co.uk/products/savings/save-to-buy/features-and-benefits. I know 2% is still crap but it beats the typical 1.25% on offer: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/article-1583859/Best-savings-rates-General-savings-Internet-branch.html
  18. Interest paying current accounts and regular savings accounts are one way around it. I'm averaging 2.5% on regular savings and 3% on lump sums shuffling around current accounts.
  19. "They now face paying off the remaining 23 years of the mortgage" That would smart a bit.
  20. He has got away with it hasn't he, he's had 10 years of MP troughing and no doubt building up contacts for further 'entrepreneurship' when it comes to an end.
  21. I've been trying to drip feed my savings into regular savers accounts to beat the crappy easy access rates. In the last couple of weeks I've had letters from three of them saying they're going to reduce rates on the regular savers accounts. Nationwide (2.5 to 2), Market Harborough BS (2 to 1.6) and Monmouthshire BS (2.1 to 1.85).
  22. I watched one of those Location Location Location revisits the other night. A couple had bought a 2 bed ex council flat in London for 355 grand in 2013 and Phil was there in 2014 doing the catch up. The flat bloke said it was a good job they bought when they did as another flat in the block was up for 415 or something. Phil looked rather pleased and said conspiratorially "well.. long may it continue!".
  23. It's the same on Ebay with 'collectible' stuff. In the area I follow, a lot of things worth more than say 300 quid gets put on as BIN because sellers don't want to risk running an auction to allow actual price discovery to take place. One item was listed BIN for 1800 quid, an identical item that ran as an auction went for 680 quid. Like the houses, it's just greed behind it all.
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