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  1. Did anyone hear that Martin Anderson EA and McAtavey EA in Lurgan is closing?
  2. To top it all off the people claiming the benefits will be getting extra money towards their heating costs!!
  3. Vesp well done on the advice, where about in Armagh was the house is there a link?
  4. Speaking as a public servant employee the budget as everyone knows across the civil service has been drastically cut and thier is no money for the HE to buy up housing stock.
  5. Has anybody any views on this recent report?
  6. Thanks for the advice Tara. Would you keep an eye out for investments such as these? Is there anywhere on this site where these can be posted? I keep regular contact with the Martin Lewis web site but find it a bit long winded at times.
  7. I have just heard from a person who completes conveyance on properties that the Bank of Ireland are offering FTB's the chance to apply for a 100% mortgage only if their parents or guardians act as guarantors? Does anyone know of this?
  8. Tara what was the e-saver you opened? Was it a good saving account?
  9. Them appartments will be snapped up by Housing Ass. Does anyone agree?
  10. Tara this is what I was trying to state in a previous post, that if people want to have children we do need something to give!! I hope the decreasing of oil and the reduction by some lenders in fixed rate mortgages will begin to input some positive vibes into the local economy again!!
  11. CamtheScot good to hear from you. If you wish to get by in life that is your decision but when you do decide to purchase your first house how will you know it will not drop further? Will you listen to the media as most others are doing? Know what they say about that 'never believe everything you read in the tabloids!' Glad to hear your first child is on the way and I hope everything goes well but do you not think you should be providing for you future son or daughter some financial security rather than living of your wife’s parents and waiting, for nobody knows how long, to purchase your own home? It’s also a good thing the house prices are decreasing as you and your wife would never have had children then?? I may not understand the logistics of most of it but you need be careful that house prices may be at its lowest!! Also, yes I may have gambled but the land which I bought was purchased from family in 2000 and I not only have a house on it but I still have the security of 2 building sites - so understand the facts before you make statements!!
  12. So your friends who have had kids are accidents - nice one Monkey I hope you say that to them!! I never meant that everyone who have or want to have family needs to own their own home, yes they can rent but you never own your own property so most landlords have restrictions to what you can do with the rented accommodation!
  13. Doccyboy, its ok for the President of RICS saying that the prices were high even in 2005!! If someone like this knew they were high and the banks are getting have been accepting valuations done by RICS why didn’t he do something then?? Also, he would have no concerns with the credit crunch due to the salary he receives! As for a mortgage on a £450 house, people were purchasing houses to this cost as a result of making profits on the property they had purchased so yes I know people who have bought houses at this price and even more! I feel the media is doing nothing for the economy as every day more doom & gloom is reported in relation to the current environment and this is having a worse affect on people hoping to purchase houses as they will hold back until its too late and the prices which are at rock bottom will begin to rise again not drastically rise but slowly and the day will come when people will say "we should have bought that house then"!
  14. I don’t feel house prices can go much lower especially when FTB’s are now facing a huge loss in equity due to no fault of their own! If the banks would start to open avenues for FTB’s instead of closing them out of the market we may see benefits in the housing market. After all the majority of people want to own their own home at some point in their lives so they can have family etc... The credit crunch is not only affecting the housing market but it affects everyone’s lifestyle and if it lasts for the longer-term we will begin to see more & more couples not having children due to the cost of living etc... I can understand views & opinions about house prices being so high, banks should not have lent money more than people could afford, cost of living in NI has been so cheap compared with other parts of the UK for so long, but do we all not want the economy in NI to grow and the standard of living to be good??
  15. Thanks for everyone’s reply to this topic even if their reply was unconstructive!! I feel that the housing market will decrease further as more & more people are protecting their finances for the longer term!! You will still get the people who want to move to a bigger detached house in the country and this will never change!! Prices for these unique properties will not fall as much as the properties built for the FTB Market. I also feel that the people who are striking for more pay rises and not accepting the 2.45% offered are ludicrously mad as more than the offered pay rises will keep people spending which will in turn increase inflation more and the BOE will have to then look at interest rates which they have said they did not want to touch until the inflation comes down, any comments on this?
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