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  1. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-26685181.html £1.5m to £1.05m since July 2010
  2. i dont have any debt highest was a mortage of £240k a couple of years ago, subsequently paid off
  3. actually for the record you can get your money out of anglo irish - i did 2 weeks ago (and it was a hefty amount), out of their fixed rate bond; i wrote a letter and got the money back within 4 working days - i forfeited part of the interest i had earnt since taking the bond in later part of last year
  4. well just picked up an email from my lloydstsb bank manager asking if there is a good time for him to come and see me asap; i too have a lot of cash with them, no debt...... guess he wants me to buy in...or worse
  5. early last year i made an offer of £390k on a £465k property - was rudely laughed at by the agent; they then came back to me some months later and i revised down to £365k and they laughed again; saw on land reg that it finally sold in Dec at £305k. this week i viewed a flat down from peak price of £875k to £650k (got there in stages); i know they will take £600k - have told them to contact me if they are interested in £500k at any point. so yes things are selling for 30% off - first property was in sw, second in london; but it has taken a long time for EAs to realise the truth of things and i do find some of their behaviours very very bad - fantasy offers, trying to get bidding wars going when their is only one offer (!) and so on. Silly stuff and doesnt help peoples views of the market or the business at all
  6. i made an offer of 360k on a 465k property back in March; the EA was utterly rude - laughed at me in front of others, and ridiculed me saying that i was seriously off the mark. Didnt hear anything at all until Oct when the EA said they would now accept 360k; i declined politely and its now been dropped to 350k. This is in a small city in the southwest.....it is apparently under offer again but i dont believe it for a moment as it is now seriously overpriced larged already renovated properties in the same (good) area
  7. OP - i would be interested in more specifics about where you are looking; i know Budleigh has managed some good sales (stc of course so who knows) in recent weeks but generally the devon market is in free fall with regular 30% reductions at the £800-1.5m level. I have been tracking it for some time now. Its even worse lower down - i made an offer of 365k on a 465k property back in Feb, and was very rudely dismissed - yesterday the agent rang and said they would now accept it! Well frankly my offer now would be much lower and i suspect they might take it There is something about getting out of cash into property though and i have def been thinking along those lines, but it would not drive me to offer anything more than 30% off at best. In truth cash buyers (me included) in this bracket are pretty vulnerable - no bank guarantees against large deposits (btw Northern Rock bonds are not 100% guaranteed according to yesterday's terms and conidtions despite the chat around here), cash often made in place of a pension - so i doubt many will pay more than i would. So many of the sales you see prob arent going to make it - and others may be some panicing or maybe some downsizers, and maybe vendors are snapping up offers quick even if they are low just to close deals and get out! janet
  8. yes i have been watching exeter this year; there are some very big reductions on houses - i think the biggest i have seen is £300k off in the city itself, but pretty standard to see large reductions on all price levels. Flats are struggling because of the glut of new builds in the City Centre. I think Exeter has a way to go yet - earlier in the year it was claiming to be immune, but even the most optimistic/rude of agents are showing heavy price drops, and will privately agree that some sellers need to get real. I know some of the conveyancers are running short of work too janet
  9. No, not Barnt Green; am around the stourbridge/belbroughton/hagley/chaddesley area
  10. i am in a village between worc and birm and the figures are far worse than evan the ones you are quoting in all the nearby villages and the nearby town; we are seeing drops of £100k to £300k at the middle and high end of the market, and in one drop rather than incrementally. At the lower end, my sister's neighbour has put house on market for £140k - was bought for £210k two years ago. But things still arent moving. Has been pretty stuck here for 18mnths now and is getting much worse rapidly
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