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  1. Just seen two houses near this location which have sold in recent month, looks like location is everything and they not cheap - the one with Januarys was in excess of £365K - now thats high - no crash from what i have seen!!!
  2. Live in Cambridge, I have noticed over recent months the number of Sold STC, one on Victoria Road went on the market 2 weeks ago (peacock and shaw) and now has a STC board up. So do you people really think Cambridge is heading for a crash and where do you see, a fall in an asking price means nothing to me, its the sold price, therefore, you should see how actuals relate to actual sales say from 2001 onwards, to determine if real falls suggest you index a street and monitor. Otherwise, how can you track correctly (as regions differ and do not reflect total nation)...be interested to know as it seems all a little hopefully.
  3. How many bedrooms did it have? also can you post the house... curious to see whats gaining the attention in cambridge
  4. Now I always thought Edinburgh was Scotland!!!! not Glasgow (does mr happy greet you as you enter the place from the M8) - city of culture.....
  5. Are we talking about the same development (Senses) I looked at buying there but then saw the cost, however, not once was a one bed offered for sale or sold to the best of my knowledge. Now at Martin Grant (flats further up the riverside road) they might of sold at that suggested price and would I guess have a similar post code, so are we comparing apples with apples here???? The developer will only be interested in the capital they purchased the freehold not the market price what you or me get offered, therefore, I would assume their yeild will be higher on the apartments that they rent rather than sell. Although, I cannot make sense or jsutification for the £365 or whatever they cost for a town (i mean city) like cambridge or anywhere else but thats the market... we all have a choice... mines not to buy any new builds ever...dont like them and they dont come across as value for money IMO. PS have you seen the quality of the flats (midsummer common) and prices they want for a rental property there, now they are nasty flats but for different reasons.
  6. The senses development was by wates who sold the freehold to Birtish land, they decided to let out the one bedrooms apartment, hence why they have not come on to the market (of which I assume is the price point you refer - £750). With regard to student accom. I assume that only students can can the rental value you suggest, although it will decrease the demand, although, the city (of which I refer) is still high for a 1 bedroom professional flat, although cheaper are avlb i admit. I do not foresee a major downturn in Victorian (city areas) houses in the next 12 months or so, or maybe it has already ocurred, from my street 3 houses have broken the street price since June this year... A crash is only relevant if you buy bad...(now maybe the 3 purchased on my street actually have done so!!!) but I agree in basic terms afordabilty in Cambridge does not make sense! of which my spelling also does not make sense!
  7. As you post for the Cambridge area section, show me where you are rent a 3 bedroom house (city) cheaper than a one bedroom flat (not luxury) Unsure of your motivate, denial maybe?
  8. No one bedroom apartments with the above development are for sale, as they have been purchased by a developer for rental (£750 for one bedroom), so how can you calculate the yield on not knowing the sold price, check your numbers or have I missed something? Take a walk around alpha road and near areas to see what I was saying regarding the STC's boards.
  9. Well if I can predict anything in next 5 years its not going to be dreams, but we are all entitled to them...did you predict the house price rise 5 years ago as well?
  10. Allow for some upside on HPC, job creation http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4257504.stm
  11. Well I sold in edinburgh in June 05, and to be honest took 12 weeks, but buyers are out there and it sold at highest price (nethouseprices), therefore, I can see a build up of property but not a crash, depends on the view point and your place on property ladder, those hoping for a crash and home owners not wanting one.... Just get on with your lifes and enjoying the moment...staying on here and guessing hopes no one...proaction rather than theory based what ifs, buts and maybe's...all this foresight should of been used 3-4 years ago by the same said people calling for a crash
  12. Can I ask what the base rate indicators are based on, its been pointing upwards for past 2 months or so for UK, any reason for this, consider rates have just fallen??? Now update the flag and also the first time buyer graph, surely the fall should be showing now, its been over 2 years since the birth on here isnt it?
  13. Fair play, respect your guts and determination on the commercial front, it goes to show that banks are the sharks and all out for shareholder gain. I learnt something just then....
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