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  1. financial planner - I am curious as to how you arrived at your estimates? saying 4 years it "not too much" is not particularly scientific and seems to lack a coherent argument behind it. also how do you come to your 40-50% figure? are you saying they will be undervalued by a very large amount by the end of this - thus making it a good idea to buy again?
  2. "Labour came to power owing nothing" is completely misleading. Debt as a % of GDP was around 38% when they came to power, it fell in the first few years but has risen and currently stands at about 37.8% - not too high (and excluding NR which is scheduled to be paid back - though there is a risk it will not be. the alleged problems are it is forecast to rise to over 40%, though this is still not too high and not as big a problem as made out in the media. Under Lamont, for example, it rose to >45% They raise this money by issuing Government Bonds, Gilts, etc which anyone can buy
  3. to this website? as the crash seems to be upon us - does this website fade away?
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