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  1. I would agree with Shelters advice in normal circumstances but unfortunately we are not looking at one off cases. We are looking at houses being repossessed on mass and unless we have a tear jerking story to tell the tabloids, we will probably just become another statistic.
  2. Ok I will say what I knowIt is a criminal offence (In most cases) to evict a tenant from a property without a court order.Rights for a tenant to remain in a property that is being repossessed will depend on circumstances. Most tenants are on AST and this unfortunately means that they can be evicted fairly easily. The mortgage has already been set in place before you move into the rental property. The lender usually states that the borrower can not grant a tenancy without the lenders permission. Now lets just say that the borrower never asked for the banks permission. The repossession takes
  3. The thing is, verbal means absolutely nothing. Unless something is put in pen and ink and signed by the tenant then the ll/la has no come back.
  4. Coming around to what? You took it that I was a letting agent when actually Im not. I have been homeless, I have rented, I have eventually purchased and I have had a prperty left to me which I now rent out for less than market rental with absolutely no extra costs to the tenant. I have fabulous tenants that I get on really well with and in September Im going to Spain for a week as a guest of an ex tenant. I just see all sides and believe it or not Bob, Im very pro the tenant, especially when someone tries to screw them.
  5. It's no different than a tenant breaking a contract. It's a civil matter and not a criminal one. All the LL has to say is 'I was desperate to pay the lender' Lets remember that many mortgages have been obtained from people bumping up their real income. That is gaining money by false pretences too but its all falls under civil and not criminal. The police unfortunately wouldn't want to know and would probably send you down to the nearest CAB. The bank may be interested but then again they are dealing with a hell of a lot of this at the moment and do they want to spend extra time and money tr
  6. The problem is that a lot of tenants don't read the fine lines of the paperwork in front of them before signing. Tenants need to be aware of things such as renewal fees, check out fees, ref fees, cash fees, visiting fees and so on and so on. Some agents charge them whilst others don't, so the answer is simple really. Before looking round a property, ask the agent if they charge the renewal fee. If they say yes, then move on to another agent.
  7. I think this is a real scam but unfortunately you will probably find that you signed in agreement to it. As well as the TA, did you get a Tenants Brochure to sign?. Tenants brochures often give you a full run down of costs but most tenants won't bother reading it because they don't see it as part of the agreement. You may not have it but your agent or landlord probably will and you most certainly need a copy because as well as a check out fee you will possibly find other costs that you are not aware of. Is this fee coming from an agent or the landlord?
  8. She has not broken any laws by renting you the property but she has broken an agreement that was made with her lenders. At the end of the day it's up to the lenders to to take action against her or not (most don't bother). The main thing is you and your family. I would start looking around as soon as possible for another house but be careful not to fall into the same trap. Lots of people are about to hit the wall.
  9. Good post Bill but the only problem is your post relates to English Law. Scotish Law is Roman Law and very different.
  10. Two reasons why tenancy agreements don't last longer than 6 months. 1. The agent wants to charge both the tenant and LL a renewal fee 2. Depending on the mortgage lender, most (for secure reasons) will not agree to more than 6 months. PS. Having big pc problems at the moment ..... back soon
  11. Probably around the £60 mark but some agents will tell you a lot more because they are going to make a bung on it! Yes, it can be a good thing for tenants to read and some will whilst others, like myself (Im a tenant of the bank with a HIP pack) will not.
  12. I agree, though Im not excusing my bad behaviour the other night. I like these boards when intelligent debate is going on and can see how our tit for tat trivia must really annoy and put people off and yet there was me the other night jumping on the band wagon...... I apologize: mellow
  13. In part of the line of work I do, I am involved within the rental market, be it in a very round about way. I am very pro the tenant when it comes to being screwed (but I will add to that, that I will help no tenant that tries to screw his LL) and I am very frustrated with the predicament of the housing crisis that has been prevalent here since the Maggie days when she encouraged so many to buy their council house. example one: My auntie bought her 4 bed council house at a knock down price. 10 years after buying it she sells up and buys a three bed small holding further north with 2 acres of
  14. Did you not take out contents insurance? your/the ll's carpet would of been covered if you did
  15. This is a situation a friend of mine is in at the moment. She's a 33 year old divorced mum with 2 children. She recently had a mastectomy for breast cancer. She works full time or at least will be back to work shortly and she tries to give her 2 children as much quality time as she can. Her house is under threat of repossession because she hasn’t been able to keep up with huge mortgage payments. She has been trying to sell it for the past year but unsuccessfully. She has already been to court but because of her illness they looked more leniently on her and gave her time to try and rent out h
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